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Signature Financing is a comprehensive commercial bank with private offices throughout the metropolitan areas of New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, and California. Signature Financing offers specialized financing products and services to a diversified national clientele, including rental contracts and equipment loans, vehicle funding programs, marine, and franchise lending. Moreover, Signature Financing collaborates with banks that own leasing companies, independent financial companies, equipment suppliers, and investment institutions to provide indirect funding through its financial markets and national third-party intermediate financing groups. It has an experienced team that provides financing solutions to industries, knowledge of the assets and niches required to support your business initiatives while remaining completely dedicated to the Signature Bank customer relation model. 

  • Flexible payment option
  • Online application service
  • Structures financial solutions
  • 100% financing solutions available
  • Not much information is available online
  • Business needs a high credit score to qualify

Services offered

Signature Financing provides services of commercial, equipment, vehicle, capital markets, franchise, and marine finances. The details are discussed as follows:

Equipment Leasing and Finance

The leasing and finance by Signature Financing provide the necessary capital to businesses to facilitate the acquisition of revenue-producing equipment. Signature Financing has expertise in providing equipment to a range of industries and its asset expertise extends to sectors such as construction, transportation, and manufacturing, and many others.

Vehicle Funding Program

Signature Financing Vehicle Finance Program provides financing to independent car rental businesses located nationally renting commercial or work-related vehicles. These vehicles include buses, towing trucks, ambulances, delivery vehicles as well as new and pre-owned vehicles of high quality and luxury. The recourse funding program of Signature Financing is led by its experienced team of experts who provide quality service, allowing customers to focus on the company’s goals.

Capital Markets and National 3rd Party Intermediary Funding

National Capital Markets and Intermediary Third-Party Finance groups of Signature Financing have partnered with a broad spectrum of leading banks, qualified independent leaseholders, and financial intermediaries, as well as equipment producers and suppliers. Signature Financing is committed to building lasting relationships with these customers, whereas the bank acquires a syndicated equipment rental agreement and loan operations on a bid-basis and presentation operations for the purchase on a reverse basis.

Franchise Finance

Signature Financing offers financing to establishment administrators through different supported public and local café plans and chains, like quick, easygoing, and family-situated eatery organizations. For the most part, the franchisees will have over 10 years of industry encounters or have been doing business for more than 10 years and have worked ideas with different storage areas. Signature Financing has accommodated the procurement of existing establishment stores, the structure of new stores, rebuilding of existing stores, occupant enhancements, and hardware for new stores.

Commercial Marine Finance

The Signature Financing Marine group spends significant time in the financing of business vessels including: 

The Marine Finance Team of Signature Financing has more than 30 years of active experience and outstanding mastery in furnishing gear advances and rents with an assortment of Flexible Finance Options:

Signature Financing adopts a structured and viable strategy to business loaning that starts with a discussion between the customer, the investor, and one of its committed loaning officials. Its exclusively custom-fitted methodology guarantees that a proficient, proper arrangement is reached rapidly, permitting the customer’s business to excel.

Loan types are:

Terms and Conditions

Signature Financing has not disclosed much information regarding its financial services, its interest rates, duration, or other terms. Some of the information it has listed is as follows:

Equipment leasing and Finance

If you want to learn more information regarding other financial services, you can visit its nearest branch.

Why is Signature Financing a reliable financial partner for your business?

Signature Financing works hard to provide financial services for the monetary requirements of exclusive organizations, proprietors, and ranking directors. It serves a gathering of customers who regularly discover themselves underserved by the space's bigger monetary foundations. 

Signature Financing has a special hierarchical design that permits its customers to have a solitary resource through a Private Client Group–for the entirety of their financial necessities. The individuals from its Private Client Groups are selected from significant banks and businesses, and given first-class backing, items, and assets to best serve Signature Bank customers. Its construction joins little bank responsiveness with enormous bank insight and capacity – genuinely the smartest possible solution.

Signature Financing Bank customers appreciate admittance to a wide scope of business and individual financial items and administrations, just as a venture, financier, abundance the board, and protection items and administrations through its auxiliary Signature Securities Group Corporation ("Signature Securities") and hardware financing through its auxiliary Signature Financing LLC. Signature Securities is an authorized representative vendor and speculation consultant.

The Bottom Line

Signature Financing was made to give gifted, energetic, and devoted monetary experts to customers in need, who can direct their training to the most extreme advantage of their customers.  The firm provides its customers the best financing solutions but it can be difficult for small businesses to get qualified for equipment lending. small businesses can opt for other lenders where credit scores or financial statements are not necessary.


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