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By Shira Mizrachi
Updated June 1, 2018
Editor's Rating
Best for Challenged Credits
Customer Rating 16 Reviews
Types of loans
  • Merchant cash advance (MCA)
  • Credit card advance
  • Total deposit advance
Loan amounts
$4,000 to $150,000; Up to $350,000 in some circumstances
Terms of payment
8 to 12 months; Flexible up to 18 months
  • No minimum credit score required
  • Flexible terms and payment structure
  • Option for predictable daily payments
  • Poor reputation among customers
  • Difficult to locate specific information on the website
  • Funding may take longer to receive than from other lenders

Who can benefit from funding through Principis Capital?

Principis Capital serves companies looking for a flexible working capital loan with the option to obtain additional funding in the future. Small businesses with poor credit ratings preventing them from qualifying for traditional loans may be able to use funding from Principis to cover gaps in cash flow. However, reviews from previous clients suggest this lender should be approached with caution.

Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Principis Capital positions itself as a provider of "alternative financial services" for small businesses. By providing merchant cash advance (MCA) loans in the form of credit card advances and total deposit advances, this lender allows merchants to basically sell a portion of future sales or deposits and pay the money back as new sales are made.

Principis Capital's website suggests the company is focused on promoting growth for and strengthening the structure of small businesses. As a small company itself, Principis seeks to help merchants needing cash to achieve short- and long-term goals but that are unable to qualify for traditional bank loans. The company currently has its headquarters in Jersey City, NJ, although a location in New York, NY is listed on its LinkedIn page. Despite the rather excessive amount of content on its website, it's difficult to obtain much specific information about this lender and its policies.

Credit Policy

Principis Capital is among a rare group of lenders requiring no minimum FICO score for applicants. According to its website, the majority of the company's clients have scores under 600, and 30 percent of the client base has scores of 500 or less.

The lender clams to "look at [the] future, not [the] past" when evaluating merchant applications, focusing on growth potential rather than previous financial difficulties. For companies in industries experiencing frequent fluctuations in cash flow and those with less-than-optimal credit histories, this approach may make Principis a viable alternative to the lengthy application processes and stringent requirements of traditional lenders.


With no FICO limit to present a barrier to funding, merchants at all levels of financial health can potentially obtain funding from Principis Capital. However, businesses showing higher risk due to volatility in cash flow and those without a strong history are unable to qualify for the lowest loan rates the company offers.

Target Market

Merchants in many industries considered volatile or high-risk by banks and other standard lenders are welcome to apply for funding from Principis Capital. The lender lists the following preferred markets in the "Industries We Serve" section of its website:

Each industry has its own page with funding information and suggestions for loan use, but the content is fairly repetitive and doesn't offer a great deal of detail to help potential applicants make a decision about whether Principis Capital is right for them. Merchants with questions about the qualification and lending process may have to contact the company prior to applying.

Cautionary Industries

Most markets to which Principis Capital provides funding experience seasonal shifts in sales or orders, and the lender is willing to work with a range of different businesses. Application requirements are the same for all industries with the exception of construction. Companies in this market must have 10 years of established business history to be considered for funding.

Principis Capital requires all applicants to operate a physical location and won't provide funding to home-based businesses.

Term Length

The structure of MCA loans allows for more flexible term lengths than other loan types. Instead of being set at a fixed monthly amount, payments are based on credit card sales volume. During prosperous periods, more of the loan balance is paid off. When sales are slow, less money goes toward payments.

Principis Capital keeps these shifts in mind when working with merchants and doesn't set term lengths in stone. Basic terms are 8 to 12 months, but merchants may be given up to 18 months to pay off their balances. However, Principis stipulates that merchants may not deliberately take any action to try to divert payments from the lender during the terms of the loan. This includes discouraging customers from paying by credit card and attempting to switch merchant account providers without first alerting the company.

What's Required to Apply

Principis Capital requires all merchants applying for funding to:

At least 51 percent of the business must be owned by the person filing the application. This one-page document can be filled out on the Principis Capital website or downloaded and faxed to the company upon completion. Merchants must provide the following information when applying:

In addition to the completed application, Principis asks for the most recent four months' worth of credit card processing records and two most recent monthly bank statements. Merchants may also provide four months of the most recent bank statements if card processing information is unavailable. No collateral is required.

Applicants can expect preapproval in as little as 24 hours, although it may take up to two days to be notified. Once all the required application paperwork is received, Principis Capital sends a proposal within 24 hours. Verification and approval after a merchant agrees to the contract may take between one and three business days. The entire process can be as short as three days if applicants are able to provide paperwork in a timely manner, but Principis cites seven days as the average time to funding. Merchants typically receive between 1 and 2.5 times their average monthly credit card sales.


Principis Capital has two programs for merchants: Standard and Platinum. Specific rate information isn't given on the company's website, but Principis does stipulate the "stability" of an applicant's business affects the ability to qualify for lower rates. These rates may be as low as 1.33 for terms of up to 18 months. Rates are higher for companies in high-risk industries or with financial histories suggesting potential difficulty in making regular payments.

For merchants desiring a payment option allowing them to budget set amounts each day, Principis Capital offers "Flex-Defined Payments." This payment structure is created based on historical patterns in credit card sales and lays out a predictable daily payment amount for each month. As a result, merchants can plan to pay less per day in slow seasons, more during busy seasons and an average rate the rest of the time. Small businesses with concerns about seasonal cash flow can use the Flex-Defined model to prevent bounced payments and stick to the agreed loan terms.


As a first-position lender, Principis Capital prefers to do business with companies not currently in loan agreements with other providers. If a merchant is carrying a balance at the time of application and is able to net as little as 30 percent of the loan, Principis will pay off the balance to maintain first position status.

Merchants may be able to avoid the cash flow problems common with stacking by requesting additional funding through Principis if more money is needed before the end of the initial loan terms.

Documentation Fees

Principis Capital promises not to add any "hidden costs" to their loans and presents all payment and fee information in the initial loan proposal.

Origination Fees

No origination fees are charged on funding from Principis.

Renewal Policy

First-time customers in need of more money before an initial loan from Principis is completely paid off may request additional funding after doing business with the lender for three to four months. Returning customers may put in a request after 30 to 60 days.[] In both cases, 60 percent of the current loan must already have been paid off for Principis Capital to approve the request. The amount of additional funding a merchant receives is based on "business performance."[] Principis looks at the financial strength of the company to determine if its level of stability has remained the same since the initial application. If so, or if the company's financial and operational situation has improved, renewals may be delivered in as little as two days.

Interest Forgiveness

The structure of MCA loans means no interest is accrued over time. Merchants don't receive any special discounts for paying a loan off early, and is there is no period of paying down interest before paying off the principal. This lender does offer some relief for companies experiencing cash flow problems by not charging penalties for bounced payments.

Loan Use

Because the money Principis Capital provides is based on credit card sales, it's meant to be used only for business purposes. However, the lender doesn't ask applicants to provide information about how the money will be used in the context of their companies. The diverse range of industries to which Principis Capital lends requires flexibility in loan use, although there are several common reasons why businesses with seasonal variations in cash flow seek out MCA loans, including:

Some merchants treat MCAs in a similar way as a line of credit, taking out loans as necessary to cover small or short-term expenses instead of seeking out a large loan that would require hefty monthly payments. Principis Capital extends this type of funding to finance small steps toward business growth, allowing companies to make purchases or take advantage of time-sensitive investments with the potential for significant future payoffs.

Online Reputation

Although Principis Capital maintains an A+ rating from the BBB, the company's overall reputation among previous customers is negative. All current reviews on the BBB website are poor, and the company's responses to these complaints suggests resolution may be for merchants encountering problems during the course of a loan.

A 1.8 out of 5 rating on Google and 2.7 out of 5 on Facebook show further negative responses from clients. Complaints include:

Common review sites like Yelp and TrustPilot have no listings for Principis, and the company hasn't been reviewed by Merchant Maverick or Fundera, which is usual for a lender that has been in business for 10 years.

Licenses & Accreditations

Principis Capital is a member of the Small Business Financing Association (SBFA) and the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA). The company is not currently accredited by the BBB and hasn't been recognized by any major financial organizations or publications.

Company Contacts Details

Phone number:



Key personnel:

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8 User Reviews

Lawrence Waelchi

Mar 11, 2020 3:19 PM

I have a small dental clinic in Clayton, Alabama. I was looking for a business loan to expand my clinic and make a couple of hirings. Did my research and found a couple of lenders that offered MCA to medical and dental industries. Principis Capital is the lender that I finalized to work with in the end given they offered flexible repayment term duration unlike most lenders that ask for a certain amount every month or week regardless of the business volumes. During the pandemic, the number of patients that showed up for their appointments got very low and hence the income was not substantial but with the business loan by principis capital, I did not have a hard time paying off the loan during tough times. In times like the pandemic, less money was deducted in terms of repayments, for which I am grateful. Gladly, I deal in an essential sort of a business and it wasn’t much affected by the pandemic except for a couple of months. People need dental care and hygiene, pandemic or not, you know! I am nearly finishing off the repayments and I am glad I chose principis.


Patsy Heidenreich

Apr 6, 2020 9:41 AM

the merchant cash advance offered to me by principis capital was just what i needed to get things running for my retail business during the pandemic. i was able to pay my staff and bills even when there were no sales at all. got a $100,000 of short term financing for 12 months.


Arnaldo PriceII

Apr 10, 2020 6:36 PM

My wife and I moved to Baton Rogue, Louisiana some 6 years ago and established a spa. Business had been going great and we never needed to look for financing until 2020 when the covid-19 pandemic took its toll on our company and there were practically zero clients for a while. Carrying on the business and maintaining everything despite zero and even negative revenues sometimes was getting difficult to manage. Pandemic loans were rare but not unheard of and so in our search, we happen to stumble upon Principis Capital who offered us short term financing at rather easy buy rates. We signed the deal instantly and with the cash flow, things started getting better for our spa. And later that year, with everyone following the SOPs, clientele got better. Looking forward to completing the deal in three months and getting back on our feet.


Willy Donnelly

May 7, 2020 5:25 AM

I sought a commercial loan or a business loan for my automobile repair company in Wellington you know for some cash flow and to pay off some old debts. Principis capital offered a merchant cash advance at 1.33 buy rate for 18 months. Given my company was already in debt and also, business wasn’t too good, the lender extended its services to me under what they call a flex defined model. Proved to be really helpful for me as the plan laid out for my repayments seemed promising. I paid less on days when cash flow was tighter and more during seasons when business was running good. I am glad a big chunk of the MCA is paid off and I’m hoping the rest would be paid off in a couple of months. I don’t know what’s all the bad reviews about? This lender worked pretty well for me! Thanx.


Iva Ortiz

Sep 16, 2020 4:12 PM

Good MCA and capital loan with flexible payback terms!


Kirk Runte

Oct 15, 2020 2:57 PM

My business partner and I were looking for a commercial property loan to expand our restaurant business. Our sole restaurant in downtown Portsmouth had been running successfully for the past 4 years and we decided it would be a good move to offer our services somewhere else as well. For that, we looked at a couple of locations and did some research and everything and after that we realized how we definitely needed financial backing to buy new property. The capital loan offered by principis capital contributed enough so we were able to find a decent place in Vermont. The customer service was okay but the best part about this lender is that they offer flexible paybacks depending on your business income. Although our business is running pretty well but you know there are bad days sometimes and even bad months. Like, just recently we had to restock our entire pantry after someone from the inside contaminated everything. We also had to replace staff and make new hirings. Those two months, most cash went to restocking and restructuring. It was then our repayments were smaller which was a relief given the situation we were in. We are glad with this deal and in a few months, we are looking to work on the property in Vermont and plan on how we are going to offer our services there.


Delpha Robel DDS

Dec 5, 2020 12:47 AM

There website is just stupid! It is so difficult to locate anything on the website and the customer service is not too stellar either. Needed a quick cash through a business loan or maybe an MCA. I finally got through all the process with a couple of problems but never mind that if I can get the money in time. Not too surprisingly, they were slow as a snail in that too. Took 5 days and still nothing in my account. Had to call them and ask them why they had not processed the payment and they seemed almost clueless but luckily, I got the payment on the sixth day. I have to give them this at least that they paid, however late but did so anyway. Not really going to work with these people again because of the lack of reliability and the amount of time they waste.


Noelia Leffler

Feb 5, 2021 3:21 PM

Worked well for my nail and hair salon in Seattle. Got business financing from principis back in April 2020. It was a short term loan for around 8 months which got extended to 10 months later due to slow business and less customers during the pandemic days.