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PNC has been in the market for a long time, serving its customers for over a period of 160 years. They take pride in claiming to meet the expectations of their customers, stakeholders and all the people associated with them. It is a financial services and bank holding company founded in 1845. It provides services to all types of business worldwide. PNC Equipment Finance is a subsidiary of PNC Bank, which offers services regarding business loans for equipment.  Several lenders offer equipment financing which is available to small businesses, But PNC Equipment Finance is a great choice for large companies generating annual revenues of at least $1 million, small businesses may consider its guaranteed term loan as a more accessible alternative.

  • Provides Cash for higher ROI investments
  • Maximizes business Cash Flow
  • Get more finance from limited budgets
  • Maximize tax benefits
  • Stay on the Cutting Edge of Technology
  • Grow Equipment and Technology Sale
  • Business loan interests can be high
  • Not every industry qualifies
  • Requires higher credit score to qualify

Services Offered

PNC Equipment Finance is a global organization that provides financing to large companies in different forms. The services offered by PNC Equipment Finance are for all types of businesses and details are listed as follows:

Acquiring Equipment

PNC Equipment Finance deals in a broad array of organizations, industries, and assets and can help the business reduce the complexity of capital expenditures. The financing company helps the large organizations by offering unique solutions designed around their business goals.

Small Business Loans

For a small business owner, it is quite challenging to have all the required equipment and to provide the customers with competitive products and services. PNC Equipment Finance offers simple and flexible financing solutions that enable small businesses to continue their growth while maintaining their cash flow budget. 

Commercial Business Loans

A business client often requires a strategic advisor who provides not only capital funding, but also ideas and solutions that contribute to business growth. At PNC, the company is fully committed to help businesses acquiring assets they need to scale up with the help of its  equipment finance specialist.

Middle Market and Large Corporate Loans

The clients of large industries often have complex transactions for the equipment they purchase and need a good financing partner that stays with them in the long run. The dedicated team of experienced professionals discusses the financial strategies and solutions that do exactly the same.

Specialty Finance Segments

Whether a business is looking forward to funding an aircraft, cars for fleet business, or any other non-current asset in Canada, the dedicated team of PNC Equipment Finance finds the best financing solution for the business whether its equipment or any other asset. 

Private Aircraft Financing

PNC Equipment Finance offers an Aviation Finance plane lending service. With the team of experienced professionals at PNC Equipment Finance, they are dedicated to work exclusively in aircraft financing. PNC Equipment Finance works with the belief that its commitment to providing financial service is unmatchable.

Canadian Operations

Growing a business takes a strategic perspective and a tactical execution at the same time. The PNC Equipment Finance Canada team offers various equipment financing solutions for all types of businesses across Canada. PNC Equipment Finance can help the business address transborder trade challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

Rail Financing

A business needs capable and experienced professionals with asset knowledge, and ability to evaluate the car need in order to deliver competitive and flexible terms. PNC Equipment Finance offers asset inventory to meet individual financing requirements as well as offers financial expertise to maximize ROI.

Vendor Finance Loans

The right financial expert contributes to the development of sales, pmargins, and market share. PNC Equipment Finance Vendor Finance service offers branded financing and sales assistance programs to major equipment manufacturers, software, and service suppliers in North America. These programs allow PNC Equipment Finance's partners to transport more products and services through distribution channels and, ultimately, generate rent-type revenues. PNC Equipment Finance develops long-term programmatic relationships in subsequent segments of the industry:

This is a single source of capital that the business can use for spending such as:

Vendor finance loans usually require the business to provide security to secure the debt. Therefore, whether it is an asset, inventory, or money, the business must ensure that it has the required capital to guarantee what is borrowed.

Terms and Conditions

To obtain equipment financing, the business will typically need to be in the market for at least 12 months, have an annual income of $50,000 or more, and have a good credit rating. If the business has a credit score of less than 650 but can demonstrate strong cash flow and income over the last 3-6 months, the business can still qualify for the financing.

Why should PNC Equipment Finance be your Equipment Financing Partner?

The company has a longstanding history of supporting not only customers but also the communities, and shareholders that are looking for equipment loans and working capital. Instead of considering funding options for one piece of equipment in the void, PNC Equipment Finance reviews all of a company's capital expenditure plans over the next several years and assists in determining the best funding option for capital requirements in the context of business factors. PNC Equipment Finance is a leading provider of equipment financing solutions in the United States and Canada. The firm supports manufacturers, distributors, and equipment suppliers in growing their businesses making quick and effective funding options available to their end-users. 

The Bottom Line

PNC Equipment Finance has been committed to providing its customers with excellent service and solid financial expertise to help them achieve their goals. 

PNC Equipment Finance works directly with the big companies, mid-market companies, small companies, government, and other industries. It provides alternative financing solutions for the procurement of hardware and software. The PNC Equipment Finance team will examine potential implications for the capital structures of companies. The company also considers other factors and assists in determining the best financial option to obtain the equipment required to grow the business. It does not matter what the business size is, if one wants a reliable financing solution, PNC Equipment Finance will be the best option.


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