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By Talia Stern
Updated December 12, 2020
Editor's Rating
Best for Equipment and Working Capital
Customer Rating 7 Reviews
  • Premium pricing—some of the best rates in the market
  • Wide variety of industries served
  • Variable down payment options
  • Marlin is a conservative lender, only approves A files
  • All approvals are subject to review by the Marlin's underwriting department
  • Strict on payment times and will charge late fees.


Marlin Capital Solutions is a lending partner that offers equipment financing (EFA) and lease solutions to small businesses. The company focuses on businesses in a specific list of industries, although it does not disqualify other industries. The company claims to have a streamlined and simple application process to meet the needs of small businesses. 

Services Offered 

Equipment financing and leasing

Industries Served

Borrower Qualifications

Marlin considers applications for equipment finance up to $100,000 in approved industries based on various criteria including commercial bureau reports (for example, D&B or Paynet), time in business under current ownership, confirmation of business operation and ownership, pay history, financial strength, and essential use equipment, among other factors.

For financing of over $100,000 in approved industries, Marlin also looks at the audited/reviewed financials for the past two years, or two years of tax returns if audits are not available, current personal financial statements, equipment quote, and current interim financials PGs (when applicable). 

All approvals are subject to review by the Marlin's underwriting department

Terms & Fees


Marlin provides small ticket equipment financing with funding amounts ranging from of $5,000-$250,000. 

Term length

Term lengths for this lender range between 24-60 months, depending on the size of the loan and a variety of other factors. 

Interest rate

Interest rates at Marlin start at 7%. 

Down payment

Marlin’s down payments are variable, and can range from zero to 15%, depending on the value of the equipment and the borrower profile. 

Buyout agreement

Marlin offers customers several buyout options. One option is the $1 buyout, which is essentially the option to finance the entire cost of the equipment with only a $1 residual value. In other words, when the lease payments are completed, customers can purchase the equipment for $1. During the lease period, Marlin registers the equipment and pays the taxes which are billed to the customer. In addition, Marlin offers a 10% buyout option, which is basically the same as the $1 buyout, except that the borrower pays 10% of the value of the leased item at the end of the lease term, and therefore the monthly payments during the leasing period are lower. 

Marlin also offers fair market value (FMV) buyout options, meaning that at the end of the lease period, the borrower has the option to purchase the equipment at its market value, if he/she so chooses, or to return the equipment. 

Additional costs

Marlin fees include, but are not limited to, a document fee of $125 (up to $50,000), $150 (from $50,000-$99,999), or $250 (from $100,000 and up); $350 for titled vehicles up to 2 vehicles (rates vary for more vehicles—contact Marlin); $35 for sending packages overnight (per package); $40 per wire (no charge for ACH); and a $100 pre-funding fee.

Application Process (with screenshot of app)

The application process begins with an online application, and requires a signed credit application, equipment invoice, PG (for anyone with more than 51% ownership), and bank statements for three months per discretion. 

Sales & Advertising Transparency

Marlin does not offer detailed information about conditions and pricing on their website. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the company by phone or through the contact form on their website to receive information and offers. 

Customer Service & Technical Support

Marlin’s customer care representatives can be reached by phone at (888) 236-2409, and the company’s financing consultants can be reached at (877) 318-6756. 

User Reviews

Negative Reviews & Complaints

This lender has numerous negative reviews on Yelp (average of two stars), primarily related to customer service and to auto-pay cancellations or problems, lack of credit card payments, and payments not being recorded after being received. Other dissatisfied customers complain about a lack of transparency with regards to fees, unauthorized charges, lack of a cancellation policy, charges for issues that the customer cannot control (such as mail delays), and charges for equipment that does not function properly. 

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

Customers appreciate the attentive service they received from specific members of the Marlin staff in resolving a variety of problems. 

Final Verdict

Marlin offers attractive rates for borrowers in approved industries. However, it is important that borrowers ensure that they have a dependable payment method set up with the company so as to avoid late fees, an issue that was mentioned repeatedly in reviews. Likewise, borrowers should review the contract carefully and take note of all fees, terms, and conditions of the loan/lease before signing the contract. 


7 User Reviews

Tess Weber

Sep 23, 2020 5:28 PM

Applied for a working capital loan at marlin capital. Great job, great team and smooth process!


Blake McLaughlin

Oct 22, 2020 3:17 PM

Not too bad! The payments are late at times and you have to notify or remind the lender for the late payment but it eventually does come. Response time is great. Customer service is stellar!!! Should work on the actual services too by ensuring unhindered and instant payment without having to nudge them every now and then. Nothing shady about the service though, must give them that! Transparent fees and terms & conditions.


Shawna Ward DVM

Feb 10, 2021 11:14 AM

good lending service. both working capital and equipment financing. recommended ..


Brennan Oberbrunner

Feb 16, 2021 8:32 PM

I recently used Marlin Capital Solutions equipment financing to upgrade the security system at my law firm. Ryan Savage took my case and I must give him five stars for his professionalism and prompt responsiveness. My office is all set with the new surveillance and I am very much satisfied. Will definitely work with Marlin again !


Jolie Lubowitz

Mar 10, 2021 2:33 PM

I needed a couple of forklifts for my company. I own a small distributor business in Pennsylvania. We distribute office supplies, papers, stationery and whatnot. Recently we moved to office furniture and even devices like printers and xerox machines. Needed instant equipment financing to purchase a couple of forklifts from H & K Equipment. Marlin Capital Solutions proved to be a trustworthy and reliable partner. The communication was smooth and I was able to get a good deal, although the interest rate seemed too high at 7% but its worth it when I could get financing right away. Vincent Capriotti was an excellent partner. Helped me throughout the process and explained everything with patience. After having a great experience with marlin’s equipment financing, will definitely pick these guys for my working capital loan as well, since we have expanded and would need a strong and dependable credit support. Marlin capital will be hands down my first choice


Carolina Dietrich

Jun 4, 2021 3:25 AM

I was looking to buy some new equipment for my restaurant. Preferably some lightly used stuff, you know a bigger oven, refrigerator and other stuff. We were expanding our services. A friend of mine suggested Marlin Capital Solutions to get equipment financing you know. Times are hard amid Covid and all. So I thought why not! Given a good credit history, I got a loan at 7% interest rate or 2 years. It seemed like a pretty good deal and everything was looking smooth. I got the equipement but then the seller calls and tells me the payments were still due. I was shocked, didn’t know what to do, this being my first time getting equipment through a loan. I called Marlin and told them about the situation. Briana took my case and I must say she listened to me with patience and told me she would contact me after looking into the matter. I was sacred it was just one of those sales tactics but only it wasn’t. I got a call back from Briana after a day who apologized for the inconvenience and told me the funds have now been cleared. After I hung up, I called my vendor and he told me he received the payment. I was relieved. Although the service could be a little faster, wouldn’t hurt. Waiting for a day for a call back was kind of disappointing but given the amount of queries and complaints these people might get, I can let that too. Anyways I’d the issue resolved.


Westley Nader

Jun 11, 2021 5:23 PM

Can’t believe all the good reviews recommending this service... I would never! Late payments, kept blaming my bank account for that. Customer service is all right but what good is it if the actual service is pathetic? Always asking for this document and that record. I have a good credit history and still I had to kept proving myself. Not my thing! Too much headache in the name of instant and immediate credit. I am better off on my own! Bye bye.