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By Shira Mizrachi
Updated January 29, 2018
Editor's Rating
Top-Rated Merchant Lender
Customer Rating 19 Reviews
Types of loans
Short-term working capital
Loan amounts
$10,000 to $250,000, will consider $1,000,000 or more in certain circumstances
Terms of payment
3 to 12 months
  • Provides funding within 24 hours of approval
  • Considers high-risk industries
  • Uses a technology-driven process to determine the best loan structure
  • Fairly new company with little social proof to back up their services
  • Relatively short loan terms
  • Rates are higher than those of similar lenders

Who should use Libertas Funding?

For small businesses requiring fast short-term funding or those operating in industries where reliable cash flow isn't guaranteed, a personalized, flexible loan from Libertas Funding may be the right solution.

Company Profile

Libertas Funding is a short-term "fast cash" loan provider offering "transparent, simple and flexible" financial products to small businesses. Founded in 2016, Libertas is still a new player on the scene. According to its Facebook page, the lender's "primary principle is integrity," and it takes a client-focused approach to provide superior service to merchants in need of loans and unable to wait through the long process required to obtain funding from traditional lenders.

The staff at Libertas Funding brings over 100 years of combined experience in funding and credit to the short-term lending industry. Using this expertise, they seek to understand the financial needs of each business applying for a loan and deliver the necessary finances with an appropriate fee and payment structure.

The Libertas Funding policy is to view businesses as unique entities and seek to provide funding without the need for applicants to let go of equity held in the company. Credit score is only one part of the approval process. With the goal of helping businesses "get things done" and "achieve strategic objectives," Libertas looks at the big picture while keeping qualification requirements simple.

Qualifying merchants can receive funding in as little as 24 hours of approval and are promised answers to online inquiries in "less than an hour," showing Libertas Funding has a commitment to promptness in business and communication.

Credit Policy

To qualify for funding from Libertas, applicants must:

The Libertas Funding website doesn't make this information clear up front. Merchants seeking funding can only find out for sure if their business qualifies by completing the pre-qualification form and waiting for a response.


If a merchant is seeking cash from more than one lender, Libertas Funding may adjust its requirements to secure the client ahead of the competition. Current Libertas customers may request early renewals to receive additional funding without the need to take out new loans.

Target Market

Libertas Funding services a range of industries in which the need for short-term financing is common:

Whether due to seasonal fluctuations in cash flow, changing supply costs or business models relying on customer volume, companies in these industries often require additional working capital to ensure operations continue without interruption. Libertas recognizes the unique needs of such companies and works to deliver the appropriate amount of funding with a payment structure tailored to each merchant.

Cautionary Industries

Businesses in industries from which traditional lenders tend to shy away may be able to obtain a loan from Libertas Funding. These high-risk trades include trucking fleets and construction companies, both known for unstable cash flows. Application and approval requirements are higher for these industries, but if Libertas Funding has confidence in a merchant's ability to stay current on payments, they'll offer the same level of support they give to lower-risk businesses.

The following types of businesses are prohibited from obtaining loans from Libertas:

Term Length

Short-term loans provide fast cash but must also be paid back quickly. Libertas Funding gives merchants 3 to 12 months to pay off loan balances, which is shorter than many other lenders in the industry.

Short terms mean large payments, so it's essential for applicants to ensure their business budgets can support the expense. For results to be accurate when making calculations, both the factor rate and origination fee must be taken into account.

Payments for these types of loans are usually made on a daily or weekly basis, although Libertas Funding doesn't specify which structure it uses.

What's Required to Apply

Getting a loan from Libertas Funding starts with an online pre-approval application. Merchants are asked to provide:

After providing this information, applicants have the option of asking Libertas Funding to contact them to finalize the process or to complete the application online themselves. However, selecting the "complete online" option doesn't grant access to the full loan application. Information on how and when the application can be filled out isn't provided on the Libertas site, although it's likely the next step will be made available upon pre-approval.

To qualify for a loan and get full details on funding amounts, rates and terms, a merchant's full application must be accompanied by:

Libertas Funding relies on a "smart algorithm" to consider the needs of merchants, the use of the funding and the available budget available to each applicant for paying the loan back. Using the information provided with the full application, the lender determines the appropriate amount of funding to grant. Payment structure is also calculated at this time. It's important to note Libertas Funding requires all applicants to have at least 51 percent ownership in the company where the loan will be used.

Merchants meeting all qualification guidelines will receive funding within 24 hours of approval, which is faster than the norm among short-term lenders. Such quick turnaround time can be a boon in emergencies or situations involving time-sensitive investments.


Traditional lenders use interest rates to calculate fees associated with the use of funds granted. Short-term lenders like Libertas Funding use a factor rate instead, calculating all fees up front instead of charging a percentage on the decreasing principal over the life of the loan.

Rates on funding from Libertas are slightly higher than other lenders in the industry, ranging from 1.19 to 1.45. Depending on what rate is attached the loan, this means a merchant obtaining $50,000 in funding must pay back between $59,500 and $72,500 before the terms are up.

Because of the way factor rates affect total payments, merchants seeking short-term funding should always weigh the benefits against the consequences. Companies using short-term loans to make smart investments with the potential to bring in a great deal of extra income will likely be able to cover payments without difficulty. The same is true when stocking up on popular inventory before a high-volume shopping season. However, if the combination of the factor rate and origination fee lead to an overall loss, merchants should consider a different type of funding.


Taking out multiple loans from different lenders, a practice known as stacking, is generally frowned upon in the lending industry. Libertas Funding shares this sentiment and will automatically decline renewals for merchants attempting to layer competitor loans on top of working capital received from Libertas. However, in certain cases, the lender is willing to pay off competitor balances if merchants are prepared to net 50 percent of loan proceeds. Second-position loans may be considered for merchants with strong financial profiles.

Although stacking may be tempting for businesses in need of more money than a single fast-cash lender can give or when an initial loan is running out and there are still expenses to be covered, it's a dangerous practice with the potential to run companies into the ground. Merchants are better off discussing renewal or refinancing options with the current lender than going to a competitor for another loan.

Documentation Fees

No documentation or application fees are charged.

Origination Fees

Libertas Funding charges merchants a 3 percent origination fee on all loans. Similar to commissions, origination fees cover the cost of application processing and serve as compensation for initiating and supporting the loan. The fee is calculated and deducted when funding is delivered, meaning merchants receive the full amount of the loan less 3 percent.

For example, the origination fee on a $25,000 loan would be $750, leaving $24,250 as the total loan amount. This $750 would be paid in addition to the amount added by the factor rate. If the factor rate on this loan was 1.3, the total cost of the loan with the origination fee would be $8,250, with $32,500 to be paid back over the course of the terms.

Renewal Policy

With its focus on providing necessary funding to merchants and helping small business owners reach their goals, Libertas Funding offers flexible renewal terms. The lender is interested in retaining customers and is willing to grant additional financing even when a client still has an outstanding advance. Renewals may be requested as soon as 30 percent of the initial loan is paid off.

However, although this process isn't the same as stacking and can be beneficial in certain cases, merchants must be discerning about budget and cash flow when considering renewal. Taking on additional debt means spending a longer time paying off advances and may lead to a cycle of continued borrowing with the potential to damage credit scores or hold back growth.

Interest Forgiveness

Libertas Funding calculates loan fees based on a factor rate instead of interest or APR and therefore doesn't offer interest forgiveness. The company does encourage early repayment and values open communication to ensure clients always have access to the funding they need and a payment structure they can afford.

Loan Use

Pre-approval from Libertas Funding requires applicants to specify what expenses the loan money will be used to cover. Unlike traditional lenders, however, the company puts no restrictions on business use of a loan. Merchants aren't required to provide detailed information or dedicate the loan to a single purpose within the business.

This policy gives small business owners the flexibility to put funds toward:

Because Libertas Funding aims to deliver cash in 24 hours, business owners can take advantage of these loans to cover any time-sensitive expense, including keeping their companies running when operations are threatened by changes in cash flow.

Online Reputation

Libertas Funding has been accredited by the BBB since August 2017 and maintains an A rating. At the time of this writing, no complaints have been filed through the BBB website, and none of the company's clients have left reviews. Reviews are also lacking on Google and Yelp, and the lender does not yet have a profile on TrustPilot.

This absence of social proof makes it difficult to evaluate Libertas Funding based on the experiences of its customers. However, because the company is fairly new on the fast working capital scene, it may take some time for reviews to appear. Clients currently working with Libertas Funding can leave feedback to help others looking for loans make the decision as to whether this particular lender is right for their business needs.

Company Contacts Details

Phone number:


Key personnel:

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11 User Reviews

Lysanne Cummerata

Nov 28, 2018 4:15 PM

Randy Saluck is the best! A truly dedicated lending partner!


Meagan Kreiger

Jun 12, 2019 1:40 PM

A business associate recommended Libertas Funding to me and I researched about these people. After checking if I am eligible for their working capital loan, I got a call and I was impressed with their customer service. All my questions were answered and every reservation was addressed. I was really happy at this point. When the time came for documentation and all the verifications, I was again impressed with their work ethic. Everything was transparent and documented! After all the necessary procedures, they literally paid me within a day. The payment was instant and the rate I got the loan at was competitive too! I am very happy I chose Libertas. I am looking forward to keep working with these guys!


Lonnie Olson

Oct 23, 2019 7:12 AM

While the turnaround time for our loan was not that immediate as they claim but it was good enough compared to other lenders in the market, I must admit! And I totally second you on the transparency of everything. There is nothing ambiguous or shady there. These people are really honest people and the rates are good too, especially if you have a good credit history!


Hal Schmeler

Aug 21, 2019 10:02 AM

Libertas Funding’s CEO Randy Saluck is a pretty neat guy. He is transparent in his dealings. Offered us a bunch of dealings that could work well with the kind of credit we need. He was friendly and easy to work with. After having some trouble with another representative, Randy took our case himself and worked with us to find the best deal possible! I would definitely recommend Libertas!


Keaton Kris

Jan 24, 2020 11:48 PM

this is so true! i worked with randy too and he sure is a reliable partner and despite being the CEO he is really humble. i was a bit scared so i asked too many questions but not once did the ceo was impatient with me. he satisfied me with his answers and now we have finalized a deal that doesn’t feel like this company is after my money. the rates are tolerable and i am satisfied! thanks randy.


Cassandra Huel

Jan 15, 2020 5:53 PM

Michael Ward is so fun to work with! Highly intelligent man who knows which deal will work best for your company! And he’s very friendly and too patient with your queries. I would definitely recommend Libertas Funding to everybody who is looking for an instant working capital on easy terms!


Santina Marvin

Mar 22, 2020 2:56 PM

I recently completed a deal with these people and I am not too happy with it. The payback amount was ridiculous and it didn’t bear fruit for my company as well because I had to return a heavy amount on top of the loan I took. What’s the point of taking a loan when you have to pay so much back. If I had the capacity, I wouldn’t have gone for a working capital in the first place. But whatever, I am in need and I guess, this is where they take advantage of you. Could have offered a more acceptable deal but they were like, it’s this or it’s nothing. Not too nice!


Mr. Reagan Heathcote DDS

Feb 2, 2021 6:59 PM

Last year was really hard when the COVID-19 situation hit the entire world and revenues were nosediving for all big or small businesses. I was finding it hard to pay my employees at my bakery in downtown Austin. The sales had declined so much, I had to decide shutting down. After discussing it with a friend, he highly recommended Libertas Funding to me, saying that it’s all right that I need working capital to keep things going for my business. Everywhere around, it was the same. People were looking at lenders to back their businesses. I contacted Libertas and was set up with Michael, who I must add, proved to be an amazing lending partner. After some talking and some verifications and documentation, I was able to get working capital for my bakery on reasonable terms. I truly credit Libertas for keeping my business afloat. My bakery is back in business and doing very well! Thank you Libertas Funding!!


Daron Goyette DVM

May 12, 2021 5:26 PM

Excellent service! They worked with me diligently and worked out the best deal for my small retail shop, so that I can make the most out of the program. They are punctual, promising and highly reliable!


Edmund Bahringer

Jun 2, 2021 10:36 AM

I did not have the best experience with these people. All work ethics and friendliness aside, they charge too much in terms of the interest rate! Although, they do give you an upfront payback amount and not the typical percentage interest rate, they still are pretty unreasonable! For a $45,000 working capital for my company, they gave me a repayment figure of $62,000, which for me is a lot! And they gave me all sorts of reasons for why it is this much in a “friendly” way. Also, there’s origination fee is quite unreasonable too! I backed out and with some research, found a better lender to work with. I’d give a 1-star rating to these people based on how they are ripping the customers off of their money but I’d be generous and give a 2-star rating for their much-celebrated and reviewed “friendliness”! Thank you!


Duane Kautzer

Jun 2, 2021 10:36 AM

I will highly recommend working with these people! One reason that got me writing this review, something I rarely do. I am a busy person. So what got me writing this review is that Libertas really felt like someone who cared about our business just like we do. The questions they asked and how patiently they dealt with us said so much about the work ethics at this company and their honesty. I did not once feel that they were some rip offs, like most lenders you find in the markets are. Libertas was upfront and honest about everything and the whole process was transparent! Definitely gonna work with them again! Thank you