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Updated March 1, 2018
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Best For Challenged Credits
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Types of loans
Business loans
Loan amounts
$10,000 to $1,000,000
Terms of payment
4-18 months
  • Provides funds in as little as 48 hours
  • Considers merchants with questionable credit
  • Extends funding to industries rejected by most lenders
  • Only offers one type of loan
  • High origination fee
  • Very short term lengths

Who should use Kings Cash Group?

Merchants operating in high-risk industries or facing emergency situations can obtain fast funding from Kings Cash Group when a bank loan isn’t a viable option.

Company Profile

Kings Cash Group is one of the many alternative lenders offering “fast-cash” loans to small businesses. In contrast to others in the industry, the company provides only one type of funding in the form of a merchant cash advance (MCA). Such loans are often sought by business owners in need of working capital to cover immediate expenses, make emergency purchases or take advantage of strategic time-sensitive investments.

Credit Policy

On its website, Kings Cash Group declares a commitment to providing flexible funding for businesses based on needs and circumstances. However, the company does have a set of guidelines it uses when evaluating whether or not a merchant is stable enough to handle a loan. Applicants must:

These parameters allow Kings Cash Group to determine how much to lend a business, what kind of terms to extend and whether or not to allow stacking.


Some merchants need to meet stricter standards to receive funding from Kings Cash Group. New auto dealers, for example, must show:

Companies in all industries may be eligible for weekly payments instead of the traditional daily withdrawals used for MCA loans. This requires a strong financial profile to give Kings Cash the confidence to allow an alternative payback structure.

Target Market

No matter where in the U.S. a business is located, it may be possible to receive an MCA from Kings Cash Group. The company extends funding to merchants in all 50 states in industries commonly requiring quick, easy loans, such as:

These industries face special challenges, including seasonal changes in cash flow and the need to update machinery or technology on a frequent basis. Medical groups in particular may require new equipment on short notice to replace essentials or provide better standards of care with updated models. Cash flow for restaurants and manufacturing can go up and down based on changing customer preferences and demands and hits slumps at certain times of year.

Kings Cash Group seeks to provide funding to cover these and other common needs calling for quick infusions of cash to preserve expected levels of service or prevent businesses from failing due to difficulties with cash flow.

Cautionary Industries

Kings Cash Group is in the business of lending to many different industries, including those about which banks are often wary. By opening up applications to high-risk merchants, this lender makes it possible for companies rejected by traditional lenders to obtain the funding they need.

Kings Cash will consider these industries when other loan providers won’t:

Like all lenders, however, this MCA provider has a list of companies and organizations to which it won’t lend:

Term Length

Merchants are given much less time to pay back MCAs than bank loans, a fact that must be considered when deciding if a fast-cash provider like Kings Cash Group is the right choice for funding. The lender sets term lengths between 3 and 10 months, although MCA payback tends to be a little more flexible than other loan types due to the reliance on a percentage of daily sales rather than fixed amounts. Kings Cash works with merchants to establish the best payment structure based on unique financial circumstances.

Short term length is one of the reasons some tend to be wary of using MCAs for business funding. The shorter the terms, the higher the payments and the more strain the debt puts on a company. For example, a company with a $10,000 loan and a term of 5 months at the highest buy rate charged by Kings Cash would have to pay back $13,200 in 20 weeks. This works out to $660 per week, an amount some small businesses can’t afford to do without while still remaining viable. The structure of payments must always be clearly understood when looking for loan options, especially from fast-cash lenders.

What’s Required to Apply

Kings Cash Group provides free quotes after merchants fill out a short online application. The form asks for:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Company name
  • Email and phone number
  • Company website
  • Business type
  • Intended use of the loan
  • Monthly gross revenue
  • Years in business
  • Upon submission, merchants are given a short message acknowledging the application has been received. However, Kings Cash Group doesn’t specify how long it takes for a quote to arrive or what the full application entails. The website promises a “direct relationship with a representative” but lacks information about the team from which such a representative is assigned.

    Basic requirements for businesses wishing to complete the full application process are similar to those from other fast-cash lenders:

  • 3 months of recent bank statements
  • Signed application dated in the last 30 days
  • Applicant must have at least 51 percent ownership in the business
  • Since merchant cash advances are the only loans offered by Kings Cash Group, companies must regularly process credit card sales to be eligible. No collateral is required, but the lender does require a notarized Certificate of Judgement to allow for liens to be placed on assets should a merchant default.

    Applicants are promised access to funds in as little as 48 hours after the final application process has been completed. The capital for which a company is approved becomes available for immediate use, although Kings Cash Group doesn’t offer details about the method through which transfer or payment transactions are handled.

    Buy Rates

    Fees for MCA loans are calculated using buy rates. Kings Cash Group charges slightly more than the industry average, assigning rates between 1.27 and 1.32 depending on a merchant’s qualifications.

    To figure out the full amount a given rate adds to a loan, multiply the principal by the buy rate. For a $50,000 loan, the fee would be $13,500 at the lowest rate and $16,000 at the highest. The higher the loan amount, the higher the corresponding fees.

    Kings Cash Group bases the amount it lends to merchants on average sales volume, meaning merchants with more daily credit card sales will qualify for more funding but also be responsible for paying back larger amounts. This has the potential to put some companies in difficult financial situations, since term lengths are also contingent on daily sales. More sales translate to higher daily payments, meaning a large loan with short terms could have a merchant paying thousands of dollars per week just to cover the cost of funding.


    Most lenders in the business of providing quick loans prefer to remain first-position lenders, meaning they are wary of lending to or outright refuse to lend to businesses already carrying loans from other companies. Kings Cash Group, however, is willing to stack as high as a fifth-position loan, meaning a business may have four other existing loans when applying and not be rejected.

    For companies with reliable cash flows and strong financial profiles, stacking may be possible to sustain for a short time. However, the practice is not regarded as an optimal way to obtain funding because each additional loan puts more pressure on a company to meet regular payment obligations. As a larger percentage of daily or weekly sales goes toward paying off loans, the company is left with less to cover operating expenses, leading to an increased possibility of defaulting on one or more loans or going bankrupt completely.

    Documentation Fees

    No documentation fees are charged as part of the loans from Kings Cash Group.

    Origination Fees

    Companies applying for loans from Kings Cash Group must factor in the 3 percent origination fee charged by the lender. On a $250,000 loan, 3 percent works out to $7,500 in fees, leaving significantly less money for the company to invest in its own needs. Such a high rate makes Kings Cash one of the more expensive lenders in the industry.

    Renewal Policy

    After a merchant has paid off 70 percent of an initial cash advance, Kings Cash Group offers the opportunity for a renewal. On-time payments, improved credit and stronger financial credentials may make the merchant eligible for better rates and a higher loan amount the second time around. Kings Cash may allow some companies to opt for renewal as early as 50 percent into the payoff period.

    Interest Forgiveness

    The factor rates charged on merchant cash advances are flat fees and considered part of the total loan payment. Therefore, Kings Cash doesn’t provide any form of interest forgiveness.

    Loan Use

    MCAs from Kings Cash Group are advertised as “unrestricted liquid capital,” meaning companies can put the funds toward any business-related expense. As long as the cash stays within the company, merchants can apply it to everything from daily expenses to once-in-a-lifetime business opportunities.

    Businesses generally opt for MCAs to provide cash for these kinds of immediate expenses rather than to invest in long-term projects. The application and approval process is faster and easier than getting a bank loan, and terms and rates tend to be flexible. Because of this, an MCA can be a life saver in an emergency, allowing a company to continue operating while waiting for an expected influx of cash or riding out a slow season.

    However, these types of loans aren’t practical for companies experiencing ongoing problems with cash flow. A business already working with less capital than it needs to stay viable won’t get out of a bad financial situation by taking on debt at high rates and losing a percentage of sales to loan payments each day.

    Online Reputation

    Although Kings Cash Group has been around for several years, there are no reviews or ratings available on major review sites. The company can’t be found on the BBB website, and Google shows no associated business listing. A press release regarding the company’s establishment was published by MarketWired in 2014, and the only other information relating to the company is found on its own Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

    Without objective third-party feedback, it’s difficult to gauge whether Kings Cash Group can provide the level of service a particular company needs when seeking financing. Reviews are an integral part of the research process for many services in the modern market, and lacking a firmly established online reputation leaves Kings Cash Group lagging behind other major players in the fast-cash lending business.

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