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Updated May 10, 2021
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Key Equipment Finance came into the business as KeyCorp Leasing in 1973. In 2001, the company’s name was changed to Key Equipment Finance. For more than 47 years, Key Equipment Finance has been helping companies of all sizes to use their equipment better, improve efficiency, and increase profits. Key Equipment Finance adopts an agile approach to provide flexible equipment financing solutions. It provides bespoke equipment rental and financing solutions for business customers and government entities, and financial programs for manufacturers, dealers, and resellers. Key Equipment Finance can assist the business in acquiring the assets they need and help in planning for long-term success while taking advantage of capital resources and market expertise.

  • Optimize the business cash flow
  • Preserve existing business working capital
  • Customers can avoid high down payments and can get 100% financing
  • Structure payments methods to match business income stream and seasonal cash flow
  • Enhance the balance-sheet ratios
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Stay competitive with the most advanced technology
  • Key develops strategies for disposal of older equipment
  • Higher interest charges
  • Older equipment’s disposal value will require the company’s share
  • No information about rates is available online

Services Offered

Key Equipment Finance provides a range of business financing services. Following are the details of the financial services: 

Industry Experts in Equipment Financing

Key Equipment Finance provides finance for the equipment and software a business needs and deals with every industry from manufacturing to health to nutrition. Virtually all goods that generate income or save time and labor, including software and services, are eligible for funding. However, Key Equipment Finance implements structural plans to help businesses achieve their objectives.

Businesses and organizations of all sizes rely on the long-standing experience of Key Equipment Finance and their expertise in vertical markets that help them improve their overall efficiency and profitability.

KeyBank Specialty Finance Lending

Key Equipment Finance Bespoke solutions and superior services are tailored for business unique funding needs. Key Equipment Finance offers flexible funding solutions that cater to every business requirement. Key Equipment Finance third-party partners count on their industry relationship and strategic expertise to help them grow their investor community. Key Equipment Finance offers flexible lending solutions to a range of commercial and consumer sectors, which includes:

Food and Beverage Production Financing

Key Equipment Finance provides up-to-date asset knowledge and the market's unique regulatory experience to customers and has a team of experts that guides customers in every field, food, beverage, clean energy, and technology. Key Equipment Finance also maintains strong industrial relationships with large industries, by performing legal, underwriting, and asset managing service by a team of specialists. By working together, Key Equipment Finance can help businesses identify, prioritize and realize global opportunities for developing food and beverage business.

Empowering Resources

When a business has access to capital, industry expertise, and services, it opens door to numerous possibilities. Key Equipment Finance provides all of these services, in addition to that the firm has a dedicated team that supports food and beverage processors, packers, and distributors across the United States. The business can also purchase the equipment and rely on Key Equipment Finance to help businesses:

Key Equipment Finance takes some time to analyze the goals, objectives, and performance of the business. This helps to develop a scalable strategy to help the business achieve its goals. Key Equipment Finance industry experience, expertise in underwriting, asset management, and documentation cover a wide range of personalized business solutions. Under reasonable conditions corresponding to the foreseeable lifetime of the financed equipment, Key’s financing structures include:

Industrial Equipment Financing

Key Equipment Finance provides the capital and experience and finance to customers to buy industrial equipment. 

The firm creates a competitive edge by providing customers with timely access to capital and affordable monthly payments over a specified period. 

Industries it Serves

Key equipment provides multiple sources of finance that can be used for various business applications. The list of industries the finance can be used is as follows:

Terms and Conditions

Key Equipment Finance has not outlined terms and conditions for its financial services. However, more information can be gathered by visiting its company branch.

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The Final Verdict

Key Equipment Finance is one of the leading financial services firms in the country and is a division of KeyBank. Key Equipment Finance has been providing financial solutions for equipment, software, and other industry-related services for more than 47 years and is one of the largest equipment lenders. Key Equipment Finance has a capital market leasing team to support all industries and customers seeking capital and structured facilities in a variety of sectors of the specialized financing market. Key Equipment Finance offers reliable and structures financing solutions to the business that can help them improve their capital and cash flow.


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