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Updated August 19, 2021
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John Deere Financial is a large manufacturing company that provides agricultural, lawn and landscaping, construction, and forestry equipment. John Deere Financial is a subsidiary of John Deere that provides equipment financing solutions. The firm has more than 180-years of experience and terabytes of precise data to know about business financing better than anyone else. John Deere guarantees to provide businesses with continuous access to equipment, services, and performance upgrades, from home to commerce, John Deere has always kept productivity and durability in mind.

  • The customer owns the equipment after paying the loan or lease.
  • The equipment will appear as an asset on the company’s financial statement.
  • There are no hour limits for the customer to use the leased equipment
  • Construction of equity with staggered payments.
  • The business can have the new equipment with the latest technology 
  • Equipment loans may be less costly and more efficient than renting equipment several times per year.
  • Equipment loan has higher interest rates than conventional loans
  • The leased equipment appears as an operating expense in the income statement

Services Offered

John Deere Financial offers its customers the best financing solutions that no other financial service lender can offer. The firm has an in-depth understanding of the commercial financing needs of different industries. The firm provides financial solutions for the agriculture sector, equipment financing, and personal lease solutions that can be used by businesses to manage their operational tasks. John Deere Financial offers tailored financing solutions, ranging from a single machine to a complete fleet of equipment to help the business grow.

Lawn & Garden Financing

John Deere Financial is committed to providing its customers with the best financial resources they need. For this reason, John Deere Financial offers flexible tools and services to facilitate the financing of lawn and garden maintenance equipment with low payment options. In times when prosperity and competition go hand in hand, the firm is committed to building a lasting relationship with its customer by ensuring the funding is strong and reliable for businesses to make progress.

Landscaping & Grounds Care Financing

John Deere Financial provides loans and lease services with competitive rates and lower monthly payments. John Deere Financial helps businesses that are into landscaping, golf, and lawn equipment to find ways to save money, stay financially stable, and care less about loan repayments.

Agriculture Equipment Financing

John Deere Financial is committed to being the best financial source of choice for its customers. The firm offers a broad range of farm finance products and services to meet the business financial requirements. It is just more than that. The equipment can be used to produce or market agricultural products.

Construction & Forestry Equipment Financing

To run a business is a challenging task as the margins are slim, work is tight, and regulations are constantly evolving. This is why John Deere Financial offers construction and forestry equipment financing to help support these sectors. The firm has a dedicated customer service team, who knows the construction and forestry sector and the challenges the business faces every day. The customer support team helps business identify the best financing solution that fit the business requirements. John Deere Financial offers flexible equipment financing options to the business to keep the work going.

Municipal Leasing

John Deere Financial offers low-cost, low-risk municipal leasing solutions to increase capital budgets and reduce the overall expenses of the business. These lease plans have low rates as compared to other commercial financing solutions because the tax is exempted and no residual value is paid.

Industries it serves:


John Deere’s financial leasing services are an excellent financing solution for businesses, even if the credit score of the company is not perfect. In fact, at John Deere Financial, the underwriters care about the business requirements as well as the borrowing history. In other words, equipment owned by the business may be sufficient to qualify the business for financing.

Terms and Conditions

There are interest rates and conditions for lease and equipment loans. The details are listed below:

The Municipal Lease

After the completion of the municipal lease, the customer gets full ownership of the equipment.

The duration of the municipal lease is 12 to 60 months. A business must choose a municipal lease if:

The Operating Lease

The operating lease has a duration of 24 to 36 months depending on the down payment and the installment plan the business selects. The operating lease has the following conditions:

Equipment loan

The duration lies between 24 to 72 months depending on the price of the equipment and monthly installments.

Why Finance Through John Deere Financial?

John Deere Financial offers convenient financing options to its potential customers. It offers unparalleled equipment expertise and tailored financial solutions that can be implemented quickly by a dealer at the time of a business purchase. For generations, the firm has been working to make capital financing easy and affordable for businesses all over the country. 

The Bottom Line

John Deere Financial helps a business to find the best equipment solution according to business requirements. The loans and lease services are transparent and informative, and the application process is streamlined. The firm has made great strides in the past years to make its application process easier along with offering a business consultant. John Deere Financial is also a great option for businesses that only require a small amount of financing within a short time period.


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