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Updated April 11, 2021
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J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance was founded in 2000 by John Pierpont Morgan in New York. It is a multinational firm that offers commercial and personal financial solutions, currently headquartered in New York. The firm is a global provider of financial services and in 2020 it became the largest bank in the U.S in terms of assets worth $25 billion. J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance deals in consumer and community banking, asset management, investment banking, capital financing, and other services.

  • Large amounts for equipment loans
  • Serves a large range of industries
  • A wide range of financial services is available
  • Poor customer service
  • High interest rates for tailored finance solutions
  • Information on rates and terms is hard to find
  • No online application process

Services Offered

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance provides multiple commercial financing and small business financing solutions. The details of services are discussed below:

Asset Based Lending Solutions 

Asset-based lending solutions by J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance is a flexible and cost-effective borrowing solution that provides the customer with the opportunity to enlarge his business, no matter what industry it belongs to. These financial solutions have the resources to scale the size of the business and solve the complexity of the business needs. The amount the customer can borrow through this financing service starts from $5 million and to $1 billion. J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance provides a tailored solution to businesses that have a good credit score. The asset-based solution has 2 categories: lines of credit and term loans. The accommodation of these financing services is done according to the business requirements, and it provides the advantage of maintaining seasonal cash flows and working capital.

Line of Credit:

Line of credit allows businesses to borrow amounts up to their working capital and gives the flexibility to pay lower monthly payments. J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance charges comparatively low-interest rates as compared to other lenders and helps businesses maintain their financial statements.

Term Loans:

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance offers term loans with a simple and streamlined application process. Businesses can qualify for these loans easily and can have the benefit of modest interest rates.

Equipment Financing

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance offers a structured equipment financing solution that helps the business to acquire the equipment and inventory needed. The business can use the equipment to serve customer needs and it will appear as an asset on the balance sheet.

Range of Solutions

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance offers a range of solutions such as leasing alternatives, tax-exempt financing, sales agreement (CSA), or synthetic lease.

Specialized Industry Experts

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance experts make it easier for customers to document and streamline their financial problems. J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance has served thousands of customers who have a background in different fields such as construction, manufacturing, technology, or the non-profit sectors. 

ASA Certified Appraisers

J. P. Morgan has a team of experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of the value and nuances of all mission-critical assets. These experts can help businesses choose assets as well as provide the information of tax implications applied on each asset.

Leasing Alternatives

In cases where the purchase of equipment may not be the most cost-effective or tax-efficient option for a business, J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance works with the business to organize a leasing transaction that best suits the financial situation.

Syndicated Finance

Businesses can take advantage of J.P. Morgan Equipment Finance’s leading syndications and capital markets expertise to support their everyday operations and long-term growth. Each strategy is tailored to the specific requirements of the business. The dedicated team analyzes the needs of intermediate market companies and property developers. J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance is committed to establishing relationships that go beyond the execution process.

Apart from J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance’s syndicated loan services, the customer can also receive the benefit of capital markets expertise and advisory capabilities that helps to support the long-term growth and strategic initiatives of the business. 

Industries it serves:

Terms and Conditions

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance has provided the following terms and rates for its financing services:

Amount: The business can borrow amounts ranging from $10,000 to $1 million. 

Duration: The equipment financing or lease plan can be extended up to 7 years

The agreement plan applies to Equipment loans; Tax leases; Operating leases; TRAC leases; Split TRAC leases; Synthetic leases; Line of Credit.

Why should you consider J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance as your financing partner?

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance offers several benefits to businesses, such as it can receive actionable, real-time insights that can help the business discover and seize new opportunities. The firm assures that it provides the best financial solution to businesses and helps them stand out among its competitors. J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance’s team focuses on the relationship with the customer, not the transaction. The firm invests time in getting to know more about its clients, their business complexities, and financial requirements so that the customers can be offered a custom solution. J.P. Morgan Equipment Finance's customer services include market-leading cash management, treasury service products, and wealth management. 

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance takes part in business decision-making and has a dedicated team of professionals that guides businesses about the ins and outs of market trends. This enables the firm to keep its customers updated, prepared, and poised for their business growth. 

The Bottom Line

J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance offers many financial services to its customers such as equipment financing, leasing, and syndicated financing which serves mid-sized and large businesses. J. P. Morgan Equipment Finance’s deep knowledge of industries and market presence make it a convenient option for businesses to qualify it as a finance provider, but it has scandalous behavior and persistent customer service issues.


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