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In 1911, Charles Ranlett Flint founded a multinational technology company named Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company which was renamed as International Business Machines in 1924. IBM, trying to make sure that there was an effective and efficient source of financing for new technology buyers ended up being the largest IT financier in the world. IBM Global Financing offers IT financing payment solutions along with a wide range of IT products and services that include hardware services, cloud offerings, artificial intelligence (AI), and software applications. The company has customers in more than 175 countries and competes with hundreds of IT companies. Its competitors range from small companies to large multinational corporations. IBM Global Financing has been working on high-tech community projects, offered as open-source documents to IT professionals, that can be used in different business applications. Over the last couple of decades, IBM Global Financing has established itself as a reliable and valuable brand worldwide. 

  • Leasing options that can value ROI and TCO
  • Payment solutions for software, services and IT infrastructure
  • Refurbished IT infrastructure incase of budget constraints
  • Flexible Loans, leases and payment plans under one roof for IT Projects
  • Can be expensive due to the latest technologies
  • Interest rates can be high on certified devices
  • A high credit score is required to qualify

Services Offered

IBM Global Financing offers financing solutions for the IT industry.


IBM Global Financing helps businesses seize new opportunities and speed up the transformation process with a wide range of flexible financing options. The business can benefit from competitive pricing and delay initial payments to create private, public, or hybrid cloud systems. IBM Global Financing provides businesses the chance to acquire AI solutions to meet future needs while retaining liquidity. 


The integration of servers, storage, and software into a more efficient, secure, and resilient IT infrastructure can help boost agility and accelerate clouds. IBM Global Financing payment solutions deliver flexible financing options to support the IT infrastructure projects, such as custom leases that can help reduce one-time expenses, align to business budget cycle, improve financial condition of business and optimize cash flow. IBM Global Financing also offers a fair market value (FMV) lease plan with a flexible payment structure for the customers who want finance for on-site servers or storage IT infrastructure. During the lease period, the business can expand capacity or upgrade technology to meet new commercial demands. Given that FMV leases are based on residual value, it offers both lower payments and better total cost of ownership (TCO) to its customers.

Project Financing

IBM Project Financing provides a cost-effective multi-year solution with a customized payment plan to finance the necessary maintenance services of the IT equipment a company is using. It allows the business to retain liquidity and support other strategic initiatives, such as updating its IT environment within budget.

Certified Pre-Owned Servers and Storage

A business can achieve a higher return by managing its investments. IBM certified servers, and storage can help IT departments control and reduce the budget and overall cost of ownership. IBM Global Financing offers attractive payment plans to speed up the business project, and helps preserve budgets and cash. IBM Global Financing Leasing services provide the customer with a source of funding that can help reduce one-time disbursements and cost allocation.

Working Capital Solution

IBM Global Financing provides working capital solutions to certified business owners and gives them the power to stand out among their competitors and create a demanding marketplace. IBM Global Financing’s working capital solution helps a business achieve its short and long-term objectives while maintaining cash flow goals.

End Of Lease Services

At the end of the lease, IBM Global Financing gives the option to the customer either to own the equipment, renew the lease plan or simply return the hardware. The customer can pay the residual value and own the equipment.

Industries it Serves

IBM Global Financing serves different industries with its IT services.

IBM Global Financing provides funding for the following technologies:

Terms and Conditions

When business executives decide to pay for a new IT solution ahead of time, they need to understand how cash flows are affected. When making IT investments, companies may prefer to make payments over several periods rather than limiting cash flows upfront. IBM Global Financing lease plans enable customers to optimize their cash flow through payment structures tailored to the specific needs of the project.

Rates and availability of the financing services are based on the customer's credit rating, financing terms, type of offer, type of equipment, product and options, and may vary by country. Non-IBM users who are also a part of an IBM Global End-User Customer Solution may also get qualified for funding through IBM Global Financing. Customized payment terms can include deferral of the first payment and can be tailored to budget cycles, projects, or other business needs.

Why should IBM Global Financing become your financing partner?

IBM Global Financing has been providing services to customers for more than 35 years and now serves customers in more than 60 countries, spanning more than 20 industries. IBM Global Financing has professional experience in IT finance, working capital, and credit, providing customers with flexible payment plans and a leasing solution. The company also deals in IT infrastructure which includes company-owned servers and storage. IBM Credit Corporation is one of the first IT finance companies that provide its customers with the facility of accounts receivable.

IBM Global Financing- The Final Verdict

IBM Global Financing is a top financial lender committed to providing environmental leadership across all business operations, from services to product design and the use of technology. IBM Global Financing provides the best IT working capital solutions that can help businesses increase their market share while using the best technology. IBM’s technologies are helping businesses with their transformation. The company works with the motive to generate business opportunities with the latest technological solutions that help different business communities to adapt to new ways in this fast changing world.


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