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Updated June 4, 2021
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Hewlett Packard is an American multinational information technology corporation based in Houston, Texas, USA. HPE Financial Services was established on November 1, 2015, in San José, California, as a spin-off of the Hewlett-Packard division. HPE Financial Services is the premier financial partner for Synnex and HPE technologies. The company has expertise in technology finance and provides customized financing solutions for common customers in all segments, small, medium, large, or global.

HPE Financial Services offers a highly scalable and reliable private cloud solution that meets every unique requirement of the IT business and looks after all infrastructure management.

  • Transparent factor rates.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Fair market rates.
  • No credit score is required to qualify.
  • Serves limited industries.
  • Additional fees apply.

Services Offered

HPE Financial Services provides flexible IT financial solutions for different types of businesses. The details of the business are listed as follows:

IT Asset Lifecycle Solutions

HPE Financial Services offers innovative and sustainable asset life-cycle strategies that ensure a business’s IT and finance plans align with its business targets and objectives to turn it’s investment into a force multiplier.

According to current trends in the technology sector, most businesses typically use 70 percent of their current IT resources to manage existing infrastructure and 30 percent to implement new technologies. HPE Financial Services' IT asset life-cycle solutions allow the businesses to extract added value from their existing IT investments or upgrade their existing technology. HPE Financial Services develops a personalized plan to help businesses leverage and transform their existing IT investments and convert them into capital that finances transition to innovations.

IT Financing Solutions For Small And Midsize Businesses

HPE Financial Services offers simple financing of IT financing options which provide businesses the opportunity to evolve and thrive.

As a business grapples with the current global crisis and adapts to the new technological landscape, it can be difficult to look to the future and know what opportunities the future holds. All of this can seem very intimidating. From aid for the liberalization of capital in existing infrastructure to the postponement of payments and the provision of second-hand technologies to alleviate capacity constraints, HPE Financial Services works with businesses to address current challenges and help them prepare for the next major chapter.

IT Financing And Asset Lifecycle Solutions

With the emergence of a new business landscape, the need to drive innovation and accelerate time to market is at an unprecedented peak. HPE Financial Services’ asset life and financial solutions help businesses to adopt new technology and provide the latest technological solutions to their customers. This helps businesses to buy new software or hardware required to deliver the best services to customers.

Industries it serves

Terms and Conditions

HPE Financial Services has the expertise to help the business achieve its short-term goals where there is a need to have IT equipment for transitional or short-term needs: 3-12 months duration for hardware rental. HPE Financial Services offers short-term leases for seasonal servers, storage capacity, data center transfer, consolidations, or disaster recovery are standard applications. Standard application of business includes upgrading or shifting to new technology in comparable yields.

In case the customer opts for payment deferral on new technology

The customer does not have to make payments for the first 90 days, followed by 36 low monthly payments 

The financing agreement with a fair market value of the technology

Eligible transactions start at $5,000

Available globally where ever HPE Financial Services has a branch

User reviews

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a financing company that primarily deals with IT Solutions. As the company has been serving customers for more than 20 years, the following are some reviews about the company both positive and negative.

Positive Reviews

According to customers the HPE Financial Services have flexible solutions and allow small businesses to have the most advanced IT technology with a lower down payment. HPE Financial Services can help customers find new ways of planning, acquiring, consuming, and adapting the technology systems required for business transformation.

Negative Reviews

As reported by some clients, the backup policies of the company are not effective. Some customers were charged additionally for the financing service they availed. If the customer is not able to pay the loan amount, the company charges extra rates.

Is it a Good Decision to Partner with HPE?

To survive in our interconnected, data-driven world, a business needs a reliable financing partner with the experience and expertise to help them realize the value of data, everywhere. 

HPE Financial Services emphasizes providing a superior client experience. Its comprehensive approach to all applications provides businesses with flexible financing solutions according to their choice. HPE Financial Services helps digital enterprises to transform and manage their workflow by allowing them to connect, protect, analyze and act on everything from the edge to the cloud. Regardless of where the business is located and the transformation journey, HPE Financial Services is here to help every business that is facing  IT challenges. Unleash capital, maximize capacity and achieve more with a business budget with HPE Financial Services. HPEFinancial Service’s financial and asset lifecycle solutions allow businesses to invest in the innovation necessary to stay one step ahead.

The Bottom Line

HPE Financial Services have more than 20 years of experience delivering financial and asset lifecycle solutions to customers around the world, that can help businesses unlock the value of the entire IT heritage. HPE Financial Services provides solutions from the edge to the cloud to the end-user. Their IT financial solutions can convert IT investments into a force multiplier. HPE Financial Services has re-invested over $1.5 billion in client budgets over the past five years. HPE Financial Services supports all companies of all sizes across more than 50 countries. The company operates the biggest IT manufacturer refurbishment facility in the world. HPE Financial Services has the main focus on the sustainability of solutions and the reuse of assets so that the customer can use them for business. 


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