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Updated April 22, 2021
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Dell Financial was founded in 1997 with the motive to provide the best technology services to Dell customers. Now Dell Financial is helping to change the digital landscape around the world. Dell Financial has the motive to provide the access to the latest and best technology to everyone wherever they are in the world. The company is one of the world's top technology providers that help transform businesses with extraordinary IT technology. The company provides small business revolving loans, fixed-term business loans, and lease financing only for IT purposes. Dell Financial provides hybrid cloud solutions to large industries to deliver high-performance computing and sustainability initiatives. Dell Financial offers technological financing solutions that work in every field, from healthcare to education to a digital economy. The company provides customers the flexibility of low monthly payments to reduce the burden of expenses. Dell Financial provides tailored solutions to businesses that are directly working with Dell or their channel partners.

  • Advance IT Solutions
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Low rate of interest
  • Offers IT solutions to a large range of industries
  • Complex application process
  • The technology provided is not owned by the customer after the end of the plan

Services Offered

As part of Dell Technologies, Dell Financial Services (DFS) offers innovative payment solutions for equipment, software, and cloud services, enabling businesses to align with their objectives. The details of Dell Financial solutions are listed below:

Pay as You Go:

This lease plan allows the business to lease or loan amount for IT equipment. Pay as You go offers a technology rotation plan to the business which allows the use of the latest technology at flexible rates.

What is Technology Rotation?

Studies show that 94 percent of companies face strategic challenges that prevent them from implementing their plans. One of these issues is the lack of funding and resources. Dell Financial Services (DFS) offers technology rotation as an option to meet these challenges.

How does Technology Rotation work?

These technology rotation services help design and implement the product purchase strategy of the business. Dell Financial will ensure that its solution meets the needs of the business and its budget.

Technology rotation reduces the maintenance costs and potential unavailability time of the business by ensuring that the business has the most up-to-date technology deployed.

Through this, the business can keep its workforce productive and produce better results. 

What Technology Rotation does?

Technology Rotation helps in supporting the global circular economy by providing businesses the advantage to use the most recent technology, which generally uses less energy to operate, takes up less space when deployed, and produces better faster results. Technology Rotation solutions help in increasing the flexibility of the business and saves valuable money for short-term loans give a higher return on investment in a short time.

Pay As You Use

Another solution offered by Dell Financial is Pay As You Use. This financial service works while the business is growing, as it needs new technology to deliver exceptional results. With Pay As You Use, has a scheme called APEX Flex that provides buffer space to the business to store data.

The customer can get this funding within a day and payment is only charged on the buffer capacity being used. The customer can extend the buffer capacity at end of each month and pay accordingly. Dell Financial builds a flexible payment solution that matches the budget and helps in business growth.

How does it work?

Following are the steps included in Pay as You Use:

Industries it Serves:

Dell Financial provides the facility of innovation from anywhere with secure and advanced IT solutions. From the device to the cloud to the periphery, the company allows the customer to innovate and scale their business like never before. IT technology can be used in all fields.

Terms and Conditions

Dell Financial has set some ground rules for all the services it offers.

The Bottom Line

Dell Financial is a subdivision of the Dell Technologies line-up and is a global provider of innovative technology solutions. Dell Financial serves every type of business from small businesses to the biggest companies in the world who are looking for an IT solution. 

Dell Financial Services support flexible IT solutions for hardware, software applications, and servers that allow customers to choose how they want to use the technology. The company helps businesses improve their cash flow cycle and financial statements with versatile IT equipment leasing plans. Dell Financial serves more than 50 countries and has a funding amount of more than $9 billion annually. Dell Financial only offers IT-related solutions so if a business is looking for equipment financing or other solution then it must consider other lenders in the market.


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