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Updated November 17, 2021
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About Crest Capital

Crest Capital is a top lender for small businesses nationwide. Established in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1989, they have been serving customers with hassle-free financing services for vehicles, equipment, and software. They offer easy financing and leasing so that small and medium-sized businesses have the support they need to grow. Businesses can apply for the funds they need and get a reply within hours. Vendors can use Crest Capital for their B2B customers to offer more payment options. 

Working with the utmost integrity and honesty is a priority for Crest Capital. The company insists on clear communication and employs individuals with exceptional character. Crest Capital holds itself to high standards for business conduct and is active in the community, donating to local charities and volunteering. Being good corporate citizens is an integral part of the company ethos. With its focus on the customer’s needs, the company regularly introduces new products and services to maintain a competitive advantage. Crest Capital focuses on long-term relationships and sustainable financial goals. 

Crest Capital’s Vision

Crest Capital has had a clear vision from its founding. The company believes that every business should have the opportunity to receive the credit it needs in a straightforward, simple process. In order to achieve this vision, transparency and full disclosure of all lease and loan information are of the utmost importance, and no question that the customer might have goes unanswered. The company insists on being easy to work with, offering a no-hassle approach, and respecting the customer’s time by quickly approving applications. This also means that they prioritize being flexible with collateral and other capital requirements. Crest Capital is the company that says “yes” when the bank says “no.” Their goal is to be the company whose clients enthusiastically turn to and recommend to others without hesitation. 

Why financing with Crest Capital?

Most small businesses cannot afford to acquire the new equipment, vehicles, or software that they need outright. Yet without new equipment or upgraded technology, it is not possible to thrive in a competitive market. Financing is often a prerequisite for growth. This is where Crest Capital comes in. There are numerous reasons why choosing Crest Capital for your business financing needs is better than going to the bank. 


You can fill out your application with a simple online form instead of bringing several years of tax returns and other financial documentation that the bank requires. 


Crest Capital respects your time by giving you an answer fast. With the bank, it often takes weeks for business loans to be approved.

100% Financing

Typically, if the bank approves your loan, it is only for about 80% of the equipment, and this does not include soft costs. Crest Capital offers 100% financing. Moreover, the company finances soft costs such as installation, delivery, and more.

No cross-collateral

Your life and your family should not be put on the line for the sake of your business. Banks require cross-collateral, which inextricably links your loan with your personal assets from your home to your children’s college education funds. Crest Capital does not tamper with your private affairs, allowing you to sleep better at night.


The bank will make demands on maintaining a certain bank balance and will pry into your debt to equity ratio. Crest Capital has a no-nonsense approach and simply finances the equipment without intruding into other financial matters. 

Credit availability

Borrowing from the bank for equipment will impede your ability to borrow for emergencies. If you make your purchases with Crest Capital, you can still use the bank as a backup for any surprises that come your way. 

No hidden charges

Banks always have various hidden fees included in the fine print. In alignment with Crest Capital’s principles of honesty and integrity, you do not have to worry about additional charges sneaking up on you because there are none. 

Fixed-term and rate adjustment

You can avoid the risk of payments incrementally increasing over time. While banks tend to opt for revolving terms, Crest Capital’s fixed terms are better on your balance sheet than the bank’s adjustable rates.

No yearly re-qualification

Banks can hinder your progress and waste your time by having you re-qualify annually for your loan. Once Crest Capital has approved your financing, that is it. 

Crest Capital at a glance

Loan amount $5,000 - $500,000-plus
Loan term 24 - 72 months
Funding time within four hours (in most cases)

Crest Capital's offerings

Crest Capital offers hassle-free financing solutions for equipment, vehicle, and software financing. They are better than a bank because you can get low rates with flexible terms and fast approval that can be finalized within hours via an easy application process that requires little to no paperwork. You do not have to dig out your financial statements and tax returns. A final bonus: Crest Capital is Section 179 friendly. 

Equipment Financing

All sides benefit from businesses being able to purchase the equipment they need. Companies that sell equipment benefit since being able to offer financing equipment will generate more sales. For businesses that need to buy equipment, those purchases are an investment in the company's long-term growth and profits. Crest Capital provides financing so that you can choose the equipment you need from the seller of your choice. When businesses can easily acquire the profit-generating equipment required to thrive in a competitive market, they can simultaneously keep more capital liquid to fund other investments.

 More reasons that make Crest Capital a great choice for equipment financing are:

Vehicle Financing

If you are a company that is not in the transportation industry in need of a specialty vehicle, work-specific truck, or van, Crest Capital will provide financing. Not only can you borrow 100% of the costs for trailers and vehicles, whether new or used, Crest Capital will also cover soft costs, including registration fees and taxes. Virtually any age, make, or model from any seller is up for consideration. Businesses also get the benefit of receiving the title in your company's name. Crest Capital will defer payments for trucks or chassis getting converted until the end of the conversion process so that it is possible to earn revenue prior to making payments. 

More reasons that make Crest Capital is an excellent choice for vehicle financing are:

Crest Capital offers two types of vehicle financing agreements: TVA (Titled Vehicle Finance Agreement) and TRAC Lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause).

Software Financing

Having the latest technology is a must in today's competitive market. A business cannot afford not to have software in the budget. Crest Capital makes it possible for you to acquire the software you need when it's relevant so that you do not have to worry about your business falling behind. The costs can be spread across a multi-year term so that you can retain other capital liquid and the software ends up paying for itself over time. Banks usually do not consider software as an asset. Alternatively, Crest Capital understands that software investment is as equally vital as the hardware needed to keep your business profitable and running smoothly.  

More reasons that make Crest Capital is an excellent choice for software financing are:

Crest Capital software financing includes the benefits of terms up to sixty months long, the option to go with or without hardware, and the ability to incorporate soft costs as well. You can choose a software loan or a software lease according to your needs. 

Pros and cons

  • Quick response time and fast approval often within hours
  • Section 179 friendly
  • No need to re-qualify annually and flexible terms 
  • Soft costs can be included in financing
  • No startup or bad credit financing
  • Business with bankruptcies within the past seven years are not eligible for funding
  • Businesses less than two years old are not eligible for funding
  • Requests over $250k require paperwork

Crest Capital partners

Crest Capital works in partnership with software, equipment, and vehicle vendors of any kind. The benefits of offering payment options include that offering monthly payment options can become a form of marketing. Payment options also help vendors close sales faster. Vendors get paid immediately, and customers receive the funding they need making it a win-win across the board. Crest Capital also does not require huge volume commitments. Crest Capital is a trusted partner with an exemplary reputation that makes it easy to offer payment options to your customers. 

The benefits of partnering with Crest Capital include:

Crest Capital Target Customers

Crest Capital works with established, successful small businesses looking to finance equipment, vehicles, or software to become more successful.

Crest Capital also works with vendors of software, vehicles, and equipment to provide the financing programs their customers need. 

The benefits of Crest Capital

Section 179 Qualified Financing

As a company aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses, Crest Capital is qualified for Section 179, which assists small and mid-sized businesses to invest in themselves. By using Section 179, businesses can write off qualifying equipment purchases on their taxes. This year the Section 179 deduction is at its highest. A deduction of $1,050,000 can be claimed on up to $2,620,000 in equipment purchases. In combination with Crest Capital, businesses can save thousands of dollars. Their website offers more information with a free report and a convenient Section 179 calculator to calculate your savings. 

Industries served

Crest Capital works with nearly all industries except for startups and transportation industries. Other than that, they finance anything from ambulances to office equipment to the latest software program. 

Online tools

Crest Capital’s Payment Portal Button

When vendors partner with Crest Capital, they receive a free powerful, but simple online tool. Their payment portal button is a widget that allows customers easy access to a secure payment portal with email financing quotes. Both the email quotes and portal are branded with your company’s logo, graphics, and information. 

Instant Quote Calculator

Whether your business needs software, equipment, or vehicles, Crest Capital offers an instant quote calculator. All you need to do is enter the amount to finance, click the “calculate my options” button, and see your options. 

Section 179 Calculator

Crest Capital’s website offers a Section 179 Tax Deduction Calculator TM. With this calculator, businesses can determine how considerable their savings will be down to the dollar amount after writing off purchases. The calculator is easy to use and fully updated. 

The Crest Capital website includes a feedback box and a link to their blog, “The Lease Guy.” On social media, they can be found on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

What customers are saying

Crest Capital is generally highly rated. The Better Business Bureau rated the company A+ with 4.97/5 stars. Crest Capital customers have praised how simple and easy it is to work with the company. The following is a sample of reviews from the Better Business Bureau:

“Within 24 hours of completing an online loan application, we received a phone reply with preliminary approval. All correspondence was very timely, and the paperwork was clear and concise. We put Crest in direct contact with our machinery supplier, and upon receiving the completed invoice, the loan was exercised within one day. We look forward to working with Crest in the future.”

“Crest Capital was easy to work with. They handled my loan professionally and expediently. I would highly recommend them and would work with them in the future if needed.”

“...Very honest, no fine print or gimmicks like so many other finance companies. I will be a return customer!”

Review and summary

How does Crest Capital rate?

5 out of 5 stars
  • Used equipment acceptable
  • 100% financing available
  • No application fees
4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Quote calculators to pre-determine options plus Section 179 calculator for deductions
  • Detailed FAQs 
  • Financing above $250K more complicated
Ease of use
5 out of 5 stars
  • Fast approval within hours
  • Flexible terms and rates
  • Easy, no-paperwork online application
Customer experience
5 out of 5 stars
  • Prompt, professional, and pleasant service
  • Highly recommended
  • Negative reviews or complaints seemed nearly non-existent

The bottom line

Crest Capital offers financing solutions for equipment, vehicles, and software to allow successful, small, and medium-sized businesses to flourish and remain relevant in a competitive market. They also partner with vendors to provide more opportunities for both vendors and business owners, creating a win-win situation. While Crest Capital does not provide financing for businesses under two years old or those which have filed for bankruptcy within the past seven years, they offer choice conditions for established and prospering businesses. Crest Capital’s “no paperwork” online application, fast approvals, low rates/flexible terms, and 100% financing make it quite an attractive option. 

Company contact details

National Headquarters
Crest Capital
3460 Preston Ridge
Suite 285
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Mailing Address
Crest Capital
Box 88233
Atlanta, GA 30356
Phone: (800) 245-1213
Fax: (888) 391-6728

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