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Updated October 22, 2021
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About Amur

Amur Equipment Finance began in Grand Island, Nebraska in 1996 and has since become one of the largest independent equipment finance companies in the US. The company has recently re-branded as simply “Amur”, reflecting its newly streamlined, digital-service oriented approach.  Amur employs 145 employees nationally and has almost doubled its workforce in recent years. Amur has earned awards and is a Top Five nationally ranked independent commercial equipment finance company. The company is featured as a certified Great Place to Work. Amur’s flagship location is in Nebraska, and the company also maintains offices in California, Iowa, South Dakota, Texas, New Hampshire, and New York.  

Amur serves business owners and financing origination partners in equipment-intensive industries such as transportation, construction, commercial and industrial equipment, technology, food service, agriculture, packaging, and energy. Amur’s equipment financing packages allow companies, particularly small businesses, to scale their operations by making upgrades manageable and affordable. 

“We’re big on small” - Financing equipment for small businesses

Amur’s priority is helping small businesses, which they see as crucial to America’s economy and entrepreneurial spirit. Providing small business owners with the financing they need to grow makes it possible for more Americans to achieve their dreams. Many businesses have struggled in light of the financial fallout from COVID-19. Amur is dedicated to bringing support and relief to these businesses through its financial products.

As marketing director Jacklynn Manning puts it, the Amur brand reflects the traits of the rare Amur leopard and represents the curiosity to learn about specific customer needs, the agility to grow and change, and the tenacity to do what it takes to serve customers., the company’s recently updated digital presence, uses detailed customer research and data analysis to cater to the evolving needs of small business owners using a customized and personalized approach.

Amur’s mission

Amur puts an emphasis on leveling the playing field through fairness and equity. In the company’s own words: “We strive to create an ecosystem in which small businesses have the funding and tools needed to continually improve and thrive, regardless of zip code, background, or financial history. We know having essential capital means big things to your small business, and we believe that access should be universal.” 

Why financing?

Small businesses often need to acquire new equipment and upgraded technology, but these upgrades can often be cost-prohibitive. Companies are stuck in a catch-22 in which they can’t afford to get new equipment, but their business will not be able to adapt and thrive unless they do so. 

Financing business equipment allows a company to manage its growth. Business equipment of all kinds can be purchased or leased and paid out through affordable monthly payments. Amur gives small companies the opportunity to expand their business and also protects them from being saddled with obsolete equipment they won’t need in a few years. 

What’s more, by not having to purchase equipment outright, financing frees up some of a business’s cash flow to use for other expenses. Equipment financing helps companies manage their assets responsibly and makes scaling up attainable. In many customer testimonials, business owners share that their business could not have gotten to the point where it is today without the assistance of Amur’s equipment financing.

  • Fast approval and funding 
  • Works with customers with all types of credit histories
  • Financing costs can be tax-deductible
  • No application fee
  • Some customers reported lengthy approval delays
  • Equipment financing may cost businesses much more than the merchandise value
  • Several restricted business categories do not qualify for financing

Amur’s equipment financing at a glance

Loan amount $10,000 - $250,000
Loan term 38 - 84 months
Funding time 24 - 48 hours

Amur’s offerings

Equipment financing allows small businesses to upgrade their equipment and acquire new technology. Amur helps business owners make these purchases possible by offering product financing. 

Amur offers three product options: operating leases, finance leases, and equipment finance agreements:

Operating Lease

An operating lease is a lease product that allows a business to expense 100% of a monthly lease payment instead of taking depreciation. The leasing company retains ownership of the equipment. When the term ends, you may purchase the equipment for its fair market value, return the equipment, or continue leasing it. If you don’t intend to own the equipment and want to upgrade when your lease term is up, an operating lease could make the most sense.

Finance Lease

Another lease product offered by Amur is a finance lease, sometimes called a capital lease. This type of lease has different guidelines than an operating lease. In a finance lease, the leasing company retains ownership of the equipment, and at the end of your lease term, you may purchase the equipment for a fixed, predetermined price. The equipment buyout may amount to $1.00 or another sum that was decided in advance. Unlike an operating lease, a finance lease does not allow you to expense your monthly payments. However, you can declare a Section 179 tax deduction or take depreciation allowances. 

Equipment Finance Agreement

EFAs, or Equipment Finance Agreements, are finance programs in which the customer retains the title to the equipment and the finance company has a security interest in the equipment. With an EFA, there is no purchase option at the end because you already hold the title to the equipment. EFAs give you the benefits of equipment ownership, including depreciation allowances such as Section 179. EFAs are preferred over bank financing because of their easy approval process, flexible structure, and minimal down payments. 

Amur’s customer specialists will discuss your business needs with you to help you determine which option makes the most sense for your company’s needs. 

Flexible structures

Whether you’re leasing or financing, Amur offers several options for flexible pay structures. The range of options offered aligns with Amur’s flexibility and commitment to small business growth.

Step Payment Plan

This structure begins with lower payments that increase over time, letting you gradually build up your payment amount and experience greater cash flow relief at the beginning of your term.

Deferred Payment Plan

This structure lets you begin paying for the equipment only once it starts to generate revenue. 

Seasonal Payment Plans

Seasonal companies have the option of having higher payments during peak or busy seasons and having lower contract payments during their off-season. 

Balloon Payment Plan

This plan lowers monthly payments during the finance term. A balloon payment means that a lump sum is paid out at the end of a loan term that is much larger than the payments made before it. In this way, a company can purchase more expensive equipment than it could under a traditional level payment plan. 

Amur partners

Amur works in partnership with equipment vendors such as distributors, resellers, dealers, and manufacturers to provide small business customers with merchandise and equipment. They also work with wholesale equipment financing brokers directly or with referral partners who pass along business to Amur for equipment financing. 

Among the benefits of partnering with Amur as an equipment provider:

Amur’s Target Customers

Amur serves as a liaison between small business owners looking to finance equipment and equipment vendors or brokers. Amur works with customers who have a range of types of credit histories. Customers are classified into different credit levels based on their credit history, which is used to determine how much they can borrow and under what terms. 

A-level credit customers have a FICO score of 700 or higher and have been in business for 5+ years. They can get financing for up to $350,000, starting at 6.74% interest.

B-level credit customers have a minimum FICO score of 660 and have been in business for 2+ years. They can get financing for up to $250,000, starting at 7.99%. 

C-level credit customers have a FICO score of 620 or better and have 2+ years of time in business. While not the ideal A and B-rated clients, they are considered because they may still “make sense” as deals. Applications can be for financing of up to $125,000, starting at 11.24%. 

On levels A, B, and C, there is zero down aside from a required documentation fee. 

New business start-ups with excellent credit and a 20% minimum down payment may be considered for a maximum financing amount of $60,000. 

Additional financing programs include the Over-the-Road Trucking Program and a $50K no comp debt program. 

For more information about offers, eligibility, and requirements, see Amur’s website or contact a customer service representative. 

Industries served

Amur serves a range of industries requiring financing for a wide array of equipment. Exceptions are listed in Amur’s broker guide and include businesses such as beauty and tanning salons, any business funded through dues or membership contributions, alternative or holistic medicine, novelty shops, tattoo parlors, among several others. 

SBA PPP with Amur

As part of the US government’s COVID-19 relief, an emergency loan program was created to help small businesses. These Small Business Administration loans allow small businesses impacted by the pandemic to qualify for loan forgiveness through the Paycheck Protection Program. The loans provide an incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll and maintain their operations. 

Amur, already known for its commitment to aiding small businesses, became an approved SBA PPP lender. The program provided a fixed, low interest rate of 1% for the life of the loan, payment deferral for 10 months, and loan forgiveness on all qualified business expenses. 

Online tools

To help you plan your business expenses, Amur offers online modeling calculators. While the information you get using these tools isn’t final, it can give you a fair picture of what you can expect when financing equipment needs. 

Amur’s Quote Tool

You can get a quick quote on Amur’s website by inputting the cost of the equipment you want to finance and an estimate of your credit history (excellent, great, good, or fair). With just a click, you’ll see a breakdown of your estimated cost per month, broken down over 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 years. Get the quote emailed to you or proceed with the application process. While not a formal offer, and subject to a full credit review, this calculator gives you a good general idea of how much it will cost you to finance your equipment. 

Section 179 calculator

Amur helps customers take advantage of tax deductions that are available on the cost of new or used equipment through IRS Section 179. Section 179 allows for a 100% write-off of certain assets up to $1,040,000. Most new and used equipment, and some software, qualify for the Section 179 deduction. You can get a quick calculation of your deduction and cash savings by entering your equipment cost and your tax bracket. 

Company contact details

Amur (formerly Amur Equipment Finance)

304 W. 3rd Street
PO Box 2555
Grand Island, NE 68801
Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 7 PM CST
Live chat is also available through the Amur website


What can I finance?

Any equipment that’s essential to your business can be financed.

Are there application fees?

No, Amur does not charge application fees. For other fee information, see here

How does Amur determine credit-worthiness?

Amur looks at your length of time in business, bank and financing references, credit bureau ratings, and third-party databases to collect credit information during the application process.

Are new businesses (start-ups) welcome to apply for financing?

Yes. Amur provides a start-up business questionnaire to determine credit-worthiness of businesses under two years old that meet the guidelines. 

Can I make payments online?

Yes. Log in to your account on the Amur E-Bill Express page using your customer number, and access your invoice, make payments, or print duplicates.

Do I need to insure my equipment?

Yes. You must carry insurance for the duration of your contract. If you have your own insurance provider, you must submit proof of insurance. If not, Amur will automatically provide you with insurance through a third-party provider. 

Is prepayment an option?

While there is no right to pre-pay according to your contract, if you are not in default, Amur will come to an early termination agreement with you upon your written request. 

What customers are saying

Online customer reviews of Amur are generally very positive. This is a sample of reviews of Amur on Trustpilot:

“Amur was the only lender to provide direct support, including actual live contacts to speak with by phone, chat with online, or email directly...I’m thrilled that thanks to Amur’s extraordinary setup, dedication, and support, my business has been saved.” 

“The process was fast and seamless. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

“Amur helped me every step of the way. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and they helped me get a very significant amount of money for my business. They let me see the light at the end of the tunnel caused by this pandemic. Job well done, Team Amur!”

Review and summary

How does Amur rate?

4.5 out of 5 stars
  • No application fee
  • Suitable for a range of credit histories
  • No prepayment without special exception
4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Modeling tools help you calculate financing costs and tax deductions
  • Longer wait times than expected for approval
Ease of use
4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Flexible payment structure options
  • Receive equipment funding quickly 
  • Several restricted industries and equipment types
Customer experience
4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Attentive, knowledgeable customer care specialists
  • Strong reputation among customers

The bottom line

Amur offers equipment financing solutions to allow businesses to expand and thrive. Small businesses often struggle to purchase the equipment they need to keep up with a rapidly changing environment. Amur is also willing to work with business owners who have less than perfect credit. Amur’s flexible payment options, digital capabilities, and ease of use make it a good choice. As always, before signing a finance agreement, it is important to read the fine print and understand the stipulations and costs. All in all, businesses seeking to finance equipment would do well to consider Amur. 


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