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The Best Small Business Credit Cards Of 2021

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The Best Small Business Credit Cards Of 2021

There are several small company credit cards to select from. And your needs will determine the best credit card for you.

Business credit cards like personal credit cards may be used for a range of objectives. Ranging from paying for routine business costs to making greater investments in your company.

Furthermore, there are other advantages to utilizing a company credit card. Only you can pick which business credit card is best for you.

Perhaps most importantly a business credit card helps you segregate your business and personal resources. Safeguarding you from future organizational, accounting and even legal concerns.

To choose between the options available you'll want to evaluate several factors such as the type of card. Plus fees, interest rates, rewards programs, card issuer and more.

In addition to these classic characteristics, you should consider your firm and its unique demands. Then match those with the appropriate business credit card.

The sort of business credit card you select should be dependent on how you want to use it: what conditions and fees you are comfortable with, how your small business operates, and also what card you qualify for.

Best For 0% APR

These business credit cards provide a 0% intro APR term. During which you will have a credit card that functions as an interest-free loan

During the introductory APR term of 0% you will be able to pay off debt without accumulating interest.

This small company credit card is ideal for people who want to make a significant purchase. Or a series of purchases very soon after creating an account.

Among the best 0% intro APR credit cards are:

Best For Balance Transfer

If you already have debt then a balance transfer business credit card can help you refinance it. You can do so by moving the amount from one (or more) of your company credit cards to another. And that too with a reduced interest rate.

With this lower interest rate paying off that single credit card debt will be easier and more economical.

A balance transfer business credit card may provide a 0% intro APR term on balance transfers. Or may not charge a balance transfer fee at all.

The following are the best balance transfer business credit cards:

Best For Cash Back

Cashback business credit cards as the name suggests allow you to receive cashback on regular purchases.

Several cash back card alternatives are available. Plus, several rewards business credit cards are available making them suited for all types of business owners.

The following are some of the best cashback credit cards:

Best For No Annual Fee

If you're searching for the most economical sort of company credit card then credit cards with no annual fee are the way to go.

Because these cards do not charge a fee to maintain your account you will only be charged interest on carried balances. Or incidental costs incurred for using this type of card.

Business credit cards with no annual fees are especially beneficial for small enterprises and those just getting started.

The following are the best business credit cards with no annual fee:

Best For New Businesses

In actuality, any form of company credit card that a new firm uses may be labeled a startup business card.

Cards with welcome bonuses, no annual fees and simple reward schemes are well suited for small enterprises just getting started.

The following are the best credit cards for startup businesses:

Best For Limited Credit

When you apply for a business credit card one of the most crucial criteria is your credit score.

As a result, if you have ordinary or poor personal credit you may fear not being approved for a business credit card.

Fortunately, there is a range of business credit cards available to help business owners with poor credit.

The following are the best business credit cards for those with fair or terrible credit:

Best For Travel

Cash back business credit cards give you the ability to get cashback on daily purchases. Plus, travel reward cards make it possible for you to collect points. These points can later be used for various travel incentives.

As a result, business credit cards are great for business owners who travel regularly. Or wish to spend their points on travel related incentives.

The following are the best travel business credit cards:


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