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The 25 Best Small Business Apps

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Best Apps For Small Business

If you've just started your company or have been in operations for a while, you're always trying to improve and organize your day-to-day operations. 

Fortunately, a number of tools exist out there to assist business owners to organize their operations. From desktop-based accounting software to mobile small business management apps, these apps help businesses organize themselves. 

While there's nothing wrong with using a desktop pc for business activities, many businessmen may benefit from more adaptable small business applications that enable them to perform duties on the move, regardless of time or place. You can always refer to reviews to get a better idea. 

Best Small Business Apps For Accounting and Finance

We’ve compiled a list of four accounting applications, which can assist you in organizing and performing your fundamental bookkeeping activities, such as invoicing, spending, payroll, and more.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online, one of the most well-known names, is easy to use, and is accessible worldwide. 

Even if you're unfamiliar with it, you can easily find online resources which will help you master the app.

QuickBooks Online can handle everything: tax accounting, payroll, profit analysis, and inventory management. Whether you're a one-person operation or a booming startup, QuickBooks Online offers a version and a pricing range that suits your needs. 

You'll also have access to the QuickBooks mobile app, which is highly rated on Google Play and Apple App Store, regardless of whatever version you pick.


FreshBooks is an accounting program which specializes in invoicing. With its affordable rates, it is one of the top mobile accounting apps in the market. 

With the FreshBooks online software and mobile app, you can manage your cash flow, financial statements, and more. Moreover, all subscriptions include free customer assistance.


The Wave accounting app is ideal for small business owners who are just getting started. Wave is ideal for startups as it provides paid payment and payroll add-ons to allow you to increase your capability inside a single application. 

Best Small Business Apps for Managing Inventory

SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory is intended to simplify inventory monitoring, order management, and production. SOS Inventory is compatible with QuickBooks and Shopify, and it can be accessed through a PC, tablet, or mobile device. 

This program allows you to manage inventory in several business locations, track your products based on a variety of variables (such as the serial number and cost history), and print tickets and packing slips, among other things.


Sortly's free edition includes the ability to update your catalog with custom notes and tags, look up barcodes, and utilize the built-in scanner. For more features, you may upgrade to one of Sortly's subscription plans, which start at $39 per month.

Best Small Business Apps For POS And Payments

Whether you're a fast-casual restaurant or a freelance photographer, a payment app is critical to ensure that you get paid on time and that your customers pay you in the method that works best for them. 


Square will be one of your top selections whether you require a comprehensive POS system or a basic mobile POS and card swiper. 

Square has a variety of options, but the most basic version costs 2.6 percent + $0.10 for each in-person payment accepted.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here, another point-of-sale business app, can handle credit cards, cheques, and invoices on your phone. 

Unlike the Square POS software, which has more advanced capabilities like inventory and order management, PayPal Here is the most straightforward method to make payments on your phone—and it only charges 2.7 percent every U.S. card swipe. 

Best Small Business Apps For Time Tracking And Team Management


In addition to QuickBooks, TSheets can interact with other small business programs like Sage, Xero, Square, and others. TSheets will require a monthly membership, although options begin at just $20 per month, plus $8 per user each month.


You can check team productivity and performance within one application, plan resources, and monitor working hours and days off. 

Customizable reports may also be created inside Teamdeck to assist you in monitoring your team's progress and tracking your KPIs. 

Best Small Business Apps For Communication


You need not swap tabs writing emails and responding to work texts, because Slack makes communication easy and brings it under one roof. 

Instead of conducting needless meetings or sending twice as many emails, you can just send a message to one of your workers and receive an answer just as quickly. 


With the basic edition of GoToMeeting, you can conduct an infinite number of meetings with HD video, use screen sharing, add a dial-in conference line, link with Office 365 or Google Calendar, and much more. 

With their basic package at only $12 per month, you can access GoToMeeting from any of your devices. 

Best Small Business Apps For Customer Relationship Management

These small company applications will assist you in facilitating a loyalty program or maintaining client profiles.


You may tailor your rewards program to your customers' preferences while also gaining the benefits of email, social media marketing, and analytics tools. 

You may maintain your Belly account online or via their mobile app; nevertheless, pricing begins on the high side, at $129 per month.


Spendgo allows you to develop customer loyalty and marketing programs for your customers whether they visit your store, purchase online, or use their cellphone. 

Spendgo lets you create a points-based rewards program, push promotions, and even reach out to clients through text or email.

Best Small Business Apps For Project Management And Organization

Finally, don't forget about the fundamentals: remaining organized, developing a workflow, checking jobs off your to-do list, and everything else that falls under your basic obligations as a business owner.


This card-based platform makes it simple to create, assign, monitor, update, and complete various tasks—and it's an excellent approach to ensure that everyone is as productive and effective as necessary. 

Trello also connects with other small business tools such as Evernote, Slack, and others.


Basecamp, unlike Trello and Asana, arranges your task into six categories rather than a single to-do list. Your project or team may use the Basecamp app to access a chatroom, a web forum, a document and picture library, a task list, a calendar, and a recurring check-in system. 

Although this program follows a different workflow management strategy, it may be suitable for your team.

The Bottom Line

All the apps in our list possess useful features valuable for streamlining your day-to-day procedures. 

Furthermore, because the majority of these applications are free (or, at the very least, free with an online software subscription), there's no damage in downloading, testing and evaluating whether or not they're fit for your business.


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