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Keep Your Customers Coming Back: 13 Brand Loyalty Statistics You Need To Know

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Customer Retention Statistics

Why You Need To Invest In Customer Retention

Earning rewards and loyalty points is one of the most appreciated components of the purchasing experience according to 58.7 percent of internet users. 

87 percent of Americans are prepared to have different elements of their activities recorded in exchange for more tailored incentives and brand experiences. 

More than 70% of consumers are more inclined to suggest a brand if it has an effective loyalty program. 95% of loyalty program participants want to engage with their brand's program via new and developing technologies. 

Brands that are relevant and are perceived to be making the world a better place outperform the stock market by 134 percent.

65% Of A Company’s Business Comes From Existing Customers

Your organization's future is dependent on your ability to retain and satisfy your customers. With 65 percent of your total sales coming from people who already know your brand. 20% of your current consumers will account for 80% of your future income.

If you want to maintain a steady cash stream for your company in the future you need to consider how to keep your consumers coming back.

Invest in client retention if you want them to spend more money with you.

What Are The Strategies To Make A Business Successful

Starting a business requires analytical thinking, focus and meticulous record-keeping. Understanding risks and benefits entail making sound decisions about when to launch your firm. It is critical to be aware of your competition and either emulate or improve on their successful strategies.

You'll almost probably wind up working harder for yourself than you would for someone else. So be prepared to make personal sacrifices while starting your firm.

It is critical to provide excellent service to your consumers to acquire their loyalty and maintain their business.

Customer Retention Statistics: Why Your Customers Aren’t Loyal

Why aren't your consumers returning again and again? These client retention statistics provide insight into your customers' decision-making process when determining who to do business with:

Brand Loyalty Statistics That Show What Keeps Customers Coming Back

These customer retention figures demonstrate what people expect from their favorite businesses.


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