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Crowdfunding Statistics (2021): Market Size And Growth

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Crowdfunding Statistics: Overview

  1. Crowdfunding generates $17.2 billion in revenue in North America each year.
  2. funds generated through crowdfunding increased by 33.7% last year.
  3. There were 6,455,080 international crowdfunding initiatives last year.
  4. Successful crowdfunding initiatives have raised an average of $28,656.
  5. Last year the aggregate amount raised by all crowdfunding initiatives was $824.
  6. The average success percentage of crowdfunding initiatives is 22.4%.
  7. Crowdfunding initiatives receive an average of 47 supporters.
  8. The average number of supporters for a fully financed crowdfunding project is 300.
  9. For completely financed initiatives the average commitment is $96.
  10. The average contribution to a crowdfunding project is $88.
  11. By 2030 the crowdfunding sector is expected to be worth $300 billion.
  12. By 2023 there are expected to be 12,063,870 campaigns.
  13. Crowdfunding projects that include videos earn 105% more than those that do not.
  14. Campaigns that consistently informed their fans raised 126% more than those that did not.
  15. Crowdfunding initiatives that raise at least 30% of their objective in the first week are more likely to succeed.
  16. 53% of email shares of crowdfunding initiatives result in donations.
  17. Donations account for 12% of Facebook shares.
  18. Twitter shares convert to donations at a rate of 3%.
  19. Those using the all-or-nothing strategy were financed at double the rate of campaigns using the keep it all model.
  20. Including personal information in your campaign might result in 79% more supporters.
  21. An average crowdfunding campaign raises 42% of its cash in the first and last three days.
  22. Successful crowdfunding campaigns often have a word count of 300 to 500 words.
  23. Crowdfunding projects led by a group raise 38% more than solo campaigns.
  24. Those between the ages of 24 and 35 are far more likely to engage in crowdfunding initiatives.
  25. People above the age of 45 are far less inclined to support initiatives.
  26. It takes an average of 11 days to construct a successful crowdfunding campaign.
  27. A typical crowdfunding campaign lasts nine weeks.
  28. A successful campaign administrator publishes an average of four times every campaign.
  29. Crowdfunding campaign administrators who share less than twice have a 97% failure rate.
  30. Kickstarter has had the most finished projects of any site at 319,051.
  31. Fundrazr initiatives have a 41.8% likelihood of success.
  32. Indiegogo projects have raised an average of $41,634 apiece.

Crowdfunding data assists in demonstrating the landscape that comes with, what many refer to as, the "democratization" of fundraising. 

Indeed, crowdfunding is one of the most accessible and effective methods of generating funds for a project. 

Owners of campaigns do not have to go through a credit check or appeal to a panel of venture capitalists. And some may receive millions of dollars in debt-free investment.

Nonetheless, a great crowdfunding campaign does not appear out of anything. Achieving a crowdfunding goal will need meticulous planning. 

And unfortunately, effective crowdfunding projects sometimes need financial investment as well.

Crowdfunding Statistics You Need To Know

Crowdfunding is a big industry with an ever-expanding scope. As a result, several crowdfunding data is examined, which tells us something important about planning a successful campaign. 

Here are crowdfunding statistics to think about as you decide how to run your campaign—or if you want to run one at all:

According to Statista, crowdfunding raises $17.2 billion in North America alone each year. And this figure is continually rising—projections for the crowdfunding business indicate that it will reach stratospheric proportions within the next few years. 

Statista predicts a compound annual growth rate of 14.7% over the next four years. And the popularity of crowdsourcing has been steadily increasing. It is just like a directory

According to Statista, the total amount of dollars received through crowdfunding campaigns increased by 33.7% last year.

The Crowdfunding Center discovered that successful projects raised an average of $28,656 among the campaigns they examined. 

This crowdfunding data offers an intriguing picture for us as most successful crowdfunding projects strike a compromise between realistic aims and aggressive fundraising techniques. So, this figure may be lower than people may assume.

Most crowdfunding campaigns raised less money on average of only $824. 

This is expected. As unsuccessful efforts are by definition poorer performing. And including them in the mix will inevitably decrease the average. 

The large gap between these two averages, on the other hand, demonstrates how many high and low performing crowdfunding initiatives there are. 

In reality, only around a quarter of all crowdfunding initiatives accomplish their financing targets. The average success percentage of crowdfunding projects is 22.4%, according to The Crowdfunding Center.

We've seen that updates are a must-have for successful crowdfunding projects. Crowdfunding projects with less than two updates have a 97% probability of failing. 

Sharing irregular updates for your crowdfunding campaign is practically signing up for it to fall short of its target.

It is also important to consider the platform through which you begin your crowdfunding campaign. Kickstarter has had the highest total of entirely financed projects of any crowdfunding platform according to Statista. And has done around 319,051 successful projects to date. 

Kickstarter is a reliable crowdfunding platform because it has witnessed more successful projects than any other crowdfunding platform.

Fundrazr comes out on top when it comes to the success rates of crowdsourcing sites. Fundrazr initiatives have met their funding goal 41.8% of the time according to Statista.

Crowdfunding Statistics: The Bottom Line

In this piece, we took you through a landscape of crowdsourcing markets painted, piece by piece, using crowdfunding statistics. But what are the key conclusions from these figures? 

It is to be sure that crowdfunding objectives are reached through a huge number of smaller donations. Small contributions are the backbone of crowdfunding as seen by the average number of supporters, dollars raised, and pledge levels for successful projects. 

Accept the nature of crowdfunding and market your campaign broadly and directly to reach as many backers as possible. Regardless of how little their donations may be.


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