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The List of 15 Best Background Check Companies and How to Choose the Right One for Your Small Business

To help you save your company's valuable assets from legal risk, we've compiled a list of the best background check services available so you can confidently onboard qualified and vested candidates.

Sarah Klein
Sarah Klein
August 13, 2022

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Best Background Check Sites For Employers

If you're hiring a new employee, you're aware that it's a tedious procedure – requiring a significant investment of time and money. 

Along with training and compensation charges, you must select a reputable background check provider to ensure that these expenses are a beneficial investment rather than a money pit nightmare. 

Using one of the top background check websites available to do a record search is critical to ensuring that this procedure goes as easily as possible.

There is, however, a fraudulent background check site for every trustworthy, trusted, and accurate pre-employment screening service. 

We don't want you to spend your valuable time and have your resources taken advantage of. Therefore we've compiled a list of the finest background check sites on the market. 

Using one of these services ensures that you have the most up-to-date and credible information before making any HR choices.

What Is A Background Check?

A background check is a procedure used to confirm that a person is who they claim to be. This procedure uses a person's criminal, job, financial, and educational records, and other data. 

Employers often perform a background check after someone applies or gives someone a job. 

An employer will require the individual's agreement and date of birth, social security number, and current address to do a background check.

Employment background checks may cover a variety of factors, such as social media activity, driving records, and drug tests. 

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The 15 Best Background Check Services

1. Accurate Now

Accurate Now provides small and medium-sized enterprises with computerized background checks. The firm provides US-based service and a simple price structure ranging from $29.95 for a basic report to $74.95 for a premium report.

2. Employment Screening Resources

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) was created in 1997 and is situated in San Francisco. 

ESR has leadership that is well-versed in labor and hiring legislation and provides its services using U.S.-based data processing. You must contact the ESR sales team directly for pricing.

3. IntelliCorp

Intellicorp offers a comprehensive variety of finest background check services and will collaborate with you to develop a program that matches your organization's requirements. 

You also get access to an online learning center full of tools to assist you in staying compliant in your recruiting processes when working with IntelliCorp.

4. Justifacts

Justifacts has been in business since 1982 and offers pre-employment screening services to both small enterprises and large corporations. 

Each Justifacts customer is allocated an account manager who assists in personalizing the screening process and interpreting report outcomes.

5. Checkr

Checkr has quickly become the preferred option of many technological organizations, both large and small. 

The company is an automated and mobile-friendly platform that is well-equipped to accommodate gig workers and full-time employees.

6. Trusted Employees

Trusted Employees, based in Minnesota, is a Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant agency that has been in the background check industry for over 20 years. 

Their team collaborates with small business owners to tailor background checks to their sector, business type, and job being filled. The cost of a background check begins at $29.95.

7.'s background check services include customized help, answering your concerns about compliance, data, and next actions. provides four different background check packages ranging in price from $29.95 to $199.95.

8. Background Report

Background Report is a simple, do-it-yourself solution for consumers who wish to start and conclude the background check procedure online. 

This service is intended to be comprehensive, allowing the job seeker to view findings, offer input, and, if required, dispute or explain them. Background Report's basic background checks start at $19.95.

9. GoodHire

GoodHire provides a simple web gateway for company owners who want pre-employment screening services. 

The company has been acknowledged for its user-friendly interface and exceptional customer service. GoodHire offers both package and quotation pricing.

10. HireRight

HireRight, yet another top background check service, provides pre-employment screening in over 240 countries and territories and can handle applications in 20 languages.

In addition, the HireRight platform provides a variety of connections for current e-recruitment programs.

11. Verified Credentials

Another excellent choice is Verified Credentials, which offers personal and business background checks. 

Personal background checks are beneficial for people who wish to know what information is presented when a potential employer conducts a background check on them. 

The cost of a basic background check begins at $32.

12. InfoMart

Infomart, based in Marietta, Georgia, assists clients in developing industry-specific pre-employment screening methods. 

Verifications, credit history checks, and background checks are among the services offered. They'll even run background checks on any suppliers or interns you're considering hiring.

13. Onfido

If your company sees rapid expansion, you might want to look at Onfido. This startup's automation technology not only does background checks for both the United States and the United Kingdom, but it also integrates onboarding.

14. Asurint

Asurint, a background check organization situated in Cleveland, provides background check solutions and onboarding services personalized to your company's needs. 

Their specialized customer support staff is also accessible to help with any issues.

15. Sterling

Sterling specializes in criminal background checks by accessing over 2,300 county court records utilizing proprietary data. 

SterlingOne provides court runners who travel to the real courtroom to seek paperwork when it is not available digitally.

“Whatever service you choose to investigate a potential employee's past, be sure you understand your obligations as an employer.”

How To Choose The Best Background Check Site For Your Business

1. Keep an eye out for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was designed to ensure that credit agencies and other consumer reporting agencies give accurate information for individuals whose information would be utilized in employment and business lending choices.

Check the terms of service for any sites you use for background checks to ensure the information they provide is FCRA compliant. Using non-FCRA compliant information to make employment decisions may expose you to legal action.

2. Seek Accreditation

Because there are so many available, selecting the ideal background check site for your company may be difficult. Look for crucial qualifications that signify a reliable firm to help narrow down the choices.

The Professional Background Screening Association has one accreditation standard. Some businesses are also Better Business Bureau accredited (BBB). If they are not BBB certified, you can look at their BBB profile for ratings.

3. Understand Your Pre-Employment Screening Requirements

Your background check business should assist you through the screening process to reduce the chance of a lawsuit. 

There are various minor and intricate standards for doing criminal background checks, and they frequently differ by business. 

As a result, it's ideal for engaging with a background check provider who can customize pre-employment screening and background search packages to meet your specific requirements.

The Bottom Line

Whatever service you choose to investigate a potential employee's past, be sure you understand your obligations as an employer. 

Hiring is a big choice, so make sure you have all the information you need while also limiting your risk. Working with one of the finest FCRA-compliant background check sites should be beneficial, and this list is a wonderful place to start.

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