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Our List of the 10 Best Payroll Software Companies For Small Businesses in 2022

Looking to optimize your small business payroll but not sure which software to use? We can help you narrow the options down and make the right decision on which payroll company your small business should hire.

Liara Cohen
Liara Cohen
July 29, 2022

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Printed graphs, U. S. dollar bills, the calculator of a mobile phone rest on a desk beside a computer as a reference for payroll software for small business.

Payroll software optimizes every stage of the payroll process for small to large organizations in the payroll industry

It assists you in managing workers' wages by keeping it simple to set up cash debits and withholding tax payments. As well as keep proper documentation to avoid fines.

When done manually all of these operations can be time consuming and prone to error. In 2020, the IRS imposed more than $4.9 billion in fines for issues such as nonpayment and faulty checks.

What is the Best Payroll Software for a Small Business?

Here is a list of the 10 best payroll software for your small business.

We examined 10 different payroll systems to assist you in selecting the best payroll software for your small business. We considered price, simplicity of use, critical interfaces, efficiency, analytical functions and service. 

  1. Gusto is one of the best payroll software that gives you a complete package for your small business at an affordable price.
  2. QuickBooks Payroll is best for small businesses who utilize the QuickBooks accounting system.
  3. Patriot Payroll could also be one of the cheapest payroll software which is very useful for smaller companies.
  4. Payroll4Free is by far the most effective free payroll software.
  5. ADP Payroll is ideal for organizations that want software that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  6. OnPay Payroll is indeed the ideal payroll solution for companies that employ hourly and contract employees.
  7. Paychex Flex is by far the most adaptable payroll solution for expanding companies.
  8. Square Payroll is suitable for small business owners that currently utilize Square for POS.
  9. Zenefits Payroll is the most useful solution.
  10. Wave Payroll is ideal for firms who want to test out different free products.

“Each choice has advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day you need to consider how much assistance you actually need”

The Details on the Best Payroll Software Systems for Small Business

Gusto Payroll

Gusto is our top selection for the finest payroll that provides the most comprehensive package at the most affordable pricing. Gusto is a payroll and benefits as well as an HR system that is offered to smaller companies. For as little as $45 per month in which $39 is a basic fee plus $4 per worker per month for their most affordable plan. Gusto has now included a new option for contractor-only firms who pay the $6/employee cost and have no base pricing.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll Core is the self-service version of QuickBooks Payroll software and it’s best for start-up small businesses

This application allows you to compute and file paperwork at the end of the year. As well as estimate and pay your workers' salaries. You only have to pay a base fee of $13.50 per month plus $4 per worker per month for the first 3 months of using this payroll software.

Your basic cost will grow to $45 per month after the first three months. However, your worker cost will remain the same.

Patriot Payroll

Patriot Payroll software's Basic edition is only $10 per month with an employee fee of $4 per month per worker added to your paycheck.


Payroll4Free charges $12.50 per month to deposit and file your taxes straight from your payroll software. 

If you wish to direct deposit payments to your workers' financial accounts rather than your own, you'll have to give them an additional $12.50 every month.

ADP Payroll

The rates for the plans are not accessible online so you'll have to contact ADP for an estimate if you're concerned. 

Every plan includes the following features:

Payroll can be done via a computer, tablet, mobile app or phone call

OnPay Payroll

Payroll does not run automatically with OnPay, so it's a suitable match for your business if you're paying freelancers or part-time workers. 

Before you can conduct the payroll, you must first pick the workers you wish to pay and then input their hours or salary.


When you choose the next-level plans, you will receive additional benefits such as a dedicated payroll consultant to assist you with any tax or payroll problems you may have. 

You may also receive access to additional payment methods, such as checks, as well as for analytics and reports with Paychex.

Square Payroll

You've probably heard of Square because of their software sales. Or you might have used it for your own organization or at another. 

However, they also provide payroll services to company owners. If you exclusively pay these people then Square Payroll provides a $5 per contractor per month option. 

If you have full-time workers the plan costs $35 per month plus an extra $5 per person per month.

Zenefits Payroll

Their payroll system works in tandem with their HR, benefits and time planning systems. They also provide a plethora of connectors for company owners to employ. 

Productivity, recruitment processes, retirement savings, bookkeeping, travel, personnel administration, and performance management are all integrated.

Wave Payroll

The cost of Wave Payroll will vary based on the current state you live in since certain jurisdictions allow them to provide tax services while others do not. 

In states where tax services are available the monthly fee is $35 plus $6 for each active worker or contract worker you employ. The base pricing in jurisdictions where taxes are deemed "self-service" will be $20.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know about the best payroll software for small companies, it's time to decide which of these solutions will fit for your payroll’s needs and preferences.

But with so many alternatives available to you how can you choose the best payroll software for your small business? Hint: you may also want to choose the right small business payroll software that offers payroll loans for your small business but also for your employees.

Each choice has advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day you need to consider how much assistance you actually need. This includes your taxes and payroll setup as well as how much you're prepared to spend each month for payroll software.

Do not really forget to include in the extra monthly expense that all of your payrolled staff members' as well as future payrolled workers bear for your payroll software. Payroll software costs will rise as your small firm expands.

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