TIAA Small Business Loans

TIAA (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America-College Retirement Equity Fund) is a services organization that provides financial resources to medical, academic, culture, research, and other government fields.TIAA also offers retirement plans and loans and is committed to helping small businesses as well.

TIAA is linked with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), an initiative announced last year during the pandemic. Below we have discussed some key features and elements of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

What is a PPP loan Program?

The PPP loan program was announced last year in March by Congress, and its primary focus was to uplift struggling small businesses and fulfill their financial requirements. However, as of right now, the program has come to a close, and no new applications are being accepted. Nonetheless, if you have taken a PPP Loan through the TIAA bank, the bank will help you out.

Dates and Guidelines of the PPP Loan Program

There were some adjustments made to the PPP loan last year in April, and they were as follows:

  1. The business has only 24 weeks to spend the loan
  2. 40 % of the loan will be used for non-payroll expenditure, 60 % of the loan will be spent on payroll costs

PPP Loan Forgiveness

  1. The loan should only be used to fulfill business the requirements such as rents, expenses, and payroll costs
  2. 60 % of the loan should be spent on Payroll costs

Application for PPP Loan Forgiveness

To apply for the PPP loan forgiveness, an SBA application form will be submitted to TIAA bank. All the applications will be thoroughly reviewed and will be sent to SBA within sixty days.

Types of Loans offered by TIAA

1. PPP Loan Program

2. Muti-Tenant Commercial Real Estate Financing

The TIAA commercial real estate financing offers acquisition, refinancing, construction options for multi-tenant properties through brokers. TIAA bank also has a strong relationship with mortgage broker firms nationwide.

Benefits of the Loan

3. Multi-Family Commercial Real Estate Financing

TIAA bank also offers streamlined business acquisitions, refinancing, and construction options for Multi-family commercial real estate.

Benefits of the Loan

4. Single -Tenant Commercial Real Estate Financing

The commercial real estate wing of TIAA bank is the leader when it comes to single-tenant properties.

Benefits of the Loan

LTV Ratios

5. Lender Financing

TIAA Bank has experience of fifty years in capital markets and debts and an efficient specialty and lender financial team that will help you gain funds for your business.

Beneficiaries of the Loan


6. Business Overdraft Line of Credit

A business overdraft line is a credit line that is attached to the business's checking account. The credit line will automatically advance when a check is submitted to the a/c and has a greater value than the account balance.

TIAA Interests, Fees, and Loan Options

1. PPP Loan Program

2. Multi-Tenant Commercial Real Estate Financing

3. Multi-Family Commercial Real Estate Financing

4. Single-Tenant Commercial Real Estate Financing

5. Lender Financing

6. Business Overdraft Line of Credit

What Lending Criteria does TIAA Have?

Below is the basic lending criteria that all the banks follow:

Credit Score

Credit is the most important component of all types of businesses, whether they are small or large. Lenders will always analyze the business's credit score and then decide whether it can pay the loan or not. Therefore, the best way to maintain a healthy credit score is to pay your dues on time.

Credit scores can also be easily obtained from several agencies such as Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet, and Experian. Another way of maintaining a positive credit score is to have a low debt-to-income ratio. Lenders will not invest in businesses that don't have a good credit score.

Annual Revenue

Another important factor that the lenders will review is the annual revenue of the business. Most lenders will only lend to those businesses that have been profitable for the last two years or more. Businesses need to make sure that all the financial statements are accurate and up to date.

Lenders will also look at specific details such as the current account (current assets divided by liabilities) and ask for copies of bank statements and transactions. However, businesses will only be eligible for a loan if their cash flow is growing.

Business Plan

A minority of lenders might not ask for a business plan, but most of them do, and businesses need to come with a clear and concise proposal. Usually, lenders require the business plan to know the purpose of the loan and discuss the business's stability.

One of the main components of business plans is the resumes of managers and staff. However, despite having a clear business proposal, the lenders will still ask for proof of the staff's ability and relevant credentials and experience.


Collateral is an essential requirement, and most lenders will not provide a business loan if it cannot give collateral. Collateral can be anything like equipment or property. The collateral will also decrease the risk for the lender as it will have an asset in hand, so if the company fails to pay the loan, the collateral can be paid to fund the damages.

The owner of the company needs to provide a personal guarantee and will also need to submit some essential documents:

Time in Business

Most banks are hesitant to lend loans to new companies that have been active for just a few months. Lenders cannot trust small businesses or startups that have just entered the market because they don't have a proper credit score and the cash flow is usually unstable. Banks will most likely lend to businesses that have been active for more than two years.

Eligibility Criteria for Paycheck Protection Program

Following borrowers qualify for loan forgiveness during the 8 to 24 period of loan disbursement:

TIAA Application

Following is the application procedure of all the banks that borrowers have to follow:

Before you apply for a loan, ensure that all your documentation is up to date. Also, organize all the documents properly, and if some essential documents are missing, contact the relevant authorities. Collect all the financial information about your business and pay all the dues as soon as possible.

Note: The Paycheck Protection Program ended on 31 May 2021; current borrowers are only eligible for loan forgiveness.

Summary of TIAA Loan Options

In this article, we have reviewed six types of loans that the TIAA bank offers:

All the interest rates and fees of the loans vary; they are all designed for a specific purpose and cater to different business needs. As always, before applying for these loans, discuss with the bank or experts.