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What You Should Know When You Buy a Used Truck

Don't buy a used truck or trailer for your fleet without first reading our comprehensive guide: Top 10 issues related to used commercial vehicles, loans and leases.

Sarah Klein
Sarah Klein
September 11, 2020

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Have you been thinking of buying a used truck? This is a large investment and used commercial truck financing can help you get through the checklist seamlessly. Before you invest in a used truck, there are a few things you should be mindful of. 

Your lender will look at this before discussing used truck financing with you. This is because the truck is itself the security. By being mindful of the following, you will maximize your chances of being funded.

Read ahead to find out the right steps before buying a used truck. 

Know Your Used Truck’s History

Knowing why a truck is being sold can help you substantially in making your decision. When you know the truck’s history, you also know how it will behave when you purchase it and begin using it. 

Ask the seller about the truck’s maintenance history and how much effort upkeep takes. Find out if any parts have been replaced. All of these will play a central role when you consider used commercial truck financing. Make sure that the oil has been changed regularly.

This will avoid any engine problems in the future. If you cannot find records for these, it could be an indication of poor maintenance on the part of the owner. It is also important to know about any accidents that the truck may have been a part of in the past.

Find out about the nature of these accidents, which parts were damaged, and how it was fixed. This gives you a clear idea of just what you are getting into. 

It is also important to take a look at the engine model. Some models are prone to repeated issues, and you may want to avoid such a purchase.

Know the Quality of the Used Truck You Are Opting For

You already know that your second-hand truck will need a good used commercial truck financing option. To make the most of this investment, ensure that your used commercial truck is a high-quality option. 

A good indicator of the quality of your truck is the transmission and engine oil status. Look at the condition of the oil and the current oil levels when you buy.

External indicators like the body of the vehicle also make for excellent quality assessments. You can begin by looking for rusted surfaces on the used truck. Look at the doors, the roof, and even the area beneath the vehicle.

See if the rust marks are manageable. If they seem extensive, you may want to avoid this truck as the rusted parts may have a very short life. This also indicates poor maintenance. You can also inspect rust by looking for any raised parts on the paint.

Ensure that you inspect the truck in bright daylight. This will give you a chance to inspect thoroughly and not leave any parts untended. 

Functional Aspects of the Used Truck

The functionality of the truck can justify the used commercial truck financing options used. When you check for a functional truck, note the mileage of the commercial truck. 

After a certain mileage point, many trucks may require engine rebuilds. Take a careful look at this. It will indicate the duration for which your used truck will work for you without any modifications.

If you plan on using your truck frequently, you should pay attention to the mileage point even more. Do look at the tires as well and the tread marks on them. Find out how many miles the tires have clocked. This will give you an idea of the next due replacement. 

All of these will let you save on used commercial truck financing. 

The capacity of the Used Truck

This is an important aspect to consider, especially if you are using your truck to carry large loads. For this, you will have to pick the appropriate axle layout for you. 

Ask yourself how the commercial truck will be used. What will the terrain you travel look like? Will you carry heavy loads? How frequently will you travel? All of these can determine the right axle layout for you. 

Many used commercial truck financing providers may consider this during the inspection. You may also want to find out about the horsepower of the vehicle. If you are using your commercial truck for towing, you will need a lot more horsepower than otherwise.

Ensure that you are aware of these aspects as it can make a huge difference in future use. 

Get an Expert to Inspect Your Used Truck

Even if you have a keen eye and know your trucks, there is always a chance that you can miss a crucial element. It is a good idea to discuss your expectations from a commercial truck with an expert.

They will keep these in mind when they inspect your truck. They will also give you information about any parts that you may have to replace and the budget for the same. In this way, you will know just what you need when buying a truck and looking for used commercial truck financing options. 

Financing Your Used Truck

This is one of the most important aspects of buying a second-hand truck. You need to find the best used commercial truck financing options for you. It is better to conduct quality checks before you choose to buy.

We recommend this as lenders often only release finances once they complete a quality inspection themselves. Further, some used trucks may not be eligible for these financing options. Hence, it is a good idea to keep your lender in the loop as you buy.

It is also a good idea to look for the best insurance coverage options at this point.


Buying a used commercial truck does not have to be a complex process if you use the right checklist. By checking for the truck's quality and looking for appropriate used commercial truck financing options, you will be able to make your pick without too much hassle.

It will also ensure that there are no disintegrating parts and unpleasant surprises in the future. Try and take an expert's opinion so that your used commercial truck provides you with a smooth ride. 

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