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Western Star Commercial Truck Financing

For Western Star, the driver plays the most important role in trucking, and therefore, it based its customization and innovation entirely on this fact.

Western Star was established in 1967 with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, and its core manufacturing in Canada. Western Star is an active part of the Daimler family, the Daimler Truck Financial has operated as an exclusive lender for this company's vehicles since 1998.

Rachel Dayan Western Star was established in 1967 with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, and its core manufacturing in Canada. Western Star is an active part of the Daimler family, the Daimler Truck Financial has operated as an exclusive lender for this company's vehicles since 1998.
Rachel Dayan
June 21, 2022

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Western Star was particularly established to link trucks with business. The company started by engineering heavy-duty trucks to aid in different activities such as deep mine activities, mountainous logging operations, and sweltering oil fields. These trucks were made to offer their users the ability to take on heavy operations.

Additionally, the company built its work trucks using the same technique as its highway trucks because it aimed to build them to last so that they perfectly fit customers' needs. The company consistently focuses on quality control so that businesses can gain from it to the maximum.

Western Star was established in 1967 with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, and its core manufacturing in Canada. The company played on the fact that the driver plays the most important role in trucking, and therefore, it based its customization and innovation entirely on this fact.

Core Services

Custom Truck Services

This company provides a range of services aside from manufacturing some of the toughest heavy-duty trucks through various advances in technology. Its custom truck services (PDI) are holistic and provide customers with numerous reasons to opt for them.

These services feature accessory installations and heavy or light modifications to meet customer needs. They also include a standard DTNA warranty for workmanship with a supplier warranty on truck parts.

Other benefits include that the sales, corporate marketing, and engineering departments are responsible for collaborating to provide faster custom options. These services are also offered at competitive market prices compared to most third-party truck vendors and offer Risk of Loss coverage while the customer's truck is at the Western Star facilities.

Moreover, each manufacturing plant for Western Star has its custom truck service center, which removes extra transportation costs and aids the customer in getting their trucks back on the road quicker.

Additionally, these services ensure that before delivery, any quality alerts or quality items that occur from suppliers or plants while the truck is in the company's possession are resolved. Lastly, these services promise consistency, quality, and uniform pricing regardless of which location the customer chooses to customize their truck.

Availability of Truck Parts

Western Star also extends the promise of offering parts solutions to ensure that the customer's truck remains operational for the business and does not lead to any unforeseen interruptions. Therefore, it vouches to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for various parts solutions.

Western Star offers genuine parts which come in exceptional quality and are specifically designed to fit and function in the customer's application by delivering immense reliability, high-quality performance, safety, and, more importantly, durability.

Among its parts, solutions are also premier parts. These are the ultimate go-to source for high-quality aftermarket and components remanufactured from trusted OE suppliers to ensure that the customers' truck needs are met and that their operations continue at their initial pace without interruptions.

This company's last type of parts solution is its value parts. This comes with accessories and parts for all truck models and is made in the form of Alliance Parts. It provides the customer with exceptional value on the road and is readily available, priced reasonably, and comes with the assurance of top-notch quality. Therefore, Alliance has all the solutions for the customer's truck needs.

All in all, Western Star has a promising advanced parts distribution network within North America. These Parts Distribution Centers opt for the latest exceptionally high-tech systems to provide unmatched parts availability by carrying an inventory of over 110,000 unique part numbers available to the company's dealers.

Additionally, the company's PDC network also consists of a natural parts order fill rate of more than 97% consistently, with the availability of parts ranking number one by parts managers year after year. Collectively, Western Star's resources extend one core promise: the availability of parts when the customer needs them.

Uptime Management Suite

This service by Western Star aids in improving the accuracy of repair needs by offering an array of features such as real-time vehicle repair status tracking and minimized downtime to get the customer's truck back on the road.

The Express WriteUp is a mobile application-based feature that offers a more convenient creation of repair orders and estimates. These are performed at the vehicle to fasten decision-making. Express WriteUp also offers an improved customer experience to enhance convenience and efficiency.

The Service Tracker is a web-based application made to cater to fleet customers. It is used to streamline communications with the company's service network through real-time tracking of vehicles as they progress through the service experience. It acts as the bridge between being estimated ready to the vehicle ready. This feature decreases the wait time for approving estimates and offers customized repair status notifications.

The UpTime Pro service feature is an ideal, state-of-the-art management software that aids in keeping the service at the dealer location at its optimal efficiency through coordination and transparency, which keeps all involved parties in the loop through constant sharing of status, progress, and needs.

The Uptime Performance feature enables dealers to gauge the customer's opinion on their efficiency directly. All of the dealerships certified for Western Star take up Continuous Improvement Coordinators that keep their core job measuring performance and improving customer experience.

Commercial Truck Financing

Although western star's services offer parts solutions, repair and maintenance services, and an array of truck options through its inventory are exceptional, its commercial truck financing offer takes the lead.

Western Star offers customers the benefit of opting for lease or loan options to acquire the usage of the trucks available in the company's inventory to aid customers who have truck needs for their business yet cannot cater to them due to the lack of availability of financing.

“The company deeply understands the trucking industry and is fully equipped to make the best-customized finance and lease solutions”

Who Should Apply for Commercial Truck Financing with Western Star?

Western Star Trucks are manufactured to fit customers' needs perfectly, whether individual or business needs. The company collaborates with Daimler Truck Financial, which offers its customers the incentive of commercial truck financing to acquire the usage of Western Star's holistic inventory.

Therefore, whether a particular business operates on the highway or away from it, Western Star offers a range of flexible commercial truck financing options unique to the customers' business and perfectly caters to their truck needs.

Since Western Star is an active part of the Daimler family, the Daimler Truck Financial has operated as an exclusive lender for this company's vehicles since 1998. The core reason behind this arrangement is that the company deeply understands the trucking industry and is fully equipped to make the best-customized finance and lease solutions to cater to customers' specific business needs. 

Additionally, the company also recognizes the importance of time and, therefore, offers quick credit decisions.


Through its collaboration with Western Star, Daimler Truck Financial offers its financing solutions in the form of loans and leases. The loans are meant to offer customers the incentive to own the truck at the end of the loan period as the finance gathered through the loan is spent on purchasing the truck itself.

Additionally, this form of financing provides the customer with a stable, regular monthly payment and their truck ownership at the end of the term. Therefore, the customer can easily cut down the process into consistent monthly payments to ease the load of paying altogether.

These loans are typically associated with a pre-set fixed-rate interest which remains consistent throughout the life of the loan. Additional loan options or quotes are readily available for customers through the "contact your local dealer" option. 

This directly takes the customer to a webpage that locates the nearest dealer and generates contact information to ease the customer in reaching out to them and gathering all necessary information regarding loan options and quotes.


The other form of financing readily available for customers to cater to their truck needs is leasing. This form of financing requires the customer to pay a fixed monthly amount to lease the truck, i.e., they get to use it throughout the lease. 

However, the ownership remains with the lessor. Therefore, once the lease ends, the customer's rights of using the truck are revoked, and he must return the truck to the rightful owner.

Additional facts associated with this type of financing option is that it comes with lower monthly payments than those associated with a loan because the customer does not gain ownership of the truck at the end of the period in this case, contrary to the loan option where the customer can acquire the truck at the end of the period. Moreover, the lease option also comes with additional tax benefits for the customer's business.

Western Truck offers numerous lease products with a wide range of lease-end and payment terms. The customer can gain access to additional information regarding the lease options to gauge whether the leasing financing option is right for them by contacting the local dealer.

TRAC Lease

The company's Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause lease permits customers to set the truck's residual value at the start of the term. At the end of the lease term, customers have the option to purchase the truck in exchange for its pre-set TRAC value. The other option is to return it to Daimler Truck Financial.

Suppose the customer chooses to return it and the truck's value goes beyond the predetermined residual value. In that case, Daimler Truck Financial extends the promise of returning the net proceeds to the customer. 

However, if the value is less than the residual value, the responsibility falls on the customers' shoulders. This type of lease normally comes with lower payments than retail finance structures and may have alternate tax benefits too.

Zero TRAC Lease

This type of lease is similar to the original TRAC lease, with the only difference being that it amortizes to zero. At the end of the lease, customers have the option to buy the vehicle for its fair market value. 

Then, Daimler Truck Financial credits the customer's payments to the buying price, which results in a zero out-of-pocket cost beyond potential sales tax that may be due based on the state's regulations.

Modified TRAC Lease

This type of lease is also similar to a TRAC lease. It offers a residual value and numerous ownership opportunities at the end of the lease with a certain dollar amount limitation of liability.

Municipal Financing

The company's contracts are customized particularly for municipalities, which cater to various unique needs beyond commercial customers. Daimler Truck Financial's municipal financing experts can conveniently develop a program for the customer's district, city, state, or any other qualifying municipality to meet the fiscal limitations of their budget to extend available funds.

The company aids in structuring a specific program that may lower equipment acquisition costs by benefiting from every available tax benefit while offering low rates and flexible payment terms.

Fair Market Value Lease

The most flexible financing program offered by Daimler Truck Financing is the fair market value lease. This involves extending the option to buy the truck for the customer's current Fair Market Value for the customer in addition to alternate fees or amounts that may be due under the particular lease. 

On the other hand, the customer also can return the truck to the owner, which is associated with certain inspections and return conditions along with mileage limitations.

Payment Calculator

The Daimler truck financial website features a payment calculator to inform the customer on the possible loan terms and conditions of their preferences once they enter the information that perfectly caters to the customers' needs. 

This calculator mainly plays the role of aiding the customer in finding their approximate monthly payment after filling in information about their financial needs, such as the truck's sales price, the down payment, the sales tax rate, the interest rate, and the total financing period.

“Although a good score will ensure approval at favorable rates, it is still possible to gain commercial financing with a relatively lower score”

How Do You Qualify for Western Truck Commercial Truck Financing?

All details of the loan or lease, such as actual rates, down payment, terms, and program eligibility, are set by Daimler Truck Financial's Credit Team, which bases their decision on the customer's ability to pay back the loan or lease along with their past credit history. 

Therefore, since the approval decision for commercial truck financing depends entirely on the customer's creditworthiness, the focus should remain on maintaining a fair credit score.

A fair credit score normally falls in the range of 580 to 669. Therefore, the borrower should take out their credit report from a credible credit bureau and try to fix any negative additions of past delayed payments to bring their credit score up before they apply for Western Star's commercial truck financing. 

Although a good score will ensure approval at favorable rates, it is still possible to gain commercial financing with a relatively lower score, but this will come at higher interest payments and unfavorable loan terms.

Western Star Loan Application Process

The credit application for commercial truck financing is readily available on the website in a PDF. These credit applications are rather extensive. The process initially requires the customer to contact a local dealer to get advice regarding the loan options and a quote. 

Once the customer receives counseling regarding their financial needs, they can access the PDF credit application through the website.

The customer can fill in the application through the official Daimler Truck Financial website. They are required to enter various details regarding the customer himself, their dealer, their business, and their employment status. All information is detailed in the credit application PDF mentioned on the website, and therefore, there is complete transparency regarding the loan application itself.

Western Star Commercial Truck Financing Interest Rates

The interest rates set by Daimler Truck Financial are based on the market conditions and are pre-set according to the market competitiveness along with the customer's creditworthiness. 

Therefore, a customer with a strong credit history is likely to receive loan terms and rates that are much more favorable than someone who has a history of delayed payments. One can expect to pay between 2.99% and 28.99% on a term loan or finance lease. It’s worth considering applying or at the very least receiving quotes from other third party leasing companies to verify that you’re getting the best rate and program. 

Additionally, the company's payment calculator helps customers gauge the monthly payments required by entering their financial capabilities and needs. The Daimler Truck Financial team itself sets in all interest rates and loan terms after taking note of the applicant's credit condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the customer be invoiced for their monthly payments for commercial truck financing?

The company will generate an invoice from their system 17 days before the due date, and this invoice will be directly mailed to the applicant. The company also offers additional convenience to the customer by providing them with the opportunity to sign up for their Auto Pay Plan or paperless eBill option at the official Daimler Truck Financial website.

How can the customer make their payments?

The Western Star collaborative Daimler Truck Financial offers numerous payment options to cater to customers' needs, such as online payments, Autopay, Western Union, Phone Pay, Guest Pay, Mail Pay, Overnight Mail Pay, and much more.

To whom should the customer make their checks payable?

Since Daimler Truck Financials is responsible for offering commercial truck financing solutions to customers of Western Star trucks, the checks should be made payable to Daimler Truck Financial Services.

How will the customer be aware that their payment has been completed through Auto Pay?

The customer's payment will reflect a debit for their monthly payment account, directly made to DAIMLERTRUCKFIN.

If a customer opts to change their job, are there any additional issues they need to consider about their Daimler Truck Financial loan or lease?

Suppose the customer's truck insurance coverage is directly provided through their employer. In that case, it is important to notify the insurance agent and give them clear instructions regarding listing Daimler Truck Financial Services USA LLC as the loss payee to cater to additional insurance. 

The agent is responsible for sending Daimler Truck Financial a copy of the insurance certificate through the mail to the Client Services Department.

How can the customer acquire an amortization schedule for their loan?

The only way for an amortization schedule to be available for a customer is through a Note and Security Agreement. Therefore, they should contact Client Services or Fleet Services to acquire a copy of their schedule.

When does the customer receive their Year-End Interest Statement, and how is it available?

Year-End Interest Statements are normally available after 31st January every year and can be easily acquired online through the official Daimler Truck Financial website.

Suppose an owner-operator customer travels frequently and is not available to cater to issues about their account. Is there a way for a particular third party to discuss and manage the customer's account with Daimler Truck Financial?

Yes. Daimler Truck Financial offers customers the option to manage or discuss their particular account through a third party by assigning them the task. The process requires the customer to provide verbal authorization to show the account information to the designated person. 

The authorization process is fairly convenient as it requires the customer to contact client services for the process to follow through.


Therefore, if you wish to take advantage of an array of heavy-duty trucks with tough engineering that is particularly tailor-made to last a long time while maintaining extensive business operations, Western Star is the best place to acquire these trucks from. However, you do not need to have cash at hand to acquire the usage of these exceptional trucks. 

Western Star offers a variety of commercial truck financing solutions through its collaboration with Daimler Truck Financial to cater to all your financial and truck needs.

Daimler Truck Financial offers numerous lease options and loan options so that customers can choose to either own the truck at the end of the loan period or acquire its usage for as long as they choose to pay a particular lease. 

It also offers the opportunity to purchase the truck at the end of a particular lease period and, therefore, gain the advantage of the best of both options.

Applying for this loan is fairly convenient. The customer has to run through the credit application readily available on the Western Star website before filling it out and waiting for approval. Western Star lives by the promise of efficiency and quick loan decisions because they recognize the importance of saving time, especially when business operations and decisions are involved.

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