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United Business Funding Commercial Truck Financing

UBF is a favored lender for numerous small businesses as it understands its client's financial position before providing them with a direct funding source, ensuring their clients are provided with the best possible services.

United Business Funding, LLC is a leading financing specialist that provides business owners solutions for secure funding to meet their business's needs. The company was established in 2015 and has provided funding solutions ever since.

Liara Cohen United Business Funding, LLC is a leading financing specialist that provides business owners solutions for secure funding to meet their business's needs. The company was established in 2015 and has provided funding solutions ever since.
Liara Cohen
July 12, 2022

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United Business Funding, LLC offers solutions for paying off debt, meeting long-term financial needs, and individuals with bad credit. This approach has helped them create a very successful track record, and they continue to provide their excellent facilities daily. Their clients know they can rely on them for all their funding needs, whether they are considering short-term or long-term financing.

Because the company takes time understanding each client’s needs, it has become the favored lender for numerous small businesses that often get turned away from traditional lenders such as banks because of their size. 

Minimum requirements set by traditional lenders are often unreachable by companies in their infancy. However, United Business Funding understands its client’s financial position, examines it thoroughly, and understands its needs before providing them with a direct funding source.

United Business Funding provides its clients with SBA loans, real estate mortgages, short-term financing, and accelerated financing for inventory profits. The most significant difference between them and their competitors is their focus on customer service. 

They ensure their clients are kept happy and provide them with the best possible services. To do so, they provide flexible payment schedules to reduce the burden on small businesses. 

Their streamlined process and easy application allow businesses to quickly and without hassle get the cash they require. UBF’s clients can also improve their cash flow with minimum requirements loans. It comes as no surprise they are renowned and established lenders in the industry.

With its vast experience, United Business Funding provides its clients funding in many different domains. They have a wide range of solutions, so there is something for everyone. From small businesses to large corporations, the company meets everyone’s financial needs. They work with numerous companies in many industries, including trucking, construction, manufacturing, services, and retail. 

Services Offered by United Business Funding

Retail Financing

United Business Funding offers retail financing for retail business owners to help them meet their financial requirements. The firm understands the importance of consumer spending trends and their effect on retail businesses, which allows them to handle their client’s financing needs.

A financial solution from United Business Funding allows retail business owners to stock their inventory for seasonal business spikes. The added cash flow means retailers can invest money in advertisements, attracting more footfall to the store or website. Furthermore, it allows business owners to expand their retail business or renovate existing retail shops.

Construction Business Loans

For a company in the construction business, securing financing is difficult. Fortunately, United Business Funds is here to help, and obtaining funding is simple.

United Business Funding offers competitive interest rates and a streamlined application process that makes it easy to get the funding a construction company needs. A team of specialized associates is always available to answer any queries or problems the business may encounter.

United Business Funding is qualified to help construction companies get loans for up to $2 million. The funding can help construction companies purchase new or used equipment and materials and expand their facilities. It also allows them to be more efficient since the financial flexibility will enable them to hire new employees and invest in employee training and education.

During injuries, project delays, and damages, construction companies regularly face unexpected costs. They can counter unanticipated business expenses with the added cash flow while ensuring minimum financial burden. With low-interest rates and flexible payments, their plans allow construction businesses to grow exponentially.

Auto Repair Shop Financing

Auto repair shops have been affected by challenging economic environments. During the lockdown, individuals have picked hobbies, and some have even resorted to repairing their cars. This has lowered the prices for auto repairs and reduced the margins.

United Business Funding offers financing solutions to Auto Repair shops to meet their requirements. Financing solutions allow auto repair shops to purchase new equipment such as diagnostic and repair tools to help them serve more customers. 

To meet unexpected demand, they can also restock on parts, supplies, and excess inventory. Furthermore, the added capital will help the business cover unexpected business costs and help them meet payroll or comply with tax payments.

“United Business Funding offers the trucking industry multiple financing solutions to meet their business requirements”

Commercial Truck Financing

Despite the effects of the pandemic, the transportation industry continued to thrive. With an ever-growing demand, trucking businesses are trying to find solutions to expand their fleet. United Business Funding offers the trucking industry multiple financing solutions to meet their business requirements.

For businesses in the trucking industry, a reliable truck is essential for their operations to succeed. When trucking businesses require a new truck, they usually have two options: Purchasing or Financing. 

Purchasing a commercial truck requires the buyer to pay the entire amount of the vehicle upfront. Since commercial trucks are expensive, small businesses lack the financial flexibility to purchase a commercial truck. 

United Business Funding’s commercial truck financing allows companies a platform in which they can obtain loans and pay monthly payments to them until the loan has been paid off. Since the vehicle does not require down payments, this option is more attainable for small businesses than purchasing. 

For established companies that want to increase the number of vehicles in their fleet, financing allows them to buy more vehicles and divide the payments over a period of time. Trucking companies constantly need to ensure their trucks are running efficiently. With United Business Funding’s commercial truck financing, they can upgrade their old fleet of trucks with new and fuel-efficient trucks. 

Upgrading your commercial truck fleet allows trucking companies to cut down on costs, boost revenues and increase profits. This is because newer trucks usually require lower maintenance, reducing costs and decreasing downtime. Their trucks will always be mobile, allowing the business to complete more deliveries, thus expanding the business.

Who Should Apply For Commercial Truck Financing Through United Business Funding?

Suppose you go to other lenders for commercial truck financing. The standard requirement requires a business to be operational for at least two years. The approval for the funding takes months, and then it isn’t easy to get access to the capital quickly. They require prime credit, serve limited industries, and have fixed repayment schedules.

Unlike other lenders, United Business Funding only requires the business to be operational for three months! In fact, most commercial truck financing applications are processed within 24 hours! They guarantee access to capital within five days and work with business owners regardless of their credit score. With the variety of industries they serve, you can get a commercial truck that meets your company’s requirements. 

Above all, since United Business Funding offers flexible options for repayment, business owners who work with United Business Funding are sure to have numerous financial advantages compared to those who work with other financing companies.

When it comes to financing a commercial truck, small businesses have a few options. Some popular options include bank loans, leasing, or going through a financing company like United Business Financing.

To see if United Business Funding is the right option for you, consider the following factors:

1. What type of truck do you need?

United Business Funding caters to various industries, so getting the right truck will not require a lot of effort, whether a dump truck, semi-truck, trailers, or trailers; United Business Funding finances all commercial vehicles.

2. What is your credit score?

Many business owners seeking commercial truck financing get turned away due to their credit scores. At United Business Funding, they offer loans for borrowers with good or bad credit. Your financing application can be processed within 24 hours, depending on the type of business.

3. Does your business need financial flexibility?

Small businesses often go through the dilemma of having a limited cash flow. For them, purchasing a commercial truck or upgrading their current fleet of trucks requires them to use a large sum of cash that they may not have. 

Through United Business Fundings’ easy financing, small businesses can receive a loan of up to $2,000,000 to finance their commercial truck fleets. The improved cash flow will also enable the company to expand and grow beyond the owner’s expectations.

“United Business Funding can finance small businesses that could not access the needed funding in the past”

How Do You Qualify For United Business Funding’s Commercial Truck Financing?

To check whether you qualify for United Business Funding’s commercial truck financing, answer the following questions:

1. Is your business older than three months?

2. Can you deposit at least $10,000 per month into your business bank account?

United Business Funding’s solutions are for you if you can meet the above requirements! They offer unsecured loans that cover a one-time expense which enables you to get anywhere between $5,000 and $5,000,000 for your business. 

The borrower will pay monthly payments, including interest and fees; however, you do not need to worry about flexible repayment schedules!

United Business Funding also has a Small Business Administration, which enables it to finance small businesses that could not access the needed funding in the past. They are offered at highly competitive rates and partially backed by the government, making them more attainable for small businesses.

If you’re looking to finance a commercial truck through United Business Funding, the requirements are simple! You’ll have lower rates and will not need to provide extra security like collateral. The loan will be backed by your business’s purchased vehicle or equipment. Without worrying about attaining a loan, you can focus on growing your business with United Business Funding solutions!

United Business Funding Loan Application Process

United Business Funding understands the trouble business owners face when trying to acquire financing and have made their application process simple. Suppose you are interested in applying for a loan through United Business Funding. 

In that case, you may apply online by filling out an application form on their website, getting a quote directly, or giving them a call.

Before getting approved for a loan, you will be required to submit a few documents that depend on the type of financing your business requires. Typically, you will need to have these documents:

Once you have submitted the documents, United Business Funding tries to make the process as quick as possible. Usually, funding is approved for most businesses in under 24 hours. Processing time does not vary for individuals with bad credit; UBF provides solutions to everybody!

United Business Funding Interest Rates

Commercial truck financing interest rates at United Business Funding depend on the applicant's preferred program. The interest rate you receive will also be impacted by the type of Commercial truck you purchase, the truck’s value, length of the loan, and credit score.

United Business Funding offers two types of loans for businesses, Premier and Advantage loans. Premier loans are ideal for established businesses with a good credit score and stable bank balance. 

To be eligible for this loan, the company must have been operating for at least two years and have good personal credit. The benefits of the Premier loan at United Business Funding include long payment schedules, better rates, and priority support for any troubles.

On the other hand, United Business Funding’s Advantage loan is tailored for small businesses that are in their infancy or do not meet the requirements of the Premier loan. The Advantage loan is for companies that have been in business for at least three months. It is also accessible to people with good or bad credit but requires an average monthly balance of $15,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does United Business Funding, LLC serve?

United Business Funding provides financing to auto repair shops, beauty salons, truck companies, construction companies, liquor stores, medical practices, restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers.

How do I contact United Business Funding?

There are multiple ways of contacting United Business Funding. You can visit their location at 627 Horseblock Rd, Farmingville, NY 11738. 

UBF can also be contacted through social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or by phone on 888-351-3863 and (631) 496-9490. Their email for general queries is

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