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Truck Business Finance

Looking for a commercial truck or trailer for your fleet? Take advantage of our commercial buying tips and lender insights and secure the best financing and leasing.

Talia Stern
Talia Stern
September 15, 2020

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It might take you by surprise, but the trucking business is one of those businesses that have massive potential and immense prospects to grow and offer profitable returns. It is very likely to catch the eye of young and determined entrepreneurs who are looking for fruitful ventures, and the trucking business is definitely on their list. 

If you are one of these passionate entrepreneurs too, then kudos! You have made a wise decision to penetrate the truck business market. But it would help if you were apprehensive about the financing approaches and strategies. It is no secret that the Truck Business requires a healthy amount of capital and start-up. So, you might want to widen your horizon when it comes to Truck Business Finance

You would have to consider the number of expenditures incurred regarding leasing or purchasing trailers and trucks for your business. Or you are investing in reliable and efficient software and hardware that would help you keep track of the whereabouts of your truck. You will need finances to sponsor for your accounting records and documentation. 

Decide on a Cost and a Budget

You cannot proceed with financing your vehicle business before agreeing on which mode of financing will you opt for, and that will solely base on your budget and the type of truck you choose to buy. But before selecting the vehicle, you must decide whether you will apply for a lease or a loan. You must be able to distinguish between the two. 

After a loan is paid off in periodic payments, the ownership of the vehicle is guaranteed. This means that after the fees are over, you will be the proud owner of a truck. And let's be honest, this will lift a weight off of your shoulders. 

However, when you take on a lease, you pay off for the period you will use the truck. You will make payments for the time of your use, and in the end, you won't receive any guarantee regarding the ownership. When the lease term's span is over, you either can walk away, or you would have to pay the remaining money to obtain the license of the truck. 

This is why you must devise a budget plan and weigh your cost against your income. You have to decide how many monthly payments you can afford to make and the amount of your down payment. These two constituents will tell you which financing plan will suit you the best. 

Modes of Financing

Equipment Lenders

These companies offer entrepreneurs who intend to launch a trucking business reliable and competitive financing packages. You can also consult any such company to secure trucks and any equipment related to this business via these companies. 

Equipment lenders are recognized globally, and they will understand your situation and concern. You can get trucks and trails from these companies and easily start your business without any mess and additional tension. 

Bank Loans

Securing bank loans is one of the most popular modes of financing that is opted for. You may be inclined towards applying for a bank loan because it seems safe. The process is sophisticated, and the returns are stagnant. 

This will help you increase your cash flow, invest the loan in expanding your business, purchase modern equipment and new trucks to attract more customers and, consequently, support the business. 

But banks will not layout loans on a silver platter for you. It would help if you proposed a compelling business plan that has prospects. It would help if you conformed to the stringent conditions of the bank to secure a loan. Put forward your ideas and strategies to prove to the banks that your business has potential. 

Franchise Agreements

This mode can help your business expand at a fiery rate. It will also offer free marketing for your business. Under this agreement, the owner-operators will operate their vehicles and trucks under your company's name and, in exchange, pay you a fee and share a reasonable sum of their profits with you. 

The cash flow will increase, and so will the reputation of your company. But you would have to offer your administrative and managerial services to them. 

Freight Bill Franchising Financing 

If you have launched your truck business, you will agree with us when it sometimes becomes challenging to manage operational activities because the revenue is delayed. This mode will provide you with instant cash flow so you can bridge the gap between expenses and income. 

With this facility, you can obtain funds in advance and pay your invoices in time. When the client pays you back, you can pay back the money to this company. 

Ask Yourself These Questions

Am I Eligible?

This is where your credit score comes into the picture. If you have a history of repossessed vehicles, or in the middle of child support payments, or your future income prospects are not that compelling, then you may not qualify for being an applicant for the loan. 

What documents will I need?

  1. Documents of registration of business
  2. Current and past bank statements 
  3. Business tax returns 
  4. Current year P&L for your business
  5. Business balance sheet
  6. Business licenses or certifications
  7. Your Commercial Driver's License
  8. US Department of Transportation Number (USDOT)
  9. Motor Carrier Number

What kind of vehicle shall I choose?

Decide if you are looking to finance a brand-new vehicle or a semi-used old one. You must consider the maintenance costs, the fuel costs, and any additional expense incurred about ownership of a vehicle. So, review these criteria and then choose the vehicle accordingly. 

Money can be a problem, and financing, without a doubt, is the hardest part about running a business. There are many dos and don'ts when it comes to devising financing strategies for the truck business. But you must stay true to yourself, do adequate research, and then decide on a suitable Truck Business Finance.

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