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Targeted Lending Co Commercial Truck Financing

Famous for giving credit facilities that will keep your small businesses competitive in the long run, Targeted Lending Co guarantees that you will be able to get financing for your equipment at the best possible rates.

Headquartered in California, Targeted Lending Co is a business with over 25 years of experience in the lending industry, providing equipment finance solutions to businesses with cash flow difficulties.

Tamara Cohen Headquartered in California, Targeted Lending Co is a business with over 25 years of experience in the lending industry, providing equipment finance solutions to businesses with cash flow difficulties.
Tamara Cohen
July 27, 2022

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Small and medium-sized businesses usually don't have massive cash reserves that can be used to carry out day-to-day activities and purchase new equipment when needed. If you happen to be a small business owner, you may have run into this problem where your business was in dire need of new equipment, but you didn't have the cash needed to finance new equipment. This is the story of every next small business around the corner.

Now, what should you do when confronted by such circumstances? Rest assured, we have the answer so many small business owners are searching for. The truth, in fact, is that many equipment financing lenders will happily finance the equipment you need. In this article, we will guide you on how to apply for a loan at one of our favorite commercial lenders

Targeted Lending Co is a financing company with many years of experience in the lending industry. At Targeted Lending Co, it is guaranteed that you will be able to get financing for your equipment at the best possible rates. Read on as we guide you on how to get financing from Targeted Lending Co. 

Targeted Lending Co

Targeted Lending Co is a lending business with over 25 years of experience. The company has many regional offices, but it's headquartered in California. Targeted Lending Co provides equipment finance solutions to businesses with cash flow difficulties. The company is famous for giving credit facilities that will keep your businesses competitive in the long run. 

Moreover, you don't have to worry about an excruciating application process when you choose to finance your equipment via Targeted Lending Co. The company guarantees loans instantly after the application is approved. The loan amount ranges anywhere between $5,000 and $250,000 to finance the equipment you need.

The equipment provided by Targeted Lending Co is cost-effective and meets your business needs without making you burn additional cash. 

Besides, at Targeted Lending Co, you are not made to go through unnecessary documentation required by traditional lenders like banks. The equipment financed with loans from Targeted Lending Co is always owned by the borrower only. 

Additionally, financing from this lender saves you from incurring additional costs like hidden fees, additional liens, or even balloon payments. 

Targeted Lending Co gives you many good options that put your pocket at ease. For instance, they let you choose deferred payments rather than start paying as soon as the equipment is bought. This means you can start paying only once the equipment has started generating cash revenue. 

Also, you can choose step payments, where you will be allowed to upgrade your payments gradually rather than starting with big payments and continuing all the way. Lastly, you can choose seasonal payments to repay your loan. 

This last method allows you to pay only once you’re in the peak season of your business. That is to say, you get to pay only during the business when you are generating churning huge revenue. 

To summarize, Targeted Lending Co goes out of its way to ensure that you are not put under unnecessary strain when you need to repay the loan. 

Targeted Lending Co finances any equipment a business needs for its daily operation. This means that Targeted Lending Co will finance something like software or even a commercial truck. 

So, if you are a small business owner, you can be sure that Targeted Lending Co will finance your needed equipment. Below is a list of equipment (with the business where it's used) that Targeted Lending Co will finance. 

There is a long list of other businesses and the equipment they need. Targeted Lending Co will finance these as well. 

There are still quite a few businesses left out of the list of the businesses that Targeted Lending Co will finance. Such businesses include:

“Targeted Lending Co ensures that financing is easy, flexible, and hassle-free”

Who Should Apply For Equipment Financing At Targeted Lending Co?

Targeted Lending Co provides flexible financing solutions, and thus, it caters to the needs of many businesses, including those with credit score problems. Similarly, Targeted Lending Co is an independent lender that ensures that financing is easy, flexible, and hassle-free. 

After the application has been approved, financing can be provided within 24 hours. This has the added advantage of allowing you to focus on growing the business rather than getting the loan. 

Targeted Lending Co works with three customers: borrowers, originators, and investors. 

Small Business Loan Originators or Equipment Financing Brokers

Targeted Lending Co is aware that all originators look for flexible options that they can sell to their customers. Thus, Targeted Lending Co puts all the necessary tools and decisions in your hand so that you can help your customers get the equipment they need. This also makes it easier for originators to get their commission. 

Targeted Lending Co wants what its small business loan originators want: approve and close deals as fast as possible. Targeted Lending Co has made it easier for its originators to get their customers signed up for loans. They have made the entire loan application process (plus the documentation). Thus, no need for faxing or mailing the entire dossier of files. 

After the documentation has taken place, the loan can also be received within 24 hours. Let's help you revise the steps you need to take to get funds for your vendor. Send an application, get approval from Targeted Lending Co, request customer loan documents, and then get their funds transferred. Yes! Easy-peasy lemon squeezy, and all this in a single day. 

Moreover, there are additional benefits of financing your vendors from this lender. At Targeted Lending Co, you get a 100% of the invoiced cost financed, unlike other lenders wherein the customers have to chip in some amount. 

Now when it comes to repayments, they are pretty flexible. Moreover, you can choose any option from seasonal payments, step payments, or deferred payments to repay the loan amount. What's more, you are given a repayment period of 72 months. That's by far the most flexible term you will ever receive. 

Similarly, your vendors don't have to worry about their credit scores. Someone with credit type A is likely to receive funds as someone with credit type C. At Targeted Lending Co, credit decisions will come within 4 hours. 

As an originator, Targeted Lending Co ensures that you get the kind of payment you have been looking for. It has a 'commission calculator' that lets you calculate the commission you want. In addition, the company also lets you price the equipment in line with the number of payments you need. We can say with certainty that Targeted Lending Co should be your go-to option if you are an originator. 


With an industry experience of over 25 years, Targeted Lending Co sure knows what to offer to prospective investors. If you are looking for investment or debt issuance for equipment financing TLC can be the right option. 

TLC combines a fool-proof modeling method with the tested credit philosophy to generate the best possible returns while keeping interest rates low. Investors have to make an Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) with the TLC to secure investment. 

Moreover, such an agreement is always backed by collateral. Usually, income-generating equipment is used, but the business principals are also supposed to act as guarantors of investment/loan. Monthly payments are deducted from the checking account of the business directly. 


Targeted Lending Co helps the borrowers in two ways. First, it lets them borrow if they are looking for a loan to finance their small business equipment. Secondly, they also help you finance your existing loans or clear any confusion you have about the said loans. Using a loan from TLC, you can finance equipment in many industries that we discussed above. 

“Targeted Lending Co is one of the few lenders that will give you 100% pre-funding”

How Do You Qualify For Commercial Truck/Equipment Financing At Targeted Lending Co?

Targeted Lending Co is one of the few lenders that will give you 100% pre-funding. Moreover, they have competitive rates so that you are not getting charged an amount higher than the industry's average. Using a loan from TLC, you can also finance private party equipment. 

When it comes to obtaining the loan, Targeted Lending Co has higher FICO credit requirements than other lenders. It would help if you had a minimum FICO credit score of 625 to apply for a loan at TLC. When it comes to Time in Business (TIB), Targeted Lending Co has two types of requirements.

You need to have a minimum of two years in Business (TIB) to apply for most kinds of loans at Targeted Lending Co.

Keep in mind that while TIB (Time in Business) can fluctuate, the minimum FICO score is constant. You need to have a credit score of 625 or higher to get any loan from Targeted Lending Co. 

Targeted Lending Co Loan Application Process 

Before we get into the types of documents you are supposed to submit as a part of your loan application process at Targeted Lending Co, we will first walk you through the step-by-step process of how the application process occurs. The TLC website says that it takes less than even 24 hours to complete the entire process, from loan application to the delivery of equipment. 

The process for loan application is as follows:

When it comes to the documents required, borrowers are usually required to provide a signed credit application, an SIC code that outlines the nature of the business, and an equipment invoice. 

Moreover, a personal guarantee is required for anyone with an ownership percentage of more than 15% and bank statements of the preceding three months may also be required. You may also be asked for additional documents when these documents are sent. 

However, such additional documents are only required once a conditional small business loan approval has been guaranteed. 

These documents may include the following:

The application process for the borrower is thus completed. However, there are separate application forms for your principals. You need two principals to finance your loans from Targeted Lending Co. Moreover, details of equipment to be financed may also be required. 

The application form for principals is pretty small and easy to fill. It asks for information like percentage of ownership, title, past bankruptcies, and liens/judgments. 

Interest Rates At Targeted Lending Co

Targeted Lending Co is an established lender famous for the loan interest rates it charges. Below we will give you a breakdown of everything that will be a part of your equipment finance agreement with Targeted Lending Co. 

Interest Rates

The interest rates at Targeted Lending Co start at 7%. Usually, the interest rates are just below 10%; however, interest rates may go high if your business is riskier.

Amount of the loan

The loan guarantee for equipment financing starts at $5K and ends at $150K.

Term Length

Targeted Lending Co is pretty flexible on the term of its loan. You can take as little as 12 months or 72 months to repay the loan amount and interest. Moreover, it gives you the option to choose a payment type that works for you. So you can choose seasonal, deferred, or stepped payments, whichever works for you.

Down Payment

Down payments are not fixed and vary depending on the amount of financing. However, most qualifying customers are exempt from making a down payment.

Buyout Agreement

Targeted Lending Co has several buyout options for its customers. TLC's three different buyout options are the $1 buyout, 10% buyout option, and Fair Market Value option. 

$1 Buyout Option

The $1 buyout option allows you to buy the equipment for $1. However, this $1 buyout refers to the residual value of the equipment at the end of the lease term. You will have to sign up for much higher loan (monthly) payments to exercise this option. 

After the payments have been made, you get to buy the entire equipment for only $1. Moreover, this option entails the payment of taxes. That is to say when the equipment is registered, the tax on it is made a part of your monthly payments.

10% Buyout Option

10% Buyout is similar to the $1 buyout in that both are capital leases, but there is a difference in the amount you will have to pay at the end of the lease/loan term. So this means that to buy the equipment when the loan term is finished, you will only have to pay 10% of the value of the underlying equipment. 

Hence, your monthly payments are lowered as you have to pay more in your monthly payments. 

Fair Market Value Purchase

Targeted Lending Co also allows you to buy the equipment for its fair market value at the end of the loan period. However, most customers do not exercise this option because if they have to pay the market price for the equipment, why would they buy it from the lender when they can very well buy it from someone in the market. 

Additionally, the Fair Market Value option is not binding on the customers. This means that customers can return the equipment if they don't want to buy it. 

Additional Cost

Additional fees charged as a part of your agreement are summarized below.

The inspection fee is only charged if the loan amount equals or exceeds $25K. 


What is needed for qualifying for equipment financing at Targeted Lending Co?

To qualify for equipment financing at Targeted Lending Co, you will have a credit score of either 625 or above. Moreover, the minimum number of businesses required in this regard is three years.

What are the benefits of equipment financing?

Equipment financing is the best way to invest in the much-needed business capital without putting your cash flows under unnecessary strain. Using low-rate equipment financing, you can manage your balance sheet and cash flows while financing new equipment for your business. This way, you can avoid uncertainties and risks associated with an outright purchase. 

What is equipment leasing?

Equipment leasing is also a type of financing in which equipment is rented rather than purchased. All sorts of equipment needed by a business can be leased. Leasing can be the right option if the equipment is not essential for your manufacturing/service. 

Is an equipment finance agreement similar to a lease?

The equipment finance agreement is a mixed bag. It can be viewed as a bridge between lease and loan. Like in a loan agreement, equipment financing entails interest plus principal payments. 

But also, like in a lease, equipment financiers will usually give a buyout option to their customers at the end of the loan repayment schedule. If a loan and lease agreement are viewed side by side, it will be noticed that equipment financing matches the terms and conditions of both types of agreement. 

Is a financing agreement the same as a lease?

There are two different types of leases: finance lease and operating lease. If a customer has chosen a finance lease, then the ownership of the asset does not transfer to the lessee, and the financing company remains the rightful owner of the assets. 

However, the ownership is transferred to the lessee in an operating lease, and the lessee becomes the asset's owner at the end of the lease term.

Does financing mean a loan?

When it comes to financing equipment, businesses usually have two options. They can either directly lend the money from a financing institution (like Targeted Lending Co in this case). The customer agrees to pay the loan amount (principal) plus the finance charges (interest). 

These payments are scheduled as per the agreement. The second way to finance the purchase of equipment is dealership financing. 

How do financing companies work? Where do they get their funds from?

Financing companies have a primary role in financing the equipment of customers. They can also work with originators who are paid commission on each successful customer they bring to the company. However, as said earlier, the primary function of financiers is to make loans. 

These companies do not receive deposits, unlike traditional banks. Financing companies meet their cash requirements by borrowing from the Federal Reserve System. 

Is purchasing equipment an investing activity or an operating activity? 

Purchasing equipment is an investing activity as it increases the non-current assets of the business. It might as well be an operating activity as purchasing credits from the company's cash account.

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