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Ryder Commercial Truck Financing

As one of the oldest firms in the transportation industry, Ryder is a favorite amongst individuals seeking to lease commercial trucks, and renowned for its dedication to trust, safety, innovation, and expertise in the transport industry.

Ryder was founded in 1939 by James Ryder with a single truck to haul concrete but has since expanded into supply chain and distribution. After acquiring three of its competitors, Pollock NationaLease, Lily Transportation, and Gator Leasing, Ryder has established itself as an experienced transport company.

Adele Katz Ryder was founded in 1939 by James Ryder with a single truck to haul concrete but has since expanded into supply chain and distribution. After acquiring three of its competitors, Pollock NationaLease, Lily Transportation, and Gator Leasing, Ryder has established itself as an experienced transport company.
Adele Katz
July 7, 2022

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Ryder Systems Inc., shortly known as Ryder, is a world-class Fortune 500® global transport, logistics, and leasing company with decades of success and experience. The company is renowned for its dedication to trust, safety, innovation, and expertise in the transport industry. Ryder's Commercial Truck Finance provides businesses with all the flexibility and affordability of leasing without any of the drawbacks.

Ryder was founded in 1939 by James Ryder with a single truck to haul concrete but has since expanded into supply chain and distribution. After acquiring three of its competitors, Pollock NationaLease, Lily Transportation, and Gator Leasing, Ryder has established itself as an experienced transport company. 

Ryder helps boost its client’s productivity by providing multiple services, including Fleet Management, Supply Chain, and Commercial Truck Renting. Since they are one of the oldest firms in the transportation industry, Ryder is a favorite amongst individuals seeking to lease commercial trucks. 

One of Ryder’s many achievements includes incorporating electric vehicles into its fleet. In 2018, the company inducted 1,000 electric vehicles into its fleet, making it the country's most prominent electric truck deal. The company also worked with Tesla to develop charging facilities to facilitate its massive fleet of electric vehicles since it believes it will reduce its carbon footprint and maintenance costs. 

Ryder is also the only maintenance company for Workhorse’s electric vehicles and collaborates with In-Charge Energy to provide its clients with access to In-Charge Energy’s charging stations.

Business Operations

Fleet Management

Ryder specializes in fleet management, which accounts for a significant proportion of the company’s total revenue. 30,000 employees, a sizable fleet of a quarter-million commercial vehicles, and 50 M sq. feet of warehouse space ensure their clients will receive the best services in the industry. The team guarantees fleets run efficiently, punctually, and within a specific budget. 

Ryder provides contract maintenance, commercial rentals, fleet support, full-service leasing, and contractual carriage businesses. A contract maintenance service ensures Ryder’s clients receive exceptional care for their valuable equipment. 

Ryder also offers fleet support, which consists of daily operations of Ryder’s clients, their administrative tasks, and consultation. Commercial rentals allow clients to rent Ryder trucks seamlessly, while services such as full-service leasing include a complete package for handling transportation operations and maintenance. It also offers its clients a wide variety of services within its management operation.

Supply Chain

Ryder’s supply chain division is responsible for management and logistics solutions for its clients. The company provides warehousing, transport logistics, distribution for e-commerce goods, and last-mile delivery. It integrates innovative technology to help them fulfill their client’s needs. 

Ryder’s solutions help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and promote their client’s companies to grow no matter the complexity.  A Ryder-enabled eCommerce platform enables manufacturers to ship their products directly to their customers, allowing them to avoid third-party shipping.

Commercial Truck Renting

Ryder allows its clients to rent a commercial truck from its vast fleet. They have a wide variety of trucks, tractors, trailers, and reefers that are available with the company’s industry-known drivers. 

Their COOP website is a peer-to-peer truck renting platform that allows individuals with spare trucks to rent them to different businesses. The company has over 500 rental locations, making renting more convenient to their clients. Ryder locations are scattered across the United States and easily accessible by clients.

“As a renowned leasing facility, Ryder allows businesses to choose the right commercial truck financing to meet their requirements”

Commercial Truck Financing

Being a renowned leasing facility, it allows businesses to choose the right commercial truck financing to meet their requirements. Ryder offers capital, operating, and semi-truck financing options. It doesn’t matter if you need a short-term or a long-term lease; with flexible term leases that range between one and ten years, Ryder offers customers a convenient solution to their leasing needs.

Ryder ChoiceLease Full Service

Ryder ChoiceLease Full Service allows clients to have an operating lease that includes maintenance and other value-added services such as their Tax Advantage Solution. This financing feature will help clients receive a fully serviced truck lease and a tax benefit for owning a commercial truck, allowing them to focus on growing their company while Ryder handles their fleet.  

The significant benefit for clients opting for this solution is that Ryder will be responsible for all truck maintenance. Ryder has over six thousand certified technicians to maintain their client’s trucks fully. 

On top of this, Ryder provides bumper-to-bumper maintenance, including breaks and tires. Ryder’s clients will be able to see their truck’s maintenance records without any trouble since all the data is easily accessible on their website. 

Additionally, Ryder offers its clients around-the-clock roadside assistance. If their client’s truck encounters issues that the technicians cannot cater to within due time, they may opt for substitute vehicles. These vehicles will be accessible to their clients at their concessionary rates.

Ryder cares about the safety of its clients and drivers, and with Ryder ChoiceLease Full service, you get access to their safety services. The safety services include guidelines on compliance services to keep you updated with the DOT. Ryder’s safety service also provides driver training, ensuring you have the best drivers in the industry handling and delivering your goods to your clients. 

Furthermore, their safety service provides great safety webinars and safety products to ensure your wellbeing. Ryder has expanded its Safety for Driver program and has set a target to achieve a 10% reduction in vehicle accidents and injuries by 2025. 

A Ryder ChoiceLease Full Service also gives clients access to pick-up and delivery services. All management and administrative tasks are handled by Ryder, while the client will get to enjoy more flexibility with their time. With this leasing option, client’s deliveries are fulfilled whenever required. 

The benefits of this service include flexible payment options as the client will have predictable monthly payments and added time to focus on their business. The leasing company, in this case, Ryder, will own the vehicle and maintain it, thus bearing most of the risk associated with the truck. With breakdowns being rare and safety issues taken care of, Ryder’s clients can sit worry-free, knowing their transportation is in good hands.

Ryder ChoiceLease On-Demand

Ryder ChoiceLease On-Demand allows Ryder’s clients to lease a proven vehicle from Ryder of their choice and lets the client decide where and when they would like to conduct maintenance. Clients can have their trucks maintained at pre-negotiated rates.

ChoiceLease On-Demand gives you the flexibility to conduct your maintenance around the country within Ryder’s nationwide maintenance network. You decide when you want to have your truck maintained. This feature also allows clients to have more predictable costs since the predetermined maintenance rates enable their businesses to plan better strategies to help them grow.

Ryder ChoiceLease Preventative

Ryder ChoiceLease Preventative allows Ryder’s clients to own a vehicle that best suits them without worrying about maintenance. This facility will enable clients to keep their trucks on the road by accessing hassle-free preventative maintenance. Since costs are decided beforehand, and regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent downtime, your trucks are always on-the-go.

With Ryder ChoiceLease Preventative, you will get access to over 800 Ryder locations and 5,000 certified technicians. The lease includes preventative inspections and regular service, reducing the possibilities of a significant breakdown. All maintenance history will be recorded and accessible by the owner at any time through their platform. Ryder also ensures all records are updated to keep up with the Department of Transport compliances.

Fair Market Value Lease

Ryder offers its clients an operating lease under its Fair Market Value Lease program, and no down payment is required for this facility. Since it is paired with a cost-effective payment schedule, a Fair Market Value Lease is ideal for businesses looking to expand their fleet or new companies who may not have the financial capabilities to develop.

There are a lot of benefits to the Fair Market Value Lease. It helps Ryder’s clients improve their cash flow with a flexible and economical payment structure. Businesses can expand their operations with the added cash flow since they can easily invest more and pay expenses. Ryder is the best way to buy a truck, and its leasing program will get transport companies more trucks at a more affordable price.

At the end of the lease, Ryder’s clients may choose to renew their lease with new vehicles, which will allow them to have an up-to-date fleet, saving maintenance costs. Clients will also have the ability to purchase the vehicle they were leasing and upgrade their truck or replace it. Finally, if the client wishes to end the lease, they may return the leased vehicle having benefited from Ryder’s facilities.

Flex Trac

Ryder’s clients may purchase their vehicle at the end of the lease at a price that has been predetermined. This lease is best for tax-oriented businesses that want ownership of the commercial truck at the end of their lease.

Flex Trac allows businesses to know the vehicle’s purchase cost at the end of the lease beforehand. They will receive ownership of vehicles with access to complete maintenance records, allowing the buyer to know their truck beforehand. 

Since the purchase price is determined before the start of the lease, businesses can accurately predict their costs and focus on their long-term goals. The predictability combined with lower payments helps Ryder clients improve their cash flow and likely grow their business efficiently. 

At the end of the lease, Ryder’s clients will have the option to purchase the vehicle at a predetermined price. Businesses benefit from having to pay smaller payments spread over time when choosing a leasing facility instead of the high cost associated with purchasing a vehicle on the spot. 

On the other hand, they could also extend the leasing agreement, which will increase their access to flexible payment structures. Finally, if the client wishes to end the lease, they could return the vehicle without committing to purchase it.

“Ryder’s Commercial Truck finance may be for you if you require a flexible payment schedule”

Who Should Apply for Commercial Truck Financing with Ryder?

The success of a business depends on the strategy adopted by the company and its implementation. For small businesses, access to funds for investments may be hindered due to constraints in their cash flow. 

Unfortunately, acquiring traditional loans is time-consuming and requires tedious paperwork to secure the fund. However, through Ryder’s commercial truck financing facilities, these businesses can access much-needed equipment, which will help them grow at an unprecedented rate. 

Business owners often spend a lot of time worrying about managing their fleet, but with Ryder’s flexible plans combined with numerous transport solutions, your leasing experience will be incredibly smooth.

If you’re confused about whether you should apply for Commercial Truck Financing with Ryder, you should look at the options your business has. 

Ryder’s Commercial Truck finance may be for you if you require a flexible payment schedule. With zero down payment available on some leases, Ryder makes leasing a truck more feasible for your business. 

Above all, Ryder’s lease terms are designed to provide their clients with maximum flexibility since they offer small, medium, and long-term leasing options that last between one and ten years. Ryder also helps clients decide which lease is more suitable for their business. For example, small businesses benefit from flexibility, and a lease will allow business owners to scale up their operations.

If you spend excessive hours worrying about your fleet’s maintenance and administrative tasks, Ryder offers clients their renowned ChoiceLease Full Service, including care and other value-added goods. Business owners can sit back and enjoy the benefits of owning a new truck while Ryder handles the tedious task of managing and handling its maintenance. Ryder also ensures all regulatory compliance which reduces the complications for you to grow your business. 

Lastly, many established businesses encounter a serious issue; an aging fleet that breaks down frequently and increases the delivery time with other hassles. Older vehicles require more frequent maintenance, which increases maintenance costs and makes it harder for the business to predict its future costs accurately. 

A Ryder lease may be for you if your company faces this issue since your business can enjoy a new fleet of trusted vehicles. Newer vehicles will require less maintenance, therefore keeping your trucks on the road longer, helping increase your company’s efficiency in transporting goods to your clients. 

Ryder’s clients do not need to worry about having faulty trucks in their fleet with full access to maintenance records of the vehicles they are willing to lease.

How Do You Qualify for Ryder’s Commercial Truck Financing?

Ryder does not typically need a credit check before giving clients access to their financing facilities allowing businesses to choose a service that suits them the best. While it may seem necessary for a business owner to have a good credit score to access Ryder’s commercial truck financing, it is not essential. Ryder works with all business owners, regardless of credit. 

While a good credit score may represent how likely you are to pay off your debt, Ryder’s affordable truck financing leases help make the facility accessible to everyone. They have a wide variety of leasing options for all business owners and can provide their services to whoever requires so. 

Ryder offers multiple capital and operating truck lease options to clients with bad credit scores providing easy access to their facilities with flexibility in the lease period. 

Ryder Loan Application Process

Ryder allows business owners to take their companies beyond their expected goals. A Ryder ChoiceLease will enable your company to receive a strategic advantage over your competitors, enabling you to grow your business at an unprecedented rate. The increase in revenue seen through Ryder ChoiceLease programs is immense. 

Luckily, Ryder gives seamless access to its potential clients by making the loan application process as simple as possible. Clients have maximum flexibility with the lease terms, the period, maintenance, and delivery. They even get to decide their commitments to Ryder since they value their client and the company. Let us walk you through the application process of acquiring a lease on your vehicle.

1. Firstly, choose a Ryder ChoiceLease that suits your company the best

Ryder gives its clients a choice between three primary leasing options. Firstly, Ryder ChoiceLease Full service includes new or trusted used trucks with bumper-to-bumper warranty and maintenance costs, including wear and tear equipment. This service is for clients looking for flexible maintenance payment schedules. With predetermined rates, you do not need to worry about increasing costs. 

Ryder ChoiceLease Preventative allows clients to have preventative maintenance that helps prevent downtime and boost profits. Clients decide when they want their truck repaired at the closest convenient location from Ryders 800+ locations from coast to coast.

2. Pick your desired equipment, maintenance schedule, delivery methods, and lease term

Ryder allows its clients to choose from a diverse selection of commercial vehicles. Whether it be heavy or light-duty trucks, vans, and tractors, Ryder has got it covered. Clients can also customize their trucks according to their requirements, keeping up with their reputation for being flexible. 

Between the flexible lease terms, Ryder offers competitive financing, which is geared to your company’s needs. They understand their client knows best about their company and give them the option to choose between capital or operating leases along with the ability to take advantage of tax benefits. 

Finally, Ryder allows its clients to decide where to maintain their vehicles. Additionally, Ryder offers maintenance at their facilities, Ryder Mobile, or even On-site. Multiple delivery methods are at the client’s disposal as well.

3. Choose value-added services which benefit your Company

Ryder offers Fleet protection through its warranty program that covers physical damages, which protect the client’s fleet from potential liabilities. Apart from this, you may choose Safety services that help keep your fleet compliant and reduce the risk of your drivers being involved in accidents. 

This helps to enhance your CSA scores drastically and cuts down on hours of service misused by the driver. Ryder also provides fuel benefits with concessionary pricing due to its considerable purchasing power and access to multi-point inspections within its network of over 6000 fueling locations. 

Lastly, the company also provides rental vehicles if you encounter an increase in demand or a breakdown in your fleet. Your company operations are guaranteed to continue at highly competitive rates despite any hurdles you face.

4. Fill out the contact form on their website

Ryder offers its clients the ability to apply for leases at their convenience from their website. Tell Ryder a little about your company on the form and expect a call from the right person. A Ryder associate will guide the client through the procedure of acquiring a lease with ease.

Ryder Commercial Truck Financing Rates

A lease varies between $1,000 to $1,500 per month. The price depends on the client's plan, the value-added services, a new or used vehicle, and the lease agreement. 

Currently, Ryder is offering a promotion for getting an analysis of the total cost of the vehicle. This offer has a $1,500 value but is staggeringly being provided to potential clients for free. 

Also, with Ryder SelectCare Preventative, Ryder is allowing its clients to access a comprehensive maintenance service starting at just $45 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Ryder Offer?

Ryder provides supply chain solutions, transportation logistics, Truck Leasing and Maintenance, and technology and innovations to help your company excel.

Where does Ryder Operate?

Ryder has operations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Singapore.

How can I contact Ryder?

If you want to inquire about their facilities, you may contact Ryder through their website. If you wish to talk to a Ryder associate about a specific issue, you may call them on one of the following numbers

Which commercial vehicle can Ryder finance?

Ryder offers the following variety of vehicles:

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