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RWC Group Commercial Truck Financing

Known for its wide array of services, RWC Group makes customers feel welcome while providing the best service, with extensive information and complete buying guides, directing customers toward the right step.

RWC is a commercial bus and truck dealership company. They founded in 1997 and over the years they have expanded their business and house 700 employees and shops in four states: Arizona, California, Washington and Alaska.

Liara Cohen RWC is a commercial bus and truck dealership company. They founded in 1997 and over the years they have expanded their business and house 700 employees and shops in four states: Arizona, California, Washington and Alaska.
Liara Cohen
July 21, 2022

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Being in the truck driving business is profitable if done right. One of the most crucial steps of running a profitable commercial trucking business is managing your cash flow and how it relates to which commercial trucks to invest in. 

However, commercial truck financing works a bit differently than other forms of consumer financing. A number of factors such as your years in business, the type of truck you want and your credit score come into play. 

The best financing programs out there help owners expand and invest money in other areas of the business. A reputable and known truck financing company that has been providing loans in this area is RWC group. Below we provide crucial information regarding the company and lay out the process of how a small to medium-sized commercial trucking company may acquire financing for a commercial truck

RWC Group: Company Profile

RWC is a commercial bus and truck dealership company. Over the years, they have expanded their business and house 700 employees and shops in four states; Arizona, California, Washington and Alaska. 

The company leases and sells different kinds of trucks and buses which may suit your needs. The company provides a number of services, including maintenance, repair, body shop, alignment, PDF cleaning, and mobile service. 

The company has an extensive part inventory where they have OEM (original equipment manufacturer) from a large number of manufacturers, so you will surely be able to find the parts you are looking for.

The president of the RWC Group is Robert W (Bob) Cunningham. Robert initiated his career in the truck industry by loading trucks at the IML Freight lines in 1973 while also studying at the University of Utah. Right after he graduated, he worked in the sales and operations department for six years for the company Motor Cargo. 

In 1985, Robert then went on to join Swift Transportation, where he worked as the vice president of Sales and Marketing. Advancing to a position in the board of directors, President and CEO. From the year 1997 to 2005, Robert ran and owned one of America's best Freightliner truck dealerships.

Soon in 2010, he bought all three existing idealease locations and international truck dealerships in the state of Arizona. In 2014, the company added three locations in southern California and purchased four locations in Washington and Alaska. In February 2015, the company successfully made its northwest footprint with three additional Washington stores. 

The president and the entire team of RWC Group work together to provide top-notch services to customers, in order to make their experience as smooth as possible. The company can be contacted using the telephone number mentioned on their website. 

RWC Group is known for their wide array of services, whether it is commercial truck financing, bus financing, consultation regarding vehicles, repair jobs and maintenance. The company makes customers feel welcome and provides the best services they can. The company website also has a blog that provides extensive information on different kinds of vehicles and offers complete buying guides that direct customers towards the steps they should be taking. 

“The committed employees at RWC Group help draw out a finance plan to get you a truck of your choice as soon as possible”

Who Should Apply For Commercial Truck Financing With RWC Group?

If you are looking to find commercial truck financing for a truck, RWC Group is a well sought after choice. The committed employees at the finance department of the company help draw out a finance plan to get you a truck of your choice as soon as possible. 

RWC maintains strong relations with lending partners and can help you get the right deal in no time. This includes fleets, startup companies, business owners, owner-operators and people with good or bad credit. 

They have finance programs for new and used trucks and offer equipment finance loans, balloon payments, skip payments, TRAC Lease, FMV Lease and rebate leases. The website hosts a detailed section for commercial truck financing where customers can search for the particular make and model of their desired trucks, and the details appear on the next page. 

The user can then look at the basic description of the truck and go on to find details such as the cost, financing, requirements to be able to buy the truck.

RWC Group encourages its customers to buy new semi-trucks. As mentioned on the website, the company explains how buying a new semi-truck will give you the optimal performance and will be months away from its first repair. 

While this is a costly endeavor, this is where RWC shines. They provide customers with the best make and models from outstanding truck companies such as Hino, Isuzu, Crane Carrier CCC and various International trucks. 

Next, the company asks you to draw up a budget and know the corresponding salesperson. The brand first asks you to identify your purpose for buying the truck. If you are a solo driver (owner/operator), you can buy a complex model, which you can then put the time in and learn the machine. If you work on commission, you can buy a truck that suits your preferences and needs. 

However, if you are a fleet manager, you would like to get a simple truck that can give back profit and can be used for multiple purposes. They also point out how the choice of the truck can affect taxes and maintenance costs in the long term. 

They recommend getting into a dealership or a knowledgeable salesperson who can find the perfect truck for you. You can rely on this truck due to the sound quality provided by the company. The company also suggests looking at new semi-trucks available at the shops in different locations. 

RWC advises the buyer to first decide on a truck that would benefit their workflow for years to come. They also state that a good truck should give you at least 700,000 miles before repair work starts to surface. Diesel trucks are much more fuel-efficient than gas-powered ones; however, they are also more expensive. 

How Do You Qualify For RWC Group Commercial Truck Financing?

The first thing a buyer should ask themselves is why they want a truck and if getting a truck will be good for them in the long run. A commercial truck loan is advised to be taken after two years of being in business, wanting to expand an existing business or upgrading their fleet. 

Once you have decided how much you can pay and what your down payment will be, you can start with the process of searching for a suitable truck. You can choose from used trucks, new semi-trucks, sleeper trucks and box trucks. 

Next, you need to check your credit score as companies prefer that you have a good credit score to qualify for a loan. The company would also need paper proof of the business you run or why you need a truck. This would also include other financial documents that prove you would be able to make the desired payments. 

Generally, the lenders will review your application and require you to have a good credit score, be in the business for a few years, own a commercial driver's license or have a driver who owns a CDL who can guarantee the loan, and be able to have a stable business which can pay the monthly installments.

“RWC Group also has another venture called Idealease, a cost-effective alternative to buying a truck” 

Loan Application Process

Interested buyers can go through the options available for different trucks, including different manufacturers, on the RWC Group website. You can search by size, purpose, manufacturing year, brand, and truck type. 

Once through that, the customers can contact the company through the telephone line or email or even use the appointment form to schedule an appointment. Buyers can visit any of the locations of RWC Group. This is where they can start their loan application process. Fill out the forms and provide necessary information and documents which can be reviewed. The website also has a business credit application that you can fill out to receive information on your credit.

In addition to truck financing, RWC Group also has another venture called Idealease. With Idealease, customers can lease and rent trucks of their choice. This is a cost-effective alternative to buying a truck. Idealease offers a variety of services to make the lease beneficial for you. These services include 

Full-Service Lease 

With this service, you get truck specifications, tentative costs and maintenance, priority service and 24/7 roadside assistance. 

Full-Service Equity Lease

This is suitable for people in the truck business who need truck ownership for tax purposes. You can retain tax ownership and enjoy the services provided in a full-service lease. 

Ownership Transition

In this service, you can learn the cost of the truck, the advantage of a fleet buyout and a full-service lease. 

Short and Long Term Rental

You can rent different trucks by the day, week, or months in this service. 

Dedicated Maintenance

This contains the cost for a customized truck maintenance, priority service, and a monthly cost for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. 

Mobile Service

The company houses skilled technicians, well-equipped maintenance vehicles are available at your service.

Ideal Net

24/7 service available at 430 locations with in-house technicians.

Idealease Fleet Services 

Vehicle legalization and fuel tax reports are available in the US. The fuel card is accepted at 430000 fueling locations in North America. 

Safety and Compliance

They lead in safety and compliance training in partnership with the national private truck council. 

Interested buyers can then fill up an application form available on the website. The application requires detailed information such as name, birthdate, address, insurance information, business owners, credit request, bank reference. It also contains terms and conditions that buyers should go through before signing the form. 

Interested buyers can also get a quote through a form on the company’s website. The form requires the make and model of your truck, your personal information and the store you would like to correspond with. In addition, you can also use another option called value your trade. This option allows you to find information about the process of trading a pre-owned commercial vehicle with a new truck. 

Customers can schedule an appointment using the form on the website with the store that is convenient for them to discuss their truck options and what the best program would be for them. 

RWC Group Commercial Truck Financing Interest Rates

The RWC Group offers a finance calculator in the finance for truck section. The sales tax at RWC is 6.25%. At the same time, the APR is 7%. The term in months is negotiable, and the monthly payment can be calculated using the finance calculator.

While the APR is usually non-negotiable, some lenders may discuss the interest rate with the buyer. All you have to enter is the amount of the truck you are buying and the down payment you have made. 

It should be noted that while truck loans are a great way of paying in installments and owning a new truck by the end of the payment period, there are some instances where leasing a truck can also be a sensible option. 

If you are a startup commercial trucking company, you would want to invest your finances as a high down payment carefully, and monthly installments can keep you from spending on other important aspects of the business, including paying your employees.

Often businesses shut down due to heavy costs of equipment, and the recent pandemic has negatively affected many small businesses causing them to shut down. A better path is to invest part of your money in a situation like this. 

With a lease, you can also free up cash; with loans, the down payments cover a large chunk of money. When taking a lease, the sales tax can be spread across the payment period, monthly payments can be less, and the money you save can be used elsewhere. 

Lastly, if you worry about longevity, commercial truck leases also solve that problem. There are multiple reasons why longevity may be concerning. Delivery trucks travel through congested and polluted areas, often stopping and starting, requiring repairs to the surface which may cost a fortune if the truck is from a unique manufacturer. 

In addition, if your trucks are consumer-facing, you may need to update the models to create an impression, in which case owning a truck may not be the best option.

Store Locations and Other Services 

The company has stores in four states. The headquarters are stationed in Arizona, with 5 other store locations that customers can visit. They own two locations in California which are San Fernando and Los Angeles/ Huntington Park. Four stores in Washington each at Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Yakima. Lastly, two in Arizona, in Anchorage and Fairbanks. 

The company has a showroom for large trucks from Hino, Isuzu, Kalmar Ottawa, Crane Carrier Company and various international trucks. The company is also part of the CARB Truck and bus regulation. This is a regulation that makes sure the vehicle meets necessary regulations before getting a DMV registration. The website has an entire section dedicated to these regulations and mentions information such as the date it came into effect, how you can make sure your truck or bus meets the requirements, steps you need to take to insure your vehicle complies with rules.

Customer Testimonials 

A customer who went to the store in Tacoma, Washington, commended the services provided by the staff. He took his 2013 international 7500 for repair and maintenance and got regular calls from the service department updating him on the status of his rig. 

He mentioned how the workers did not try to sell him any unnecessary things and only suggested repairs that would be better for his vehicle. The mechanics are knowledgeable and highly skilled. 

Another customer mentioned making their first new purchase here. They pointed out that the staff was extremely professional and helpful during the entire process. They answered all questions with patience and gave the necessary information to make a decision. This store was located in Phoenix, Arizona. 


What is a commercial truck loan?

A commercial truck loan is a specifically designed financial process that caters to people in the trucking industry. Fleet or business owners, as well as solo truck owners aka owner/operators, use this process to get a truck without spending all their cash in one place. Banks can offer commercial truck loans, online small business lenders, and speciality financing companies. 

What types of truck loans are available?

The basic two types of truck loans are; leases and loans.

The first one is the equipment lease. In this type, the borrower and lender come to an agreement where the borrower pays to use the truck until the end of the lease. Normally a truck can be leased with little to no down payment, but it should be noted that leases are usually for new trucks. 

Also, remember that you do not own the truck once the lease is over; some lenders do offer purchase options once the lease is over. 

The second one is an equipment loan. When you take a loan for a truck, you pay in monthly installments. By the end of the loan period, you have paid off the entire loan and now own the truck; you can then choose to keep the truck or sell it and get a newer truck. Loans allow you to buy new or used trucks and mostly require you to make a down payment. 

How do commercial truck loans work?

Initially, for a commercial truck loan, you will fill out an application that will hold relevant information like your finances and business. Next, the lender will review your application and decide if they want to give you a loan. Normally to qualify for a commercial truck loan, small business lenders need you to have a strong credit history, at least two years in the industry and good or consistent business revenue. 

Generally, lenders offer truck loans in the form of equipment loans and leases, and there are varying interest rates and sales tax added to them. Some lenders may make a down payment a requirement, while some may let you pay the entire amount in installments. Some lenders also offer flexible payment options where you can pay monthly, quarterly or even annually. 

Do you need CDL to get a commercial truck loan?

Yes. Typically borrowers would need to have a Commercial Driver's License to qualify for a loan. Some lenders may also need borrowers to have a certain number of years in the trucking industry. 

However, there are some small SBA loan programs that agree to finance a purchase of a truck without a CDL. They may need a CDL holder to guarantee the loan or require the business owner to have some time in business, a good credit score and certain down payment. 

Should I lease a commercial truck or get a commercial truck loan?

Getting a commercial truck lease or a loan depends on a few factors. If you do not want commitment, flexibility, a lower down payment and small payments, you should opt for a commercial truck lease. It should be noted that even after the payments you make and the paid down payment, you would not own the truck at the end of the lease period. 

The finance company also needs the truck to be new or have fewer miles on it to qualify for a lease. This means you cannot lease old or used trucks. If you wish to own the truck, then opting for a commercial loan would be a better option for you. Depending on how flexible the lender is, you would be allowed to make the payments monthly or quarterly. 

However, there will be additional expenses whether you get a commercial lease or commercial loan, including commercial truck insurance


The trucking industry is expansive and has room for quite a lot of profit. Making the right decisions for your business can help you expand, upgrade your fleet and earn large profits. 

Financing new semi-trucks is often a better option as these new trucks work well without needing a repair past the 5 to 7 year loan payments. 

While there are a few things to consider while investing in such expensive machinery, getting commercial truck finance can give you the time to figure out how to go about your business. 

RWC Group is a trusted and experienced company that employs highly-skilled, attentive and professional people who make sure your experience with the company is as smooth as possible. 

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