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Quest Capital Commercial Truck Financing

With more to offer to businesses in the commercial trucking industry than any other company, Quest Capital should be considered by anyone looking for expert advice and guidance along with convenient financing.

Quest Capital Group Inc., known as Quest Capital for short, is an equipment and business finance company that is primarily based in Tustin, California with geographic presence all across the United States.

Shira Mizrachi Quest Capital Group Inc., known as Quest Capital for short, is an equipment and business finance company that is primarily based in Tustin, California with geographic presence all across the United States.
Shira Mizrachi
July 6, 2022

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Quest Capital strives to serve its customers to the best of its abilities and satisfy all their financial needs. It wants to provide its customers with all the resources they need to expand its businesses. The company has a geographic presence all across the United States. However, the company and its team are very diverse and inclusive. Even on the company's website, you can access all the information in English and Spanish. The company considers the various ethnicities that live in our societies and caters to their needs.

The team at Quest Capital wants to help all kinds of businesses grow and expand. The company knows that a business will need more than one kind of resource to do so. So, to provide all the necessary elements that a business needs to progress, the company built itself using a team of experts in the fields of the business service industry and financial lending. These experts have been a part of these industries for more than 3 decades.

These industry experts are of great use to the customers and businesses that approach Quest Capital because they can use their unique and vast experience to guide the businesses in the right direction. The experts at Quest Capital provide the clients with the financial resources they need and with experience and knowledge on how to run and further grow their respective businesses in the best way possible. 

Due to the presence of highly experienced professionals in the team, the company is able to skillfully and successfully provide financial solutions to many different companies operating in a large variety of industries. Some of the industries that Quest Capital serves include the truck and trailer industry, technology industry, construction industry, transportation industry and waste management industry. 

However, the company also provides equipment for the manufacturing industry, medical industry and many others as well like audio-video equipment, retail equipment, engraving equipment, vending equipment, hardware and software, printing equipment, automotive equipment and even farm equipment. 

The company serves and interacts with a large variety of businesses belonging to a large range of industries. As a result, the team of experts at Quest Capital realizes that all businesses have their own unique needs, and a one size fits all solution won't work. Therefore, the company offers many different types of financial programs that their customers can choose from depending on their goals and financial situation.  

These financial programs offered by Quest Capital include merchant cash advances, business equipment leasing, flexible small business loans and working capital loans. By providing financial options to their customers, the company allows them to settle for the one that will help their business expand the most. This flexibility and provision of suitable options align with the company's vision which aims to help all kinds of businesses grow.

An ode to this mission is that the team at Quest Capital is committed to providing its customers with the largest portfolio of financial services and products available on the market. The company's rates and services are market competitive and sometimes even better than what is available in the market.

For instance, the team at Quest Capital provides its client base with 100% financing programs. These programs are inclusive of the cost of any equipment the business might need, regardless of the condition of the equipment and whether it's used or brand new. The financing also covers all the soft costs that include shipping and taxes.  

While Quest Capital provides all kinds of equipment, it does specialize in the financing of some specific ones. This equipment is mostly related to the world of commercial vehicles. These vehicles constitute bucket trucks, freightliner trucks, tractor-trailers, box trucks, cab-over sleepers, conventional - day cab, conventional – sleeper, dump trucks, wreckers, crane trucks, garbage trucks, flatbed and rollbacks. 

Therefore, we can see that the team at Quest Capital is skilled at providing all sorts of resources and financial services in various fields. The company also has an impressive portfolio and offers a range of financial services to its clients, who all come from different industrial backgrounds. However, the company specializes in providing equipment to the commercial vehicle industry, and therefore Quest Capital can be considered when looking for commercial truck financing.

“Anyone who is looking for expert advice and guidance along with convenient financing should consider going to Quest Capital”

Who Should Apply for Commercial Truck Financing with Quest Capital?

As discussed above, businesses belonging to all kinds of industries can come to Quest Capital to acquire their desired capital and finance their businesses. However, as far as the commercial trucking industry is concerned, the financing company has more to offer to businesses in this industry than any other.

Anyone who is looking for expert advice and guidance along with convenient financing for their commercial trucking business should consider going to Quest Capital. However, other factors also determine who should consider Quest Capital for commercial truck financing, and we have discussed those factors below.

A Wide Financing Range

The team at Quest Capital realizes that all businesses have different needs. As a result, the resources they need to properly grow also vary. To meet the needs of as many customers and businesses as possible, the company has a large financial window.

At Quest Capital, they offer finances to help you acquire assets or raise capital that ranges anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000.

This financing can help startups establish their business on a strong base. Furthermore, it can help already established businesses expand and improve their practice by acquiring new equipment and modern tools. 

The finances provided by the company also help cover soft causes such as taxes, shipping, training, installations and any needed software in the provided amount.

Therefore, commercial truck financing with Quest Capital is a great option for almost all businesses, but especially those uncertain about the amount of funding they may require and either require extremely large capital or a small amount that is not provided by most financing companies out there. 

Customizable Financial Programs

As discussed above, Quest Capital is extremely generous with the large window of financial capital it has provided to its clients.

However, the amount of capital you need is not the only factor you consider when applying for financing with a company. You also have to plan out how to pay that amount back to the company. As a result, you have to find a balance between what your commercial truck company needs and what it can afford.

Fortunately, the team at Quest Capital allows their clients to come up with their very own customized financial programs. These programs help the customers plan out what they need today and how they will pay it back tomorrow, depending upon their business's standing.

The customized structure that commercial truck business owners can develop considers their cyclical fluctuations, operating cash flow and budgeting. 

For instance, one feature that Quest Capital offers its clients is short-term business financing. This program includes seasonal equipment leasing, which allows businesses to schedule their payments during their busiest months because it is then that they earn the most revenue.

As a result, Quest Capital is a great option for commercial truck financing if you experience seasonal peaks in your business or need a customizable financial program for any other reason. 

How Do You Qualify for Quest Capital Commercial Truck Financing?

All financing companies have their own distinguished criteria based on which they offer or approve loans for certain businesses. 

As far as most financing companies are concerned, they may take your credit history into account. Furthermore, when applying for commercial truck financing, they may also require you to have certain licenses and a driving experience for a particular period. They may also require your business to be of a certain age or be operational for a certain amount of time.

Depending upon these factors, the companies might alter the programs they offer to different commercial truck financing businesses. However, not all financing companies may consider all the factors mentioned above.

That said, all we know about the commercial truck financing qualification criteria at Quest Capital is that the financing needs to be for business equipment. If the purpose of applying for capital with Quest Capital is something other than meeting business needs, then your application will likely be rejected.

We have discussed the loan application process at Quest Capital in more detail further down the article.

“The loan application process at Quest Capital is very easy, taking less than 10 minutes”  

Quest Capital Loan Application Process

The loan application process at Quest Capital is very easy. If you're interested in obtaining commercial truck financing from the company, then all you have to do is fill out a simple online application form. The form takes less than 10 minutes to fill and submit. 

Below we have given a complete breakdown of the entire online application form at Quest Capital.

1. Business Information 

The business information subsection is the first and most extensive section in the entire application form. It has six categories that need to be filled accurately. 

To be fair, we're not sure about which address Quest Capital requires you to fill in either. However, you can always contact the company directly in case of such confusion and get the right answer to your question. 

It's advisable to fill your online application right in one go to avoid any future financing problems and make continuous revisions.

The last 5 fields are not mandatory to fill as per the Quest Capital application form requirements. However, you should fill them in to provide the complete information to the financing company, build trust with them, and make it easier for them to contact you and your commercial truck business if needed. 

2. Lease Detail

Lease Detail is the smallest subsection in the entire application form. It has just one category that requires it to be filled in.

The field in question is that of the finance amount. You will have to enter the amount of capital you want the company to provide you with so you can easily finance your commercial truck business.

3. Principal / Owner

The principal/owner subsection is an extremely important subsection of the online application form. The subsection requires the applicant to enter their personal information. The applicant has to be the business owner or at least a shareholder of the commercial truck business.

After this, the applicant has to enter their contact information so that the financing company can easily get to them.

All the fields present in this subsection are mandatory and need to be filled by the applicant in order to submit the online application. However, the only exception is the ownership% field. You can submit the application form even if you don't fill this field. 

4. Authorization

The authorization subsection is probably the easiest part of the application, yet one of the most crucial ones. All you have to do in order to complete this subsection is tick a small box. 

By ticking this small box, you confirm that the Quest Capital Group or its designee and any present or potential assignees have the authority to review the personal credit history of the applicant from any national credit bureau. 

Furthermore, this authority will also be extended to acquiring any credit profile that is needed in the process of considering the applicant for the purposes of updating, extending or renewing this credit and also for the collecting or reviewing the resulting account. In case the actual authorization is not present, then a facsimile or photo-static copy of it will be considered just as valid as the original.

5. Validation

The validation subsection of the online application form is unrelated to any information relating to the applicant or the commercial trucking business they are applying on behalf of. Instead, this section requires you to feed in the captcha code provided to you.

In case you find it difficult to understand the code, enter the wrong one, or want a new captcha code, you can utilize the refresh option present at the bottom of the field. By refreshing, you can easily generate new code.

6. Submit or Reset

After you have filled all the required fields above, all that's left to do now is submit the online application form. You can submit the form by clicking on the submit application button present at the bottom of the online application form.

However, if there are any mistakes in your online application form and you don't want to go back and erase everything, then you can always use the reset button. This will refresh the online form, and you can start filling it all over again instead of removing and refilling all the fields.

Both the submit application button and the reset button are present next to each other at the bottom.  

7. Terms

The terms for this application form are technically not a part of it. However, they are worth mentioning because they are given at the bottom of the online application page and relay Quest Capital's policies towards the applicants of the loan and the payment of the financing that the company will provide to the applicant.

The first part of the terms section entails that the financing will only be considered for, and given to, equipment that the lessee will use in order to support a business. 

Furthermore, the financing is calculated using a two (2) payment advance system. The two payment advance system means that the first and the last payment that an individual will make will be held as a security deposit. These two payments are separate from any maintenance, taxes and insurance that the company might pay.

The terms also state that these two quoted payments are influenced by credit approval, which means that they can change without any previous notice. The quotes are for good credit, while their structure and rate can be altered by weaker credit. 

However, Quest Capital takes startup companies into account too. As a result, the terms applicable to such companies may vary depending upon the industry in which they operate, as well as the lessee's strength. 

Once you're done with the entire application procedure, rest assured that your application is under process. As soon as you're approved for financing by Quest Capital, the company will let you know by contacting you. 

If your application is approved, you can receive the desired funding in less than 24 hours. 

Quest Capital Commercial Truck Financing Interest Rates

When we talk about commercial truck financing interest rates, we know they differ from company to company. Furthermore, they may also vary according to the financing program you are being offered.

Interest rates generally depend upon a variety of factors. For instance, the applicant's credit history plays a role in determining the amount of interest that will be charged on a financed amount. Furthermore, how quickly someone pays their due installments also has a hand in determining the percentage of interest charged.

The financing programs you qualify for also influence the rate of interest charged. Different programs have varying qualification criteria and the maximum and minimum amounts of capital you can receive from them. Therefore, any fluctuations in the amount of financed capital can affect the interest percentage. 

Another factor affecting interest rates in commercial truck financing offered by most companies is the condition and model of the equipment you are looking to lease. The better the condition and the newer the model, the more interest will be charged, and if the condition is not stellar or if the model is relatively old, the company will charge a lower percentage of interest on the vehicle.

As far as Quest Capital is concerned, we cannot say anything about the rate of interest they charge for commercial truck financing. However, you can find out more about the company's interest rates by contacting them directly on their official phone number. You can also get in touch with them through fax. If you want to do more research, you can visit the company's official website.

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