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PNC Bank Commercial Truck Financing

With over 160 years in the industry, PNC Bank offers an array of financial services to its customers with the ultimate objective of helping them meet their financial goals. Its customer base includes small businesses, large corporations, government institutions, and individuals.

PNC bank stands by the promise of offering the solution to every financial need in the book, regardless of how complicated or simple it may be. PNC Bank's resources take the lead due to the ultimate knowledge, products, and skill that it resonates with for financial success.

Rachel Dayan PNC bank stands by the promise of offering the solution to every financial need in the book, regardless of how complicated or simple it may be. PNC Bank's resources take the lead due to the ultimate knowledge, products, and skill that it resonates with for financial success.
Rachel Dayan
April 6, 2022

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What Does PNC Bank Offer

Due to the bank's consistent mission and approach, it provides various services to cater to all kinds of financial needs. These include:

Retail Banking

PNC Bank prioritizes convenience and ease for its customers so that their route to gaining financial health and security is smooth. Therefore, they offer exceptional customer service through various features, including their care center, branches, ATMs, digital and online solutions. Customers have the opportunity to pursue financial security through easy and safe tools, products, and services provided by the bank.

Over 12 million small businesses and individuals have opted for PNC Bank's lending, deposit, cash management, credit card, and investment services. Due to its wide reach, the bank has installed solution centers and ATMs across Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Southwest. Additionally, this bank offers loans on a residential mortgage throughout the globe and within their branch network.

PNC Bank continues to expand its services despite catering to such a large customer base. Additionally, it has introduced its Retail Bank within the country via a thin branch strategy operated digitally.

This service is available beyond their current branch network and offers solution centers by combining professional assistance from bankers and the art of technology to make customized experiences and cater to common banking needs. This solution center offers the customers a synergic environment by connecting customers with PNC Bank's efficient digital services and solutions. These include services beyond basic withdrawals and deposits.

PNC Bank has over 25 solution centers in Colorado, Arizona, Massachusetts, Kansas, Texas, and Tennessee. Moreover, the bank also digitally provides unsecured installments and loans for small businesses in the expansion markets.

The bank has opted for consistent growth as it emerged with its Low Cash Mode Virtual Wallet feature in 2021 April. This is used to offer customers the option to keep away from excess overdraft fees through alerts in real-time, additional time for overdraft prevention and addressing, and the ability to make the decisions regarding what items they wish to return and to pay for in contrast to the bank calling the shots itself.

Therefore, PNC Bank's retail banking service caters to various needs. Whether the customer needs to opt for saving post-retirement or has to invest in purchasing a home, or for the future or gaining access to the appropriate credit card, this bank offers complete confidence to its customers through its holistic services for making the right financial decisions.

Management Of Assets

Beyond retail banking, PNC Bank also offers a wide range of services to cater to its customers' asset management. These include various key insights and solutions to well-off families and individuals to manage their assets adequately.

Other customers who can benefit from this service include unions, corporations, non-profit organizations, municipalities, endowments, and foundations. These practices are led by PNC Bank's Investment and National Practice Groups.

Asset Management conducted by PNC bank is led by the Asset Management Group, which consists of three core entities including:

  1. PNC Private Bank: This is responsible for offering customized investments, wealth planning, estate management, trust administration, and cash and credit management features exclusively for families and individuals with a high net worth.
  2. PNC Private Bank Hawthorn: This office is known as one of the largest shared offices within the country and is responsible for offering a coherent system of wealth management to immensely wealthy individuals and families.
  3. PNC Institutional Asset Management: This entity plays the role of an investment manager and an administrator for various not-for-profit organizations, companies, and retirement plans within the country. PNC Capital Advisors, LLC, is exclusively a registered advisor for investments with multiple strategies, which mainly aims to support its customers' long-term investment goals while helping them in the process.

This group has catered to numerous customers and managed and administered assets worth up to 357 billion dollars by the end of 2021.

Institutional And Corporate Banking

PNC Bank is one of the leading banks, in terms of offering credits for individuals, small businesses, middle-market companies, and much more throughout the country. Its aim remains to stay in the lead when it comes to providing credit to the middle market and has successfully fulfilled this aim by making it to the top 5 banks which offer loan transactions for middle-market customers for the past 5 consecutive years.

However, beyond just offering loans, PNC Bank aims to build and maintain consistent relationships with customers from the middle market to extend their services in the long term. The wide range of services focused on these markets includes capital markets, extensive treasury management, and international banking services exclusively customized for customers in the middle market.

PNC continues to emerge as one of the top banks across various other target markets, including thousands of utilities, real estate, government, healthcare, not-for-profit, higher education, and truck financing institutions. Additionally, one of the bank's major clients is its long-term relationship with two-thirds of the Fortune 500.

PNC Bank's in-depth knowledge of the industry resonates with all of its customer relationships and loyal clients along with its core competitors due to the bank's ultimate method of raising capital, managing treasury, and various other capabilities for capital markets.

This bank is the ultimate winner when it comes to catering to its customers regardless of the extent of their financial needs. Therefore, if a company wishes to expand its company by acquiring the right amount of capital or aims to move the ownership of the particular company to its employees, or requires aid in formulating a different strategic direction, PNC is the best bank for you.

PNC Bank collaborates with investment bank Harris Williams, which has a legacy when it comes to offering middle-market advisory services, Solebury, an advisory firm for various equity capital markets and relations with investors, and with PNC ESOP Solutions to provide an array of features, services, and professional advisors to cater to well-managed, hands-on support for various financial transactions.

“PNC Bank is one of the leading banks, in terms of offering credits for individuals, small businesses, middle-market companies, and much more throughout the country”

Who Should Apply for Commercial Truck Financing with PNC Bank?

PNC operates under a specialized plan for truck financing through its transportation vendor finance solutions. The PNC Bank Equipment Finance takes note of the financial requirements of the transportation industry in carrying the weight of moving all forms of essential consumer products. Therefore, various bank professionals aim towards offering well-structured finance options for those operating in the transportation industry.

The bank consists of various experts dedicated to offering adequate consultation by taking note of the customers' particular needs. Therefore, PNC's reliability calls for some of the largest transportation manufacturers in the world to collaborate with PNC Equipment Finance to aid in improving the business.

Therefore, PNC Bank caters to a variety of needs in the truck financing industry by offering the following services:

Therefore, if you're looking to contribute to the transportation industry in the form of improved cash flow and wish to cater to your particular business requirements, PNC Bank offers to lease top-notch quality truck assets along with consultation to improve your market share. Therefore, you can reach out to PNC Bank's customer service agents through an online form available on their website to explore your options.

"The bank consists of various experts dedicated to offering adequate consultation by taking note of the customers' particular needs"

How Do You Qualify For PNC Bank Commercial Truck Financing?

Information Requirements

PNC's essential requirements to opt for its lending services consist of multiple factors. Although the application process is fairly convenient, certain information is an integral pre-requisite when it comes to completing your application successfully. This includes:

Although the requirements mentioned above are the basic ones needed to apply for a particular loan or lease, PNC Bank's business lending guidelines can further analyze your credit history and ability to qualify for a particular form of financing.

Loan Application Process

How Can I Apply?

PNC Bank offers a fairly convenient application process with the promise of expanding your business. Its exceptional consultation also ensures that the lending process is thoroughly explained to you to prepare for the necessary prerequisites fully.

Therefore, PNC Bank offers three mediums for loan applications. Customers have the opportunity to apply online, via phone call, or by visiting any PNC Bank branch.

If you wish to apply online, PNC Bank's online application is readily available and is immensely secure. However, the only prerequisite is that it is integral for the applicant to be a PNC Bank Business Banking customer.

If you wish to apply via phone call, you can dial up the number 1-800-762-5684 to get in touch with PNC Bank's customer service representatives. They are readily available to cater to you from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time.

The third option is by visiting the nearest PNC Bank branch, where you will be able to directly interact with a representative who can guide you through the loan application process in great detail.

Thus, PNC Bank caters to the convenience of its customers thoroughly by offering a range of options for loan applications.

Once you've applied, PNC Bank promises to get back with their decision along with a transparent explanation for it. Moreover, the bank promises to provide solutions after identifying factors from your loan application that may apply to your future or present funding needs. Additionally, PNC Bank promises that all employees directly linked to catering to your loan request will take the lead in offering you the most comprehensive customer service.

PNC Bank Commercial Truck Financing Interest Rates

The core feature of PNC Bank's commercial truck financing options is that it offers vehicle financing to conduct everyday business operations through competitive interest rates, which are set in stone right off the bat. There is no room for varying payment amounts because the interest rates are consistently fixed. Moreover, PNC Bank often offers to finance the complete invoice amount.

PNC Bank's loan amounts range from $10,000 to $250,000 dollars. Therefore, it caters to businesses and individuals with truck financing needs of a large amount for long-term investments along with short-term repairs.

The quoted loan term by the bank is up to 72 months. Therefore, customers have the opportunity to repay their loan in a period spread across 72 months. Moreover, its interest rates are fixed but depend on the loan amount and loan type you may pursue.

PNC Bank's payment method includes a monthly setting. Therefore, you are required to make your repayments of the loan and your interest payments every month. These are directly taken out from your bank account on an automatic basis.

PNC Bank requires collateral of used or new passenger vehicles or trucks, which are currently in the business's use. Therefore, if you wish to opt for commercial truck financing, your vehicle or truck will likely be collateral.

“PNC Bank’s exceptional consultation also ensures that the lending process is thoroughly explained to you to prepare for the necessary prerequisites fully”

Frequently Asked Questions for Truck Financing

Q1. Is it difficult to acquire financing for a truck?

Certain requirements must be fulfilled if you wish to acquire financing for a truck. For example, some companies quote at least two years of an operational business to qualify you for a loan. Some also have a minimum credit requirement.

However, PNC Bank processes each loan request based on numerous factors. As long as your loan application is complete and consists of all the relevant information, the process of acquiring a loan of at least $10,000 dollars can be incredibly easy through this efficient bank. On the contrary, if your loan application is not approved, you can expect a clear explanation for it from the PNC Bank.

How do truck loans work?

The process is fairly simple. When you acquire a truck loan from a particular financial institution, you will receive your total loan amount simultaneously. However, you will pay it back gradually by cutting down monthly repayments and interest payments over time. The longer the period, the higher the overall interest cost because interest payments are scheduled monthly.

On the other hand, loan repayment amounts remain steady and do not vary according to time. Overall, the total amount borrowed, the time taken to repay it, and the interest rate quoted directly impact your total monthly payment.

Q3. How can I get approval for a new truck?

If you wish to acquire a top-quality truck to fulfill your dreams in the quickest way possible, here are a few tips that may increase your chances of getting approval:

Know Your Credit Situation

Most banks or lending institutions will conduct a credit check before approving you of a particular auto loan. Therefore, if your credit score is less than 620, it will be hard for you to get loan approval. It is important to keep a copy of your credit score report to know your eligibility for the kind of loan you are applying for.

Improve Your Credit Condition

You can opt for credit repair services to improve your credit score and increase your chances of acquiring truck financing at fair interest rates. A DIY credit repair is also an option for you if you consider your past payments and possible delays in these payments. Changing your credit habits and making timely payments will increase your credit score and will likely make you eligible for a convenient truck financing option with relatively low-interest rates.

Keep A Realistic Budget

It is important to align your truck needs with your available budget. Therefore, setting a clear budget consisting of all of your expenses and potential loan repayments and interest payments upon acquiring a loan will help you understand your capability to acquire a truck loan.

Save Money For The Down Payment

If you earn your income through a regular stream, the best option is to save up some money for the down payment of your new truck. If you reach out to a particular bank with a set down payment, you will likely have a stronger case at your disposal for loan approval. Therefore, before entering the market of borrowing a loan to fulfill your truck financing needs, try to save up a set amount to kickstart your journey towards acquiring that brand new, top-quality truck.

Take Up A Cosigner

If you're short on time and need access to your new truck right away, you may be unable to instantly improve your credit score or save up for a down payment. Therefore, a cosigner will increase your chances of acquiring a loan. Asking any family member or friend who has a good credit score to become your cosigner for this loan will increase your chances of a quick approval due to their reliable credentials.

However, the downside to this idea is that your family member or friend will be responsible for your repayments, and delayed payments could potentially lower his credit score too. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are immensely responsible about your repayments.

Q4. How long can you take a loan out to finance a truck?

The standard loan term for a good-quality truck is up to 60 months, i.e., 5 years. However, PNC Bank offers a flexible loan repayment period of up to 72 months. This ensures that you will repay the loan on time without feeling the pressure of rushing your payments.

On the contrary, other options for truck financing offer a small repayment term of only 36 months. Therefore, good credit history and a reliable operating business will likely increase your chances of getting truck financing.

Q5. How much does a used semi-truck cost?

The amount of a semi-truck's cost depends on various factors. The main factor is the truck's mileage, i.e., the number of miles the engine or the truck has traveled. Therefore, if you're looking to lease or purchase a semi-truck, you will have to conduct adequate research regarding the truck's history to ensure that you are getting a good deal on your investment. 

The typical range of a good-quality used semi-truck is $40,000 to $80,000 dollars and beyond, depending on the model, condition, and mileage.

How Can I Contact PNC Bank?

If you're looking to speak to a customer service representative, they have three convenient options available at your disposal. You can opt for any of the following:

  1. Through phone call: For any questions regarding your banking service, loan request, or account, you can contact on 412-803-7711
  2. Through Twitter: PNC Bank's official Twitter handle is managed by its highly responsive customer service team, readily available to cater to any customer concerns or queries.
  3. Visit a branch: PNC Bank's branches and ATMs are spread around many areas, and you can visit your nearest branch to find the solutions to your financial problems or the answer to any potential queries.

PNC Bank is one of the oldest in the business, with credible financing options available for its customers. Contract a customer service agent to gather more information regarding your truck financing needs or fill in their contact form for answers to any queries.

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