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McCandless Truck Center Commercial Truck Financing

As one of the best and most credible commercial truck finance companies in North America, McCandless Truck Center excels at providing customers the best service, best value for the money, and the access to the best commercial trucks on the market.

Operating in Colorado and Wyoming, McCandless Truck Center has been in business for over five decades, assuring you that your experience will be outstanding.

Miriam Elbaz Operating in Colorado and Wyoming, McCandless Truck Center has been in business for over five decades, assuring you that your experience will be outstanding.
Miriam Elbaz
July 20, 2022

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The trucking industry has boomed over the last ten years, providing local and long-distance haulers more profits than ever before. At the same time, there are many risks in this vertical. Financing a truck itself can be a big and risky investment, and business owners need to improve and invest in other aspects of the business alongside acquiring a commercial fleet of trucks at the same time they plan to scale their trucking company. 

This is where truck finance companies really help you. Your business doesn't need to be new; many large fleet owners or managers look for financial loans to upgrade or expand their fleets. 

McCandless truck center is one of the best and most credible truck finance companies in North America. With outlets in 6 different locations, interested customers can either fill out online application forms for visiting their shops. 

McCandless truck center is a well-known truck center that is authorized internationally and by IC bus. It operates in Colorado and Wyoming. The company houses a large variety of pre-owned, used, or new inventory. 

Once you have decided if you want to get a truck or bus, you can contact the agents at McCandless Truck Center. The company assures you that your experience will be outstanding. The employees at the company help you make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, and customizations as well. The company believes in giving the utmost respect to its customers and forms long-term relationships with their customers. 

McCandless truck center excels at providing customers the best service, better value for money, and premium quality products. The company works towards providing the trucks at the lowest possible cost of ownership and the best service and quality. 

The company has been in business for over five decades and possesses the knowledge and experience of getting you your next truck loan or lease. The company houses professional and well-trained staff who help you every step of the way. 

The staff at McCandless Truck Center has been divided in a way that no aspect of truck financing gets ignored, and the company runs in the best way possible. All operations are overlooked by the Leadership Team, which is responsible for the company's smooth operations. 

The next is the Service and Body Shop management. These groups house employees who take care of the working of buses and trucks coming in for repairs, how the shop is performing, and the quality of services being provided to the customer. 

Next comes the parts management team. This team takes care of different parts bought from manufacturers to install into pre-owned or new trucks, depending on the customers' needs. Whether a loan or a lease is better for your business, in some cases, a rental service is also provided by the company.

Next, come the parts and service sales team. They take care of your budget and your options when it comes to loans for maintenance and repairs of your trucks. Last but not least, the McCandless idealease team runs another service provided by the company to help you enhance your business. With different financial plans available, you now have the chance to rent or lease your trucks on terms that suit you. 

“The company encourages the customers to ask as many questions needed to find the most suitable truck for themselves”

Who Should Apply For A Financial Loan?

McCandless truck center is known for prioritizing its commercial truck fleet. They keep their vehicles up to date, and you can count on them for providing top-notch equipment in Colorado and Wyoming. Large business owners, fleet managers, and owner-operators all need a suitable semi-truck for their business so that they can transport their cargo efficiently and earn profits from their owned vehicle. 

The company encourages the customers to ask as many questions needed to find the most suitable truck for themselves. The customers should ask about the types of financing the company offers and if the seller understands the specifics of the truck. 

It is important to know what your business requires. While normal semi-trucks will be suitable for cargo delivery, anything that includes food will require you to have reefer trucks that have provisions for keeping food fresh and safe.

Contacting a reputable dealer such as McCandless will help you choose the right truck for your business with a supportive staff who will be there with you at every step. Another aspect of financing a truck has a firm budget. 

It is vital that you do not overspend, have money for extra expenses like taxes, and also get the best product at the price you have set for yourself. When drawing up a budget, do not forget to add insurance price, down payment, monthly fuel payments, and if you are financing a used truck, it is best to factor in maintenance.

The truck centers are located in Aurora, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Grand Junction, Henderson, and Cheyenne. The complete information for each tuck center, including address and helpline numbers, has been mentioned on the website. 

How Do You Qualify For McCandless Commercial Truck Financing?

Over the years, McCandless has formed strong relations with the best truck suppliers and provides customers with the best truck and finance plan. McCandless Truck Center provides a wide range of trucks and buses. 

You can find the truck that suits your business and can give you the best mileage and profits. With McCandless Truck Finance, you can buy trucks from International Trucks; a driver-centric truck provider who knows the needs of the driver. 

With large windows, good mileage, and increased horsepower, and intuitive controls, they really know how to make the driver feel at ease. This is especially a good option for owner-operators who mostly have to run their business from the driver's seat. 

The International Truck Company provides the best trucks for vocational services, including heavy, medium, and severe trucks. The company provides trucks that support drivers in their business endeavors. 

McCandless encourages customers to partner with them and finds the most suitable trucks for them in the wide variety that international trucks provide. This includes the CV Series, MV Series, HV series, HX Series, Lonestar, LT Series, RH Series, and Electric MV Series

If you think a used semi-truck will suit your budget and business, McCandless will help you get a good quality pre-owned truck before selecting a truck; you have to consider the many features that complement the design of a truck these features should benefit you rather than cause hassle while you are doing your business. 

If you are in a business where you operate overnight, you might need a sleeper truck. Once you are sure of your budget, you can cancel out trucks that are out of your budget, including any new models. Keep in mind while drawing up a budget, you will have to add taxes, repairs, insurance, 

Since used trucks can range from good quality to mediocre, the commercial truck financing you would like to inspect the vehicle before approving a loan. The people at McCandless make sure the trucks undergo a rigorous inspection

They inform the customers of the red flags and help them make the best choices. The company also encourages you to ask the used semi-truck dealer for repair and maintenance history. This gives you a clear idea of how long the truck can go on without any repairs and if it can give you the performance you want from it. 

McCandless Truck Center ensures they update the customers on any tune-ups, repairs, or major and minor damages the truck needs. In addition to international and pre-owned trucks, McCandless also offers yard tractors. 

The company has joined the network to offer sales, leases, and parts for yard tractors as well. The company offers a selection of yard terminal tractors, yard tractors, yard trucks, spotters, all available in good quality. McCandless partners with TICO truck spotter to get you the best vehicle possible. 

TICO is a unique company that made a fleet of 1,200 trucks for themselves before deciding to build trucks to sell. They are the largest terminal truck fleet owner throughout North America.

If you are looking for crane carrier trucks, McCandless Truck Center also offers financing options for those. These crane carriers are available for waste collection, mobile drilling, construction, mining, and similar operational services. 

This company can provide you with job-specific, custom-made heavy-duty crane carriers. The trucks can be diesel or alternate fueled. These crane carriers can be used according to various on and off vocational services. 

“McCandless Truck Center reality is one of the best options available to trust your truck with”

McCandless Truck Center Loan Application Process

If you are interested in buying semi-trucks, school buses, chassis trucks, and international trucks, head over to the website of McCandless and fill out their online application form. It is quick, safe, and confidential. 

The international trucks at McCandless Truck Center are not only designed for your vocational truck business needs but for another day in or day out business you run. If you are interested in buying or leasing trucks for your owner-operated business or fleet, visit the website and click on the various options for specific truck types to get directed to their applications. 

These truck types may include concrete mixers, construction trucks, crane trucks, fire and rescue trucks, dump trucks, local delivery, heavy haul, long haul, pickup and delivery trucks, snowplows, streets and sanitation trucks, tow trucks, utility trucks, and tankers. The applications are detailed and include the specific make and model of the truck you like 

You can also contact McCandless truck center through the contact information provided on their website and book an appointment to visit one of their stores directly. Going online does not suit you. The eight classes of commercial trucks manufactured include severe, medium-duty, heavy-duty trucks, intentional trucks built, and supply types 4–8. 

By heading over to their website, you can learn more about the specifications and uses of heavy-duty, medium-duty, and severe-duty trucks. This will help you choose a make and model, and you can directly head over to the application form available on the website. 

Additional Services 

Whether a loan or a lease is better for your business, in some cases, a rental service is also provided by the company. Next, come the parts and service sales team. They take care of your budget and your options when it comes to loans for maintenance and repairs of your trucks. 

Last but not least, the McCandless truck center also runs a service department that provides services to help you take care of a truck. These services include a rapid diagnosis. Through this quick examination, the professionals at the truck center can pick out major or minor faults internally or externally in the truck. 

The quick-lube lane service offers truck oil change without waiting for long. The service department provides quick alignment fixes as well. A well-aligned truck offers an efficient and safe drive for the driver. General repairs are also provided at a special discounted price. Light repair and any quick fixes are made for you as earliest as possible. As many truck businesses require the trucks to be on the road day in and day out. 

The various landscapes and roads can be demanding at times and take a toll on the truck. Owners do not have to worry about their trucks with the professionals present at the McCandless Truck center. With state-of-the-art technologies, the professionals are able to perform the best-suited services on the truck.

McCandless truck center provides Mobile service for truck owners, which are efficient at providing roadside service. At any given moment, the team at McCandless can reach you as soon as possible and fix your repairs without you having to wait for long. 

In addition, the company houses a full-service body and paint center. Here they provide service for all makes models, free estimates for the service, work with all insurance companies, work for midsize to large box trucks, welding, automatic chain installation, buses, and roll-up door repair, body and paint reconditioning, and fabrication.

With a wide range of services like 24/7 maintenance and mobile maintenance, McCandless Truck Center reality is one of the best options available to trust your truck with. When you are on the road for long periods, it is often very common to face issues like brake failure, overheated engines, alignment issues, and possibilities of other damages. A professional truck service shop is needed for proper diagnosis and consultation at a time like this. And it should be available to you wherever you are. 


McCandless truck financing has been working for a number of years and has built a solid reputation for itself through its relentless work and top-notch services. The company houses employees who value the customer and are well-versed in the world of trucking. They understand the needs of each and every business owner, whether it is a fleet owner or an owner-operator. 

Each tuck business is valuable and important to them. The company provides detailed information on each truck available for financing and encourages customers to adopt habits that will help them choose the most suitable truck for themselves; hence helping them in the long run. 

The customer reviews for the company vouch for these attributes, and customers even recommend it to other interested truck business owners. One such customer review praises the overall service provided by the company, the parts department, and the finance department for helping the owner through an important decision. 

The owner is now happy with his choice of trucks, and the business is running well and generating profits. Customers appreciate the professionalism of the employees at McCandless as well. 


What credit score do you need to buy a semi-truck?

When talking about financing a big truck, your credit score can often play a big role in the amount of financing you receive. Often, business owners harm their credit scores by applying to any and every company that offers finance for trucks. After reviewing the statistics, it can be said that most people have credit scores ranging from 600 to 720 FICO

In a survey conducted, it was concluded that the majority of people who got their commercial truck financing applications accepted had a credit of around 667. This also means they got a loan on better terms. This brings into account the interest rates, APR, monthly installments, and other additional costs.

However, this does not mean that you cannot get a truck loan if you have a bad credit score. There are reliable and trustworthy truck finance companies that offer loans leases for bad credit score owners as well. To make things even, they take into account other factors such as the profits generated by your business and other assets you own instead of focusing on your credit score. 

However, it should be kept in mind that it would be hard to get low-interest rates due to a bad credit score. You may also have to pay a higher than usual down payment amount. The monthly installments can later be negotiated with the loaner if you start by making all your payments on time. This can also reflect positively on your credit score. 

What are the factors that affect your credit score?

It should be noted that many elements combine to make your credit score what it is. This includes payment history, a record that shows if you have made all your payments on the due date. 

Next is the credit utilization rate; this shows the amount of credit you have used on your credit cards. Then you have the type, amount, and age of the credit accounts. The lenders may look at the types of credit cards, loans, and mortgages available on your report. 

The next thing they look at is the total debt owed. If you have recently taken a loan and you owe some amount to the lender, this will also be taken into account. Next is bankruptcy, child support due, and public records. It is obvious that having a bankruptcy on your record will not reflect in a good way on your credit score. 

In addition, child support dues may also hurt your credit score. You should also know that opening a lot of credit accounts every now and then in a short span also hurts your credit score. Lastly, the amount of times a lender requests to review your credit score stays on your overall report and may not be a good sign for your credit score. 

This is because repeated inquiries suggest the lender was not satisfied the first time and felt the need to recheck some factors. Make sure the information you provide is complete, true, and up to date. 

What insurance do I need for a semi-truck?

Before completing a deal for commercial truck financing, it is important to look at insurance options and get insurance covered. There are different types of insurance available based on what you want to cover in insurance

These include general liability, primary liability, bob-tail, non-trucking liability, physical damage, motor truck cargo, and workers' compensation. Without a doubt, your business is your biggest asset, and not insuring would ruin your entire business at a time of an accident. Insuring your truck from a reliable broker or carrier can ensure financial safety should an incident occur in the future. 

If you own multiple trucks or our business manager for a large fleet having a strong insurance profile is important. This ensures safety for vehicles and employees. To ensure you are getting the most out of your insurance policies, make sure you read about section 179 and form 4562. 


McCandless Truck Center is a credible pick for owner-operators, fleet managers, or owners looking for a reliable and thorough truck finance company that provides them with the best advice on their truck finance and helps them every step of the way. 

The company provides complete information regarding different truck types, houses professionals who value you and your opinion, and cares for your business. 

In addition to providing you a loan or lease, the company also makes sure that the truck performs to the best of its abilities even after you purchase it. With 24/7 maintenance services and other repair options, the company provides you with a complete package leaving no worries behind. 

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