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How to Apply For Trucking Business Loans

If you own a small carrier and you're looking for a low rate trucking business loan, we've compiled a list of tools to use to secure the best terms from your lender.

Romi Levine
Romi Levine
September 17, 2020

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Does the thought of your trucking business intrigue you? Are you a small business owner hoping to establish yourself through efficient delivery and transport set up? Is the only thing stopping you from attaining your goals a financial constraint? 

If so, then a truck finance new business plan is the way to get started. This involves taking out trucking business loans to finance your plans. Semi-trucks can be used for multiple creative business purposes. For example, a food truck business financial plan can be highly profitable with the right information at your disposal. 

To finance the purchase and management of a truck, you need to know your options in advance. This process is a little more rigorous than simple car loans because greater funding is required. Decide beforehand how many trucks you wish to invest in, their quality, and so on. 

This article can find out about applications for trucking business loans and other factors to keep in mind. 

What Are Trucking Business Loans? 

When you take out trucking business loans, the vehicle does not directly come under your name after purchase. Instead, the truck will act as collateral for the loan until the entire debt has been paid off. This process is not very different from car loans. 

Lenders are careful to keep the vehicle's title in their name to reduce the risk to their finances. Thus, the truck is not considered to be in your direct possession right away. However, this will not restrict you from responsibly using the vehicle for your business purposes.

It is beneficial to opt for commercial truck financing instead of trying to pay a large sum at once. With a truck finance new business plan, you will have a term of 5 years to pay off the loan. 

As with any loan, interest rates will be calculated on the amount borrowed. Rates can differ depending on your credit scores. Business owners with a score of 600 at the least can be charged fixed rates of 5% or 6%. Keep in mind that there should not be any prior delinquencies.

If you don’t have such high credit scores, lenders can still give out loans depending on other credentials. You will have to produce certain documentation and give an account of your finances. Guarantee may be necessary in cases where your personal and business financial history does not suffice. 

Who Gives Out Commercial Truck Loans?

Traditional banks are the primary providers of commercial truck loans. You can avail of conventional trucking business loans at any community or regional banks. These are a good choice since their interest rates are relatively lower.

However, the constraint of traditional bank loans is the lengthy procedure of applications. Time is of the essence when it comes to truck finance for new business. A hold up in the approval of the loan can thus be detrimental. 

Alternative lenders are your other choice for a speedier process. Lending companies give out loans for varying amounts as per your requirement. However, you should note that the interest rates are higher as well. Down payments for loans by online lenders will increase correspondingly higher.

Factors to Keep In Mind When Borrowing Trucking Business Loans

Traditional bank loans are a safe and secure bet. However, many business owners prefer the quicker option of going with online lenders. While this is a viable choice, always ensure the reliability of any lender. Be sure to look at multiple online reviews for this purpose.

Alternative lenders require you to pay more in the long run, and thus some lenders can even be exploitative. To choose the right lending company for your loan, gauge their experience in the specific industry of trucking business loans. 

While borrowing, steer clear from upfront cash payments. No payments should be demanded until the loan is fully approved. This will also include payments for application or other fees. 

Be sure that there is an option for early payoffs, no matter the amount you borrow. This is important to ensure your finances without incurring prepayment penalties for early payoffs.

For leased vehicles, always check that the sales tax is adjusted. This means that the monthly installments and final amount should not cost you double the sales tax. 

Keep in mind that the loan agreement is suitable for your truck finance new business plan. Ask for expert legal advice if you do not feel comfortable with any clauses or understand them.

Who Is Eligible for Trucking Business Loans? 

You might be asked to produce the following information and documentation by the lender. This is meant to check your suitability as a borrower. 

Credit Record

Most business loans will require you to show your credit scores. Trucking business loans are no different in this regard. Lower scores on your credit record might necessitate that you have a cosignatory on the loan contract. 

Outstanding payments can reflect badly on your financial record. The inability to pay the entire down payment will also create problems during borrowing. 

Experience in The Field

As a business owner, your industry experience reflects your ability to pay back the loan. A failed business or sinking finances would thus dissuade lenders from approving your loan. 

Corporations and limited liability companies are more likely to be approved for this reason. However, sole proprietor ventures might face setbacks in this regard. 

Maintenance of The Truck 

Optimum conditions and maintenance of the truck are required to qualify for borrowing. Lenders will want to ensure that the truck is in shape since it is kept as collateral for the loan. To increase your chances of approval, buy a new truck if possible. Otherwise, invest in a well-maintained truck if you go for a secondhand vehicle. 

Application for Trucking Business Loans 

Lenders will ask for the following information during the application process:


With the information listed in this article, you can chalk out truck finance for a new business plan. Always be sure to establish your financial security and comfort with the lender before you proceed. Once the process is underway, your new business can expand its horizons and grow. 

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