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Ford Commercial Truck Financing-Available Options

Whether you need a single vehicle or are updating your entire commercial fleet, read our checklist to find Ford’s best financing options and deals of 2020.

Maya Friedman
Maya Friedman
September 18, 2020

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Need a whole fleet or just one truck? Make the most of your investments with truck financing options. Ford commercial truck financing is for business owners as well as for organizations that prefer preserving capital. 

Ford commercial truck financing ensures owners and organizations have vehicles and get jobs done on time. Ford commercial truck financing takes care of your needs and expedites the financing process to quickly set up everything. Most financing organizations prefer signing agreements for leases and purchases.  

Not all are independent business contracts. Some of the transactions may be bound under business dependent agreements. 

Eligibility for Ford Commercial Truck Financing

Most organizations prefer signing lease agreements within the state or the region of operation. Be it a corporation, a non-profit organization, or a sole proprietorship looking for financial assistance, Ford commercial truck financing providers agree according to the budget. 

The finance teams collect information and discuss factors that you may look to add. In addition to that, the monthly payment budget, service agreement, maintenance cost, and extra taxes are taken into account. Commercial financing for trucks does not require highly specialized options to fall under the eligibility of loans. 

Ford Commercial Truck Financing - Available Comparable Options

Commercial Retail Financing

Commercial retail financing includes traditional financing. They are built with flexible terms, no hidden charges, and have combined billing availability. Vehicles eligible for commercial retail financing include new and used vehicles, cars, vehicles used for livery operations, and CNG/LPG vehicles.

Commercial retail financing does not include rental units, emergency cars and ambulance, and vehicles used for federal, state, or local governments. This involves a fixed rate purchase contract with various levels of payments. 

In the end, the final amount terminates the contract. The final payment can be completed in several ways. The commercial truck loan features are designed to make ownership convenient for specific business needs. 

Commercial Line of Credit 

This option is similar to commercial retail financing for ford commercial truck financing. It comes with payment flexibility, no hidden charges, and availability of combined billing statements. 

It does not have utilization charges or set up charges adding extra burden. The commercial line of credit can be obtained from a Ford dealer itself. The dealer may ask for the formation and reach out for documentation via DocuSign to help expedite the process.

Daily Rental Financing 

This program's primary highlights include competitive amortization rate, risk and repurchase financing, and flexible credit lines to meet business needs. In addition to that, the program allows for competitive rates on new cars and trucks as well as used vehicles up to two model years.

Daily rental financing welcomes customers who are into independent daily rental operations and licensee of National franchises. Daily rental financing is designed to meet unique needs to help ensure your business remains competitive. 

Multiple Financing 

This program incorporates smart funding. It tends to consider the challenges of procuring equipment and essential services. The multiple financing options allow monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annual repayment. As such, it is a flexible option for those who are aware of the ups and downs of their business.

In addition to that, equity is accumulated with every payment. The realization of ownership comes after the final payment. In contrast with the name of the program, multiple financing offers fixed-rate financing. With this, you are free to get the vehicle you need, keeping in mind your current budget. They have no hidden costs, taxes, or return provisions.

Chassis Financing 

This program has been developed keeping in mind manufacturers who purchase chassis from dealers. Chassis helps uplift/convert to specialty products with the existing ones. The primary features of this program include “interest only payment for 180 days”. Thereafter the option gets converted into a "principal due at term program."

Demo privileges may be approved under an exception. From the above, it is clear that the chassis financing options come through the conversion process. 

Commercial Red-Carpet Lease 

The red-carpet lease option for ford commercial truck financing comes with no residual risk. It features lease payments lower than similar term finance payments. They allow short term leasing for new vehicles. In addition to that, the lease agreement also States for you to invest your cash in your business. 

One of the primary features of the red carpet leaves is the GAP protection benefit. Under the GAP protection benefit clause, the lease protects you by waving the gap between the outstanding lease balance and the insurance pay. This happens in case your vehicle is damaged due to a natural act or get stolen. 

In an unforeseen scenario, your responsibility under this lease agreement stands only for the insurance deductible. Outstanding charges on an incident are considered past due payments. However, the GAP protection benefit applies to certain restrictions. New and certified pre-owned vehicles fall under the purview of the red carpet lease. 

All other rental units, upfit vehicles, and emergency vehicles cannot be considered under the program. 



Advantages of Ford Commercial Truck Financing

  1. Consolidated Billing

You are free to set up single or monthly payment billing options. Commercial customers with non-Ford vehicles can also take advantage of this option.

  1. Extended Service Plans 

This option works towards eliminating risk from commercial vehicle ownership. The program works towards minimizing a variety of unexpected repair costs. 

The cost can involve minimizing engine cost, electrical system cost, and much more. Extended service plans cover repair costs, and as such, all you incur is the deductible. In some cases, the plan also covers maintenance and wear costs.



Challenges in business are obvious. Financial challenges take time to overcome. A simple landing program does not work for everyone. It's important that you look for an organization who understands the need of the hour and helps to create an individualized plan to meet your specific needs. 

If you want to increase your fleet size, you are most welcome to look for ford commercial truck financingand explore the lines of credit. You do not have to go through the hassle of reapplying for recurrent finances. 

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