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Ford Business Trucks Commercial Truck Financing

Catering to all truck needs of individuals and small businesses is Ford Business Trucks' core mission, as their financing options are tailor-made to suit the customers' needs.

After 117 years, the Ford Motor Company is used to adapting and leading change, constantly evolving with services and experiences on par with their vehicles.

Adele Katz After 117 years, the Ford Motor Company is used to adapting and leading change, constantly evolving with services and experiences on par with their vehicles.
Adele Katz
July 28, 2022

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Ford Business Trucks is a subdivision of Gary Yeoman’s and focuses its services on commercial truck service, parts, sales, leasing, and financing, particularly in Daytona Beach, FL. 

This company offers a wide range of used and new wholesale Ford trucks in its inventory, including pickup trucks, cab and chassis, passenger vans, van trucks, utility trucks, and pre-owned trucks. The company’s core mission is to cater to all truck needs of individual customers and small businesses.

Ford Business Trucks’ Core Services

This company mainly focuses its services on catering to various small businesses or contractors with various commercial truck needs. Therefore, it keeps an inventory of numerous types of trucks and financing and leasing services, particularly for commercial purposes. To cater to its core aim, the company offers various services. These include:

Commercial Business Solutions

Ford Business Trucks offers its Ford Fleet Service, which is particularly for small business and commercial solutions to aid small businesses in continuing their operations by offering a credible fleet regardless of their needs.

Whether a particular small business requires only one vehicle or over 100, its reliability is one of the most important factors. Therefore, Ford Business Trucks’ commercial business solutions help small businesses keep up with their operations whether they need light, medium, or heavy-duty trucks or any other kinds of automobiles.

These commercial small business solutions have a range of advantages. These include:

Ford Extended Service Plan Component Protection

This service focuses on protecting vehicles and offers protection to vehicles ranging from 13 to over 1,000 vehicle components. The exact amount depends on the customer’s choice of the plan selected. 

The Premium Maintenance Coverage plan offers scheduled maintenance as detailed in the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance guide for the mileage and time of the selected plan.

Furthermore, this plan also consists of wear item coverage without any extra costs. This applies to numerous wear items, including clutch discs, shock absorbers, engine coolant hoses, spark plugs, engine belts, hose clamps, brake linings and pads, and hose o-ring seals, diesel exhaust fluids, and wiper blades. 

Moreover, this plan can be purchased as a section of Ford Commercial small business Solutions or separately.

Roadside Assistance for Emergencies

Ford small business Trucks recognizes the importance of driver safety and, therefore, ensures it fully through FORD ESP Roadside Assistance. Customers have the incentive to call the Roadside Assistance hotline for numerous services, including lockout assistance, tire changes, fuel delivery, jump-starts, and towing assistance of as high as $100 per occurrence. 

Moreover, Ford small business Trucks also offers destination assistance and travel reimbursement. Therefore, the entire package calls for the perfect deal for customers. Additional details are available with the customer’s dealer.

Reimbursement for Rental Cars

The company offers the ideal rental vehicle service, therefore, offering customers the option to conveniently gain the benefits of using a vehicle without having to bring their vehicle to the company for service.

If a particular customer’s vehicle is not working and must be kept at the repair shop for the night, the Ford ESP, Ford Original Equipment Manufacturer Warranty (OEM Warranty), or any programs for customer satisfaction that involve a Ford ESP covered component. All these programs extend the promise of covering the customer for ten days.

Improved Rental Benefits

Ford Business Truck’s Extended Service Plan offers a range of enhanced rental benefits, including:

The Premium Maintenance Plan comes with a deductible of $0 and is backed by Ford. Moreover, Ford ESP is backed by the official Ford Motor Company and is honored by all Ford and Lincoln dealerships within the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


The ideal aspect of the Ford Business Trucks’ Extended Service Plan is that customers can transfer it to future owners, offering them various options for vehicle disposal. Moreover, they can also transfer left-over coverage to a second owner, potentially leading to a higher resale value.

Choosing the Coverage and Plan

Customers must ideally opt for coverage lengths ranging between 7 years to 200,000 miles. Therefore, the best option is for the customer to seek advice from their dealer to gather information regarding the plan and the basis of eligibility for the vehicle.

In-Service Vehicles

There are numerous mileage and time options available for customers for vehicles in service in the present. Customers can reach out to Ford Business Trucks advisors to gather information regarding the process of protecting their vehicles.

Other benefits of coverage

The Ford Extended Service Plan also covers the failure of various covered parts due to mechanical breakdowns, normal wear, and repairs caused by workmanship or defective material. Examples of workmanship or defective material include ball joints, tie rods, water pumps, struts, and thermostats.

Maintenance and Repair Commercial Truck Financing

Ford Business Trucks offers high-quality fleet care, which gives customers the incentive of benefitting from a detailed coverage plan that caters to numerous repair and maintenance needs. 

Customers have various financing options to choose from to maintain their vehicles and trucks so that their small business remains operational without falling behind on time.

The Ford Quality Fleet Care comes with centralized billing services. It offers a payment solution that does not involve cash, particularly for customers’ repair and maintenance needs for non-Ford and Ford vehicles. 

This maintenance and repair plan offers customers the opportunity to manage their repair expenses and fleet maintenance themselves by providing them the complete means for financing for their commercial truck repairs.

Since the process involves centralized billing, it offers customers a consolidated monthly invoice for maintenance and repair services on the vehicles that the customer is enrolled with, along with part purchases. This form of billing is available for customers to benefit from at any Lincoln or Ford dealership or Auto Center and Quick Lane Tire in Canada or the United States,

This Coverage is Transferable

With Ford Extended Service Plan, customers are covered through all Lincoln and Ford dealers within the United States. On the other hand, financing options available in Canada conduct inquiries regarding the Installment Payment Plan. 

The overall benefits depend on the plan that the customer chooses to purchase. The common norm is that a simple down payment of 10% will come with an interest-free, affordable, and free-of-charge monthly payment service.

The Premium Maintenance Plan offers customers complete peace of mind from the Ford Motor Company because this covers all details of maintenance and repair, such as preventative care, routine inspections, and replacement of normal “wear and tear” items that need a period of attention. 

These include tire rotations, engine oil and filter changes, multi-point inspections, replacement of linings and brake pads when worn, spark plugs, shock absorber replacements, engine belts, hose clamps, and hose clutch discs and wiper blades.

Therefore, the services offered by this company also cover the repair and maintenance of your desired truck aside from offering leasing and loan options to acquire the particular truck. The norm suggests that when the customer schedules their maintenance at the dealership, the diesel exhaust fluid is added. This Premium Maintenance Plan is ideal because it offers customers numerous features, including:

Options for Financing

There are different ways to finance the extended service plan by Ford. Usually, the Ford Extended Service Plan is automatically added to the customer’s finance contract. However, customers can also opt for easy, no-interest, free-of-charge monthly payment plans for 6 to 24 months.

These financing options have numerous benefits, including interest-free payments, zero credit checks, no credit application requirement, numerous payment options, and a simple 10% down payment.

“If you wish to use a truck but lack the cash to pay for it, Ford Business Trucks has you covered”

Who Should Apply for Commercial Truck Financing with Ford Business Trucks?

Commercial Truck Financing

Ford Business Trucks offers commercial truck leasing and lending options for its customers to acquire the best Ford trucks for their small business or individual use. If you wish to use a truck but lack the cash to pay for it right off the bat, Ford Business Trucks has you covered beyond offering detailed extended service plans for the particular trucks.

This service focuses on commercial truck leasing and dumps truck financing through loans for dump trucks and passenger vans. The process is fairly easy, and the customer can pay a visit to the Ford Business Trucks office in Daytona Beach, FL, or call them to opt for leasing semi-trucks or dump trucks within Florida.

Financing Options

Ford Business Trucks offers a wide range of commercial financing options for customers to lease or purchase their next Ford vehicle. These include:

Municipal Financing

The company recognizes the customer’s need to acquire equipment for maintaining essential services. It is common for funds not to be available. 

Therefore, the company’s municipal financing lease or purchase option aids the customer in acquiring required equipment, even if it is on a limited budget. This option does not involve major cash outlays, long-term debt obligations, or voter approval.

The process is fairly simple as this financing option is a fixed-rate option that aids the customer in getting the vehicles that they need when they need them while catering to their current budget. The repayment terms are flexible, and customers can opt for semiannual, quarterly, or monthly repayments. 

This option also includes add-on fits, equipment, and extended warranty plans. Moreover, this financing option offers customers the opportunity to build equity after making a payment, and they are recognized as the final owner at their last payment.

There are numerous advantages of this type of commercial financing, including flexible billing plans and payments, the ability to avoid excessive costs of maintenance for older equipment, low-cost, tax-exempt interest rates, zero security deposit or down payment requirement, zero mileage restrictions, zero return provisions or maintenance, and the ability to own the vehicle at the end of the lease with a low buyout price.

Commercial Line of Credit

This financing option comes with a range of benefits, including zero set-up fees, flexible terms, availability for retail financing, Red Carpet Lease, and CommerciaLease, which offers credit that plays the role of freeing up capital for the small business, and the availability of a combined billing statement.

This form of small business commercial financing offers customers the incentive of applying for a credit line that starts at $250,000. After approval, customers can add vehicles to their fleet according to their preference for 12 months. Therefore, they have the incentive of being covered throughout the year for their leasing and financing needs without having to reapply for each vehicle.

This form of financing is ideal when the customer needs 250,000 or more in fleet financing. Moreover, it is also applicable if the customer’s Ford Credit account balance is nearing $250,000 and the customer plans on buying more vehicles in the current year.

Commercial Red Carpet Lease

This financing option offers customers the option to choose from numerous mileage options with different lease-end choices, which makes it easier for the customer to enjoy the benefits of a new Ford more often.

This lease offers complete convenience to the customer through various terms and eight mileage options to fit the customer’s lifestyle. Customers have the incentive of enjoying payments that fall lower than similar financing payments while benefiting from driving a brand new vehicle more often.

Opting for this financing option includes flexible options at the end of the lease, numerous terms available, reduced initial cost and monthly payments, numerous mileage options, and complimentary gap protection.

Moreover, lease payments are usually less than similar term finance payments. Additionally, this gives customers the incentive to invest their cash in the small business and lease vehicles for a short time, which doesn’t restrict the customer to one vehicle for prolonged periods.

This lease option also protects the customer by removing the gap between their insurance payoff and their outstanding lease balance if their vehicle has been damaged beyond repair or stolen. This benefit offers the customer the easy responsibility of just the insurance deductible and any outstanding charges such as past-due payments.


This lease plan is customizable and is mainly an open-ended TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) lease program which allows flexibility to set the residual depending on the customer’s small business requirements. This form of financing is available for new or used trucks, heavy-duty trucks, bi-fuel, CNG Autogas, battery electric vehicles, unfit vehicles, and heavy use vehicles with high mileage.

Its features include zero acquisition, up-front termination fees, zero mileage penalties or restrictions, terms that are flexible, zero charges for extra wear and use, residualized uplifts, and collective billing.

Commercial Purchase

This form of financing caters to changing small business needs and offers flexible terms, traditional financing, zero hidden fees, and collective billing. It is also eligible for used or new trucks, heavy-duty trucks, vehicles used for hiring operations, upfit vehicles and much more.

Chassis Financing

This form of small business commercial financing is particularly for customers who wish to purchase chassis from dealers to specialty products. It offers customers financing throughout the process of conversion with the incentive of interest only payments for 180 days with the principal amount due for payment at the term stated.

Additionally, eligible customers have the option of deferring interest payment in exchange for the original 180-day financing term. Moreover, demo privileges can be approved when credit lines are established. This form of financing is for all Lincoln or Ford vehicles, irrespective of their overall vehicle weight. These include shuttle buses, limousines, rescue units, or construction vehicles.

“Ford Business Trucks’ process of granting approval for loans and leasing is not that extensive, not conducting any heavy credit checks before offering financing”

How Do You Qualify For Ford Business Trucks Commercial Truck Financing?

Since Ford Business Trucks has the core aim of helping out small businesses with their truck needs, their process of granting approval for loans and leasing is not that extensive. They do not conduct any heavy credit checks before offering financing to acquire the usage of a particular truck.

The information required for applying for credit includes the customer’s social security number, date of birth, annual income, employment status, address, requirement of owning or leasing, monthly rent or mortgage, and email address.

Based on the information provided regarding the customer’s vehicle of preference and chosen financing option, the final vehicle or financing options will be extracted from the local dealer.

Ford Business Trucks Loan Application Process

The purpose of applying for the company’s commercial truck financing is fairly convenient. Aside from paying a visit to the office at 1420 N. Tomoko Farms Rd. Daytona Beach, FL 32124 or calling the company’s customer support at (866) 200-3038, customers can simply fill in an online application form present on the official Ford Business Trucks’ website.

This online finance application requires the applicant to enter information such as their full name, last name, company’s name, phone number or email address, official address, city, state or province, zip code, model of interest of the truck, manufacturer, and year of the truck’s model. Moreover, customers can simply fill in the online finance application form through the official website.

Ford Business Trucks Commercial Truck Financing Interest Rates

Customers can opt to purchase trucks or vehicles through the company’s loan or lease options for various price ranges. The official website features an inventory section which offers customers the opportunity to browse through different price ranges or set default filters for high to low prices or low to high prices.

The overall interest rates depend on two factors. These include the customer’s eligibility and capability to pay back the loan and the market situation for interest rates.

Moreover, the loan amounts depend on the financing option that the customer opts for and his truck needs particularly. For example, if the customer opts for the commercial line of credit, this form of financing is applicable to customers who wish to cater to truck needs that exceed $250,000.


How can the customer retrieve their credit decision?

The customer can simply visit the Retrieve Your Credit Decision page, enter their application number and their date of birth, and click submit. This will lead the website to generate the customer’s credit decision.

What is the information that the company requires if the customer wishes to apply for credit online?

If a customer wishes to apply for credit online, they will need to submit their social security number, employment status, date of birth, annual income, address, whether they own or rent their home, their monthly rent or mortgage and their email address.

If a customer has opted for a payment extension, do they still need to pay interest on it?

If a customer has a retail installment contract which has a quoted interest rate higher than 0%, the customer will have to continue paying interest payments on the extension. The customer’s next payment will be applicable to any unpaid or earned interest and then to alternative amounts that they may owe.

However, the payment extension will ensure that the unpaid principal balance will not be decreased as quickly as it would if the original payment schedule was being followed. The result is that the customer may wind up owing more interest over the total contract term than what was originally disclosed due to the rule of paying interest on the extended payment timeline.


Therefore, if you wish to acquire the financing to own the best Ford truck or wish to acquire its usage by simply leasing it, Ford Business Trucks offers the best commercial truck financing solutions to cater to your small business and individual needs. The online application process is simple and does not require any rigorous credit checks.

There are an array of features associated with each financing option as Ford Business Trucks extends the promise of developing their financing options so that they are tailor-made to cater to their customers’ needs.

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