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Commercial Truck Financing Near Me

Looking for the best rates and terms on commercial truck lease or loan? Sometimes the best banks and lease companies to partner with are in your area.

Sarah Klein
Sarah Klein
October 5, 2020

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If you are a trucking company stuck in a truck-purchasing puzzle, then you will benefit a lot from this post. Numerous companies around you will be willing to offer you loans and favorable lease deals so you can purchase a truck with utmost ease and convenience. 

But you should also review the prerequisites of securing various loans and leases so that you can put forward a compelling application and qualify for acquiring a financing method. The most common approaches to commercial truck financing in the USA are:

Loan from banks

If you are a small business owner of a commercial trucking business, it is quite likely that you won't be able to catch the banks' eye and sway them to acquire a loan. Many banks believe that financing a commercial trucking business is a risky investment, and the borrowers won't be able to pay back the bank at the given time.

The conditions laid down by the bank are pretty stringent, and you have to abide by them like they are sacred clauses. It may not be prudent for you, but if you do get your shot and can secure a bank loan, you have surpassed the biggest hurdle in launching your trucking business. 

Bank loans are safe, and the management of banks is accommodating. Once your business is associated with banks, it is secure, and it seems reliable. Try to apply for loans at these banks as they sponsor small and young businesses:


You can divide this financing category into two major kinds

Capital Lease

This lease emulates the properties of a loan. You have to make monthly payments for the use and take care of all the additional maintenance, petrol costs, and taxes. But during the regime that you are paying off the lease payments, you will be regarded as the vehicle owner.

You can pay a small buy-out of the lease at the end of the term, usually a small sum of money. This way, you will gain the sole possession of the truck. Many commercial trucking business owners prefer this financing approach, as it is convenient and easier to manage. 

If you are looking to acquire a capital lease, then you must contact these companies:

This will give you a rough idea about what you must be looking for and how to appraise various lease options and choose the ideal one. 

Operating Lease

As the name suggests, this lease only extends until the period you are operating the truck. Once you quit making the payments or no longer use the truck, you have to return it to the lender. It's like you are renting the truck, and in the end, you won't obtain the truck's possession. These payments are low and flexible. 

If this approach seems suitable to you, then you must browse the following companies:

The loan from Online Lenders

If you believe that your credit profile is not that impressive and you don't have much in your pocket to afford a hefty down payment, then you must ask Online Lenders for their financial assistance. 

The downside is that they charge interest rates, which are commonly higher than what a bank will impose on your payment. But their criteria is quite loose, and you could easily fit into it. If you cannot qualify for a bank loan and all other doors are locked, this must be your go-to plan. 

Many business owners believe that securing a loan from online lenders is pretty risky. You will still see that the application process and paperwork are very sophisticated if you read about it. The following companies can be your choice:

Loans from Trucking Finance Companies

You will observe that these companies and you have a mutual objective in mind. These companies are more goal centric than any other financing body. They aim to provide you loans that concern financing the trucking business. 

These companies will understand your problems, financial issues and try their best to resolve them or cater to your needs. You might feel more comfortable dealing with them and acquiring a loan from them. They have a carefully drafted plan and set of regulations that you need to abide by, but they are pretty basic. They will accommodate you in terms of financing your trucking business. 

If this approach caught your eye, I would suggest that you get in touch with Truck Lenders USA. These guys specialize in providing loans for entrepreneurs such as yourself who are struggling to manage the commercial trucking business's finances. 

Equipment Financing 

This term is relatively self-explanatory. You will be granted a loan to purchase equipment that is essential to your business. In this case, you will be buying a truck to support your trucking business. 

You can think of it as asset-based financing. The lender will provide you this loan solely for the purchase of capital. The rates will range from 4% to 40% based on the principal amount received, the payments you will make, and the term length. 

This kind of financing is surprisingly popular in the USA and has garnered a lot of popularity among young entrepreneurs who want to launch their commercial trucking businesses. This rids them of the hassle of acquiring a loan and then budgeting it to purchase a truck. 

I would recommend that you study the following websites in detail and see if there is a fit for you in the following, but keep these options up for further consideration:

If you are currently living in the USA and are daring enough to penetrate the commercial trucking business's competitive market, make sure you go prepared. To manage Commercial Trucking Finance Near You, explore all these options and see which is best suited for you!

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