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Commercial Truck Financing California

In search of the right commercial truck or trailer in California, we've narrowed down your search to the top dealers and financing programs to go alongside.

Rachel Dayan
Rachel Dayan
September 24, 2020

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Unlike other businesses, the commercial truck business is very risky, and if you don't come with a proper plan, you will most likely face losses. High associated risk makes it harder and a hectic task for the commercial truck business owners to get finance in all US parts, but knowing whom to approach can make the task much more manageable. 

If we narrow down the list of creditors to specific states, we will have broader and clearer financing options. Various organizations are operating in different US states to help its residents get enough finance for their businesses. 

If you are a California resident, the following firms will help you finance your commercial truck business. 

Sacramento Credit Union (SCU)

If you are looking for a credit union to finance your commercial truck business in California, then the Sacramento Credit Union is the right choice. Through the business vehicle financing facility at Sacramento, you can get enough finance to purchase your commercial truck. 

This credit union's primary goal is to save your business money while allowing you to upgrade your commercial vehicle with its smart financing option. It provides you the option of purchasing both used and new commercial trucks and many more benefits. 

You can finance your commercial truck with a range of financing options available at SCU. Some of the options are:

Features and Benefits

Mission Valley Ford Truck Center

If you are a resident of San Jose, California, you can finance your commercial truck through the finance facility at Mission Valley Ford. This company works with various commercial truck businesses in San Jose and provides them adequate funds to finance their need for trucks to operate their commercial truck business.

The Mission Valley Ford works with all kinds of corporations, non-profit organizations, and sole proprietorships looking for finances for their commercial trucks. 

Application Process

Mission Valley Ford has a straightforward application process. You have to submit your application. The finance team at this company will visit you to discuss various factors like your desired number of trucks, your budget for monthly payment, repair and maintenance cost, and more. After everything is decided, they will process your loan amount, and you will receive your check as soon as possible. 

Eligibility Criteria

Mission Financial Services Group Corporation

Through commercial vehicle truck loans and finances at Mission Financial Services, you can easily get funds for your commercial truck business in California. Their commercial truck finances include:

Application Processing Time

Employees at Mission Financial Services know the importance of your time. Therefore, it does not take a few days or weeks to answer your application. It responds in a period of just a few hours.

Go Capital

Go Capital is one of California's top financing companies for trucks of all kinds, including semi-trucks and trailers, construction trucks, and dump trucks. This company offers excellent financing options to borrowers with all kinds of credit history. It focuses on users with low credit ratings. Moreover, Go Capital also works with all fleet sizes of commercial truck companies.

This can be the best financing option for your commercial truck business if you have a bad credit rating. It also offers financing to finance borrowers with challenging credit scores and history. However, the representatives at Go Capital will consider your credit history, current financial situation, and experience in the commercial truck business while determining the total amount of your loan.   

Why Opt Go Capital?

Through Go Capital's financing facility, you get the option of purchasing both used and new semi-trucks and trucks of all types. It broadens your choice of a truck by offering a wide range of trucking options. Unlike other financing companies and banks, Go Capital does not bound you to purchase particular trucks or deal with individual suppliers. You can deal with local truck dealers, buy trucks online, contact any private party, or even buy trucks through an auction that is all on your choice. Moreover, suppose you are having trouble finding a suitable truck dealer. In that case, you can also contact the representatives of Go Capital, and they will connect you to the best suppliers in the industry, making your truck purchase easier.

Application Process

It has a very quick application process for financing your commercial truck. The following bulleted points will help you with the application process:

Unlike other credit providing organizations, the Go Capital has a very high rate of approval. Hence, you don't need to worry about the rejection because you will surely get enough funds to finance your commercial truck business. 

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