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Big Rig Lending Commercial Truck Financing

"We lend. You Drive." Big Rig Lending's company promise has remained consistent over the years as it has offered financing to numerous types of trucks and truck models. Undoubtedly the best option.

Big Rig Lending offers a range of services to meet their customers' financial needs, providing various financial services, such as working capital loans, truck repair services, tire loans, and taxes and insurance facilities.

Liara Cohen Big Rig Lending offers a range of services to meet their customers' financial needs, providing various financial services, such as working capital loans, truck repair services, tire loans, and taxes and insurance facilities.
Liara Cohen
May 31, 2022

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Company Profile 

Big Rig Lending is backed by a highly professional team that works tirelessly to offer a range of services to meet their customers' financial needs. Therefore, in pursuit of providing various financial services, Big Rig Lending provides working capital loans, truck repair services, tire loans, and taxes and insurance facilities.

Working Capital Loans

This exceptional financial institution offers loans for a particular business's working capital so that business owners can keep it up and running. In addition, this company is highly reliable and provides a helping hand to businesses when they don't have access to credit or cash. Big Rig Lending is the ultimate go-to for business owners with flexible repayment plans and instant aid to financial needs.

Truck Repairs

Apart from offering loans to carry out daily operations, Big Rig is "big" on providing all kinds of services to help keep up with these operations by providing maintenance and repair loans. Therefore, Big Rig lending has the facilities if the business owner needs financing to repair or maintain any machinery such as electrical, fuel, or cooling system, brakes, engine, or bearings and hubs.

They carry out this service through direct payment to the repair shop or company, which removes chances of delays or any potential hassles. Therefore, this company benefits from staying on the road and in business regardless of its repair needs through instant aid.


Big Rig Lending recognizes that for commercial vehicles or trucks, the cost of replacing tires is a heavy burden on the business due to its repetitive nature. Therefore, this expense can be more than a few thousand dollars per year. Therefore, Big RigRig offers money to firms to cater to difficulties in generating the required amount to keep up with this expense.

The company's promise of instant aid ensures that the borrower's business remains smooth and consistent in its operations. It offers funds by either sending a check or having the funds deposited to the business owner's bank account directly.

Insurance and Taxes

Insurance and taxes can be a significant expense for businesses due to their unexpected and costly nature. Based on statistics, the federal tax rate for firms is 25%. Therefore, Big Rig helps with insurance premiums or initial payments, which take on a few thousand dollars per year. Thus, Big Rig is responsible for offering businesses financial aid in the long run by helping them cover their exceedingly high tax costs.

“All businesses that require daily operations financing can rely on Big Rig Lending to help meet their financial needs”

The Core Mission

Significant Rig lending focuses its services on offering commercial vehicle lending facilities in platform or box trucks, big RigRig, reefer, delivery, dump truck, heavy hauler, and various others for commercial purposes. Therefore, all businesses that require daily operations financing can rely on Big Rig Lending to help meet their financial needs.

Big Rig Lending's Community Relations

The company focuses on giving back to the community in the best way possible. Therefore, it has partnered with ACTS Outreach Ministries and contributes to supporting various ministries and organizations. Thus, apart from offering commercial services to small businesses, Big Rig Lending contributes immensely to a social cause.

Previous and Existing Customers

Big Rig Lending has made a breakthrough in the market through its mission, services, and social perspective. The company has funded numerous commercial truck repairs, IRP taxes, and insurance to offer businesses the opportunity to keep their operations going without any financial problems.

Moreover, it has offered its services to various trucks, including the 1999 Freightliner, 1999 International, 2005 Freightliner, 2006 Kenworth, 2013 International, 2016 International, and much more. In addition, big Rig Lending has offered these trucks financing ranging from $3,000 to $25,000 dollars depending on their financing needs.

Big Rig Lending also establishes extensive community relations aside from having offered numerous businesses with truck financing over time. Additionally, in pursuit of giving back to the community, this company's partnership with ACTS Outreach Ministries aids in supporting multiple organizations, including Big Oak Ranch, On Point, The Refuge, PCL, and many more.

Who Should Apply for Commercial Truck Financing with Big Rig Lending?

Big Rig Lending offers commercial truck loans for commercial vehicles such as big rigs, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, box trucks, car haulers, dump trucks, platform trucks, heavy haulers, and delivery trucks. Moreover, this company offers truck financing services across most states within the United States except for Alaska, Maryland, Kentucky, Nebraska, Minnesota, New York, New Hampshire, South Dakota, North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia.

Big Rig Lending mainly offers two options to its customers to offer maximum convenience. Therefore, this company recognizes the need to minimize the distance between the borrower and the loan amount acquired and offers convenient loan options so that business owners can keep their commercial trucks on the go.

Big Rig Lending offers two loan options to cater to customers of all credit types. The first option is to acquire an installment loan. This type of loan comes with predictable monthly payments and competitive interest rates. Therefore, customers are aware of the terms from the beginning and have to cater to them as time progresses. It is recommended to make the monthly payments on time so that your credit report does not take a hit.

The second option is mainly for those who have unfortunate credit histories. This type is called a title pawn. If customers face loan rejections due to their low credit score, this loan option is tailor-made for their benefit.

Regardless of the customer's option, Big Rig Lending's funding specialists offer immense expertise and dedication towards finding a suitable opportunity that fits their financial needs, budget, and time frame.

Therefore, this company offers a holistic service in commercial truck financing by providing two loan options ranging up to $25,000 dollars to cater to customers with all kinds of credit conditions. Once the customer receives approval for their loan, they will receive it in a check, an electronic funds transfer, or direct payment to the truck repair shop.

It is also important to note that Big Rig Lending's installment and title pawn financial services offer is restricted to commercial and industrial businesses. Therefore, they do not provide these services for personal or home use. 

However, business owners are encouraged to opt for these services for commercial truck financing needs because this company's flexible loan options and competitive interest rates call for a convenient financing experience.

“A good credit score will almost ensure your approval for an installment loan by this company”

How Do You Qualify for Big Rig Lending Commercial Truck Financing?

Big Rig Lending offers commercial truck financing to customers across all credit types through its two loan options. Therefore, if you wish to qualify for commercial truck financing and have been rejected through various financial institutions, Big Rig Lending's title pawn financial product can benefit you greatly. 

Additionally, this service applies to those with unfortunate credit histories who can help with financing up to 25,000 dollars.

Apart from low credit customers, a good credit score will almost ensure your approval for an installment loan by this company. This type of loan is quoted at a competitive interest rate and has monthly payments in its payment plan. Aside from your credit score, Big Rig Lending gathers various other forms of information before approving you for a particular loan.

Therefore, to apply for commercial truck financing, various specifics such as your truck's model, model year, the purpose of the loan, pictures of the car, the odometer, the driver's license, and your title are required. Once you've submitted all your documents, Big Rig Lending's agents consider your financial credibility and your loan needs, approving your loan.

Before applying for a loan through this company, Big Rig Lending recommends speaking to a funding specialist so that they can offer valuable insight towards the type of financing that you should acquire according to your truck financing needs. Therefore, this leaves little room for a gap between your financial capabilities and the loan you apply for.

Big Rig Lending positions in a way where there is maximum convenience offered to the customer. They extend the promise of a loan of up to 25,000 dollars within two working days. Moreover, they provide the possibility for a quick loan process through uploading simple four photos and 4 minutes of communication on the phone. 

Therefore, the website shows a reasonably straightforward approach to acquiring truck financing due to its flexible eligibility criteria.

Big Rig Lending Loan Application Process

This company offers an array of truck financing options and ensures maximum convenience for its customers. Therefore, business owners can apply for their truck financing services online through a form on the official website.

The form requires basic information regarding the business and the owner directly applying for truck financing. Examples of the necessary information include their name, email, phone number, state of residence, the truck's model, model year, the loan amount required, the purpose of the loan, and pictures of the driver's side of the car, the driver's license, the odometer, and the title.

The form is pretty simple and does not require too many documents. However, the more appealing your purpose and requirement for the loan are, the higher the chances are of you qualifying for it. Moreover, since it's recommended to speak to a funding specialist before applying for the loan, Big Rig Lending also offers the opportunity to visit their office for any further consultation.

Customers can also reach out to customer service agents through the phone number mentioned on the official website, i.e., 1-844-624-4744. The work hours mentioned include Monday-Tuesday 9 AM-8 PM EDT, Wednesday 9 AM-6 PM EDT, Thursday-Friday 9 AM-8 PM EDT, and Saturday 9 AM-2 PM EDT. Moreover, the website also features a contact form where customers can enter their name, email, phone number, and specific comments.

Big Rig Lending Commercial Truck Financing Interest Rates

With two types of loan options available for its customers in pawn title loans and installment loans, this company charges market competitive interest rates. Customers can acquire up to 25,000 dollars in installment loans and $7,500 dollars in the form of pawn title loans. 

This financing is mainly to repair existing trucks and keep businesses going without worrying about a lack of funding to keep up with taxes, repairs, and sudden necessities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Big Rig Lending's website offers complete information regarding its straightforward application process. However, we have put down important information to cater to some common questions that customers have regarding the process and services offered by the company.

What is a commercial loan?

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council defines industrial and commercial loans as financing options mainly aimed at industrial or commercial purposes such as sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, and other business enterprises. These include unsecured loans, secured loans, single-payment loans, and installment loans.

It is also important to note that loans provided to individuals, particularly for industrial, commercial, or professional services, are considered commercial loans. However, loans offered for personal expenditure or investment purposes are not considered commercial loans.

What amount can I borrow if I opt for Big Rig Lending?

Big Rig Lending can offer as much as $25,000 in the form of installment loans at market competitive interest rates and fixed monthly payments. On the other hand, you can acquire up to $7,500 dollars as a pawn title product if you have a relatively low credit score.

During what timings can I reach out to a funding specialist?

Customers have the option of reaching out to a Big Rig Lending funding specialist in the following available hours:

These funding specialists are available to advise you regarding your financial options based on your specific truck financing needs to acquire funding at the earliest, according to your eligibility and financial capabilities. In addition, big Rig Lending remains closed on Sundays to offer work-life-balance for its employees.

What can I do if my truck has broken down and is in the repair shop?

Big Rig Lending mainly offers repair financing for trucks. Therefore, if your car is broken down and needs instant repairs, you can apply for our financial loans to ensure it remains up and running for your business. Our services involve us sending the loan amounts directly to the repair shop if the customer needs instant financing to get back on the road for their business.

Does Big Rig Lending carry out inspections on its customers?

Big Rig Lending offers a reasonably simple loan application process and does not conduct any inspections. However, the loan process does require the applicant to submit specific truck pictures. In some rare cases, the company also involves a video of the truck running to understand the extent of the financing need.

Where is Big Rig Lending located?

Big Rig Lending is an online company that offers financial services via the internet for various commercial enterprises across the United States. However, this company has an office in Historic Downtown Dalton, Georgia, the world's carpet capital.

How much time will the entire process take?

Big Rig Lending has a quick and straightforward application process of approximately 10 minutes. In addition, the company promises to offer funding as quickly as within 24 hours of applying and submitting all the relevant documents. Overall, the total time it takes for the loan approval process to come through is 48 hours.

What should people do if they have unfortunate credit histories?

Big Rig Lending offers financing to truck drivers or businesses regardless of their credit score. The application process considers numerous factors beyond the applicant's credit score. These include the truck's value, the ownership history, the length of residence, the company history, and the current income situation. 

Therefore, the underwriting decision depends on numerous factors, and the owner's credit history makes a small portion of the overall underwriting analysis.

Does Big Rig Lending loan on trailers?

The company has extended a long-term promise of a Trailer Cash program for its existing customer base shortly. Therefore, those who wish to opt for this service should stay up to date with the details through the official Big Rig website.

Is it required for the customer to have a clear title to acquire funding?

Big Rig Lending offers an entirely flexible service and does not require its customer to have a clear title to acquire financing. If the customer owes money to Big Rig, the company is likely to incorporate the payoff of that loan as a significant part of the approval process.

Does Big Rig Lending extend its services to all 50 states?

Big Rig Lending's commercial lending products are under the governance of the state of Georgia, which is known as the carpet capital of the country. However, this company's services are available electronically across 37 states. The company accepts applications over the phone and has a consistent electronic closing process. 

In addition, its services are accessible to 12 states via the telephone. However, it is required to close the transaction within the vicinity of the state of Georgia. To further add to the customer's convenience, Big Rig Lending has 29 partner locations across this state to ensure a smooth closing.

What are the funding and payment methods?

Big Rig Lending offers the possibility of sending electronic funds with an ACH payment or a check. As far as payment methods are concerned, customers can opt for monthly ACH withdrawal directly from their checking account, MoneyGram, Cashier's Check, or Certified Check, payment over the phone via debit card, a money order, com checks, and online payments.

Does Big Rig Lending offer a program for referrals?

Big Rig Lending focuses its marketing strategy on word of mouth for advertising the company. In addition, the company wishes to offer truckers the possibility of acquiring financing when they need it to keep their business on track and their trucks on the road. Therefore, Big Rig offers $100 dollars for every operator or owner that any customer refers to who completes an entire transaction.

What types of trucks do Big Rig Lending offer to finance?

Big Rig Lending has a history of offering to finance numerous types of trucks. With a successful record of lending on trucks to keep businesses running, Big Rig offers financing on semi-trucks, dump trucks, car haulers, box trucks. Some companies of trucks that Big Rig mainly focuses on include Kenworth, Mack, International, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Western Star, GMC, Volvo, Chevy, Ford, UD, Sterling, and many more.

Big Rig also offers financing across all truck models within these truck companies. Therefore, regardless of the type of truck you have, Big Rig provides funding for all to ensure that your business remains operational with timely financing for repairs, taxes, and other working capital needs.

Does Big Rig Lending offer financing to purchase trucks?

Unfortunately, Big Rig's commercial truck financing facility only consists of loans for repairs and other functional business operations instead of purchase money financing. However, Big Rig has extended the promise of currently working on a purchase money product for drivers, which will fulfill their requirement of purchasing a particular truck for their business.


Therefore, if you wish to acquire financing for your truck on an urgent basis and are seeking flexible eligibility requirements, Big Rig Lending is undoubtedly the best option. Its convenient online interface, the simple application process, multiple loan options, and flexible terms call for a quick and easy financing service.  

Along with that this company's promise of "We lend. You Drive." has remained consistent over the years as it has offered financing to numerous types of trucks and truck models.

As a business owner, acquiring financing for quick business operations can be difficult. Therefore, Big Rig Lending specializes in offering financial services to raise working capital, truck repairs, repairs of tires, and to pay taxes or take up insurance for your truck.

In addition, this company is immensely trustworthy and offers immediate assistance through its online contact form and phone number in case of any customer queries or concerns.

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