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Bergey's Truck Centers Commercial Truck Financing

"We treat you like we want to be treated" reinforces Bergey's Truck Centers? mission of remaining customer-centric, seeking to earn customer trust and enforce customer loyalty by becoming their first choice.

Norman L. Bergey established this company in 1924 as an auto repair shop with only three employees. As the years went on, the company emerged as one of the top commercial financing companies in the United States.

Liara Cohen Norman L. Bergey established this company in 1924 as an auto repair shop with only three employees. As the years went on, the company emerged as one of the top commercial financing companies in the United States.
Liara Cohen
June 11, 2022

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Bergey's Truck Centers offers customers a wide range of commercial truck solutions to cater to business needs. The company promises to be the go-to for a commercial dealership, offering various services, including new vehicles, the fuel needed to run the vehicles, and everything involved.

Its mission of "we treat you like we want to be treated" reinforces its mission of remaining customer-centric. Additionally, they seek to earn customer trust and enforce customer loyalty by making the company their first choice. Bergey's Truck Centers abide by various values, including accountability, commitment, integrity, faith, and passion.

Norman L. Bergey established this company in 1924 as an auto repair shop with only three employees. As the years went on, the company went through a constant expansion and emerged as one of the top commercial financing companies in the United States.

Bergey's Core Services

Bergey's Truck Centers offers holistic services for those who wish to acquire financing to cater to truck needs while maintaining an inventory of viable used and new trucks. 

Through this company, customers have access to numerous services in the form of full-service leasing for used and new trucks, credit applications for loans, and the ability to offer consideration for each option without bias. 

The ultimate goal for the company remains to provide its customers with the right financing, to deliver the right track for ultimate success in the future.

Available Inventory

Bergey's Truck Centers offer many used and new heady-duty and medium stock trucks. Additionally, customers can order a truck of their choice because this company offers the incentive of ordering trucks specific to the customer's specific requirements.

According to their application, this company's immensely professional team is readily available to make wise recommendations regarding the customer's type of truck and equipment. They also advise them regarding the installation of add-ons or bodies which particularly cater to their needs. 

The ultimate promise of the company is to go the extra mile to work with its customers in pursuit of providing them with the best commercial truck solutions.

Bergey's Truck Centers' inventory consists of used trucks, new trucks, and trailers and is in line with numerous well-known brands. The website itself offers various default filters to aid customers in finding the right truck according to their preferences. 

Therefore, if they wish to browse through the trucks as they rise in price, they have the option to go for the "Price: low to high" option and vice versa. The same rule applies to the "Year: newest to oldest" or "Year: oldest to newest" default filter.

Because the trucking industry is so competitive today, remember that just because your business resides in a certain locality, state or region, does not mean you shouldn’t expand your search for a commercial truck or trailer outside of your normal radius. Many commercial trucking companies have turned to auction houses with both a physical location and an online one. Additionally, we recommend looking online on aggregator websites where both private parties and dealers post advertisements of their current commercial truck and trailer inventories.

Used Trucks Inventory

Bergey's Truck Centers has a wide range of used trucks in its inventories with all brands and applications. The truck experts within the company are fully equipped to provide the right kind of appraisals to help through the vehicle buying process. 

Additionally, the company offers various warranty packages endorsed by the industry and customized according to the customer's specific needs.

Financial Assistance

Bergey's has the financial tools to cater to any financial needs that may arise for customers when they intend on making their next truck purchase. They take advantage of multiple sources and then offer numerous lease and finance options.

Bergey's Truck Centers' financial assistance services are divided into two major types: medium-duty and heavy-duty. The medium-duty credit application is open for customers seeking to purchase trucks with a lower gross vehicle weight than 33,000. 

On the contrary, the company's heavy-duty credit application is meant for customers who wish to purchase trucks with a higher gross vehicle weight than 33,000.

Bergey's Truck Centers offers numerous finance and lease options to cater to truck financing needs. These include:

Term Loans

The company's Term Loan financial assistance option consists of extended terms and flexible down payments. Therefore, it caters to an array of customers' truck financing needs.


There are three types of leases that Bergey's Truck Centers' offers. These include:

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause, i.e., TRAC

This type of leasing option normally refers to one that is open-ended in its nature. The process requires the customer to pay a certain amount for a certain period and then guarantee to pay the residual amount. There are numerous benefits of this type of lease, including the option to purchase the vehicle or asset at the end of the period and a fixed pre-set buying price and flexible payments.

Fair Market Value, i.e., FMV

The Fair Market Value is well-known because it allows customers to set a specific payment without any residual compulsion at the end of the period. This lease form comes with the incentive of the lowest monthly payments, various tax benefits, and the most workable lease structure.

Full-Service Lease, i.e., FSL

The most viable and ideal replacement for owning a fleet first-hand is to opt for a full-service lease. This comes with the offer of maintenance, financing, rentals, road service, and much more.

Municipal Financing

Bergey's Truck Centers offers its local municipalities numerous alternatives, particularly to meet their needs.

Equipment and Bodies

Aside from lending financing options and leasing options for trucks, this company also coordinates the financing of equipment or bodies tailor-made according to the customers' needs. Therefore, the company extends the promise of delivering a complete package ideal for working for the customer.

Unique Arrangements

Bergey's Truck Centers recognizes the importance of unique financial arrangements to cater to special occasions or situations that call for a particular arrangement. For these specific situations, the company locates certain financial products that cater to the customers' needs.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Financing Programs (OEM)

Bergey's Truck Centers are backed by various reliable manufacturers that aid them in offering unique financing programs, which are combined with numerous added incentives to buy selected trucks for customers. Therefore, the truck manufacturers themselves extend the opportunity to customers to acquire financing from them to cater to their specific purchases.

“Bergey's Truck Centers aims to develop and sustain long-term relationships with its customers through its holistic leasing and financing options”

Who Should Apply For Commercial Truck Financing With Bergey's Truck Centers?

Bergey's Truck Centers mainly focuses on catering to the customers' needs. However, it does more than offering financial assistance for their truck purchases. It aids the customers in finding the right type of commercial truck financing.

Unlike other commercial truck dealerships essentially responsible for offering customers financing for their truck needs, Bergey's Truck Centers offers many flexible financing options and an extensive range of worthy trucks.

This company offers customers access to the top leaders within the country that particularly focus on transportation financing. It specializes in leasing and financing commercial trailers, trucks, and all other equipment required to keep businesses up and to run.

Bergey's Truck Centers has a largely knowledgeable lending network that knows the details and depth of the industry and clearly understands how customers' need for affordable and clear financing arises along with the necessary processes needed to cater to these needs.

This type of financing is meant for all business owners or individuals who wish to purchase used or new trucks but lack adequate financing. The company's extensive inventory with all the latest and well-known brands establishes major credibility, and it has the perfect financing options to support its purchase.

The company considers its experience and strength as its strong suit because the brand has been functioning in the industry for more than 90 years. It claims to breathe, sleep, and eat commercial trucks while focusing on customer relationship management because the company aims to develop and sustain long-term relationships with its customers through its holistic leasing and financing options.

This also helps the company comprehend and anticipate all customer needs for truck financing because of their ultimate experience and long-term understanding of the customers' needs. 

Additionally, Bergey's Truck Centers also maintains meaningful and highly professional relationships with all of the best lending institutions in pursuit of offering its customers the ideal deal possible.

This company recognizes the importance of flexibility within the industry. It extends the promise of finding the best equipment for the job, whether a trailer, truck or alternative vehicle. 

Beyond helping find the best equipment, Bergey's Truck Centers also offers high-quality financial tools which extend beyond vague ideologies of simply purchasing or renting. Its financial services are holistic, flexible, and cater to a wide range of customer needs.

Therefore, if you're looking to purchase the best quality truck for your business and wish to opt for the right financing option that will perfectly fit your affordability range, criteria, and budget, Bergey's Truck Centers breaks down each aspect of your needs and offers you the best-customized financing solution accordingly.

The loan calculator available on the official website aids customers in getting an idea of the down payment, loan amount, yearly interest rate, and total amortization period for their required truck. 

Customers can add their loan amount needed and find the optimal mix for all factors mentioned. This largely adds to the customers' convenience to give them an idea of what to expect from the company's services.

The company particularly explains how this predictive calculator is meant to aid customers in testing various payment scenarios and payment procedures. However, it does not consider any further punitive, incidental, or indirect losses that may occur due to the derivation of the loan calculator's results.

Additionally, the final payments and details of the loan itself are meant to be set and decided by the company's sales representatives or the particular financing company that the customer has been connected with to get further professional guidance for their financing needs.

The general norm suggests that these loan amounts can vary from $150,000 to $999,000 with varying down payments and annual interest rates. The larger the amount the customer puts down as a down payment for a particular truck, the better it is for them. Overall, this leads to lower monthly payments and a relatively lower loan period, adding optimal convenience.

This company offers a range of financing benefits and options with major flexibility. These include:

How Do You Qualify For Bergey's Truck Centers' Commercial Truck Financing?

There are two different credit applications available for customers seeking financing from Bergey's Truck Centers, including a medium-duty credit application and a heavy-duty credit application. Overall, customer qualifications depend on the customers' ability to make timely payments, credit history, time in business, the need for the truck, and much more.

All qualifications, including the payment, put down as an initial payment, are subject to the pre-set Market Financial Solutions advance policy and credit underwriting guidelines. Additionally, MFS has the authority to alter or end the program without providing notice.

Moreover, all approvals will be accompanied by detailed program terms and other conditions that are deemed worthy by the MFS. Additionally, program rates mustn't be mixed with offers or other programs. United States-based customers also have the availability of added rate discounts. However, other customers do not have access to these.

Bergey's Truck Centers essentially collects the customer's name, job title, contact information such as email address, demographics such as preferences, postcode, interests, and alternative information relevant to customer offers and surveys.

The company aims to use this information for numerous purposes such as internal record keeping, improvement of services and products, promotional emails about new products or special offers, and market research.

“The company recognizes the flexibility involved in the financing aspect and works tirelessly to cater to each customer's needs separately”

Bergey's Truck Centers' Loan Application Process

Customers have a convenient loan application process at their disposal. Initially, customers have access to a contact form on the official website, asking the customer for their first and last name, company name, email, phone number, department name, and message. The company's representatives are likely to get back to you according to your message.

The application process is fairly simple. The customer can apply through the official website through either of the two available credit applications, i.e., medium-duty and heavy-duty credit applications. 

These loan applications require the customer's basic information, such as their first and last name, time in business, credit history, loan amount needed, down payment amount, need for acquiring truck financing, and much more.

Bergey's Truck Centers' Commercial Truck Financing Interest Rates

This truck financing company mainly extends the promise of offering market competitive interest rates to its customers. Additionally, the customers' credit profile or ability to repay the loan may impact the interest rate quoted to him.

The company recognizes the flexibility involved in the financing aspect and works tirelessly to cater to each customer's needs separately. Therefore, each lender also sets its terms, interest rates, down payment requirement, and amortization period according to the customers' needs and qualifications based on the MFS standard.

The loan calculator on the official website can help the customer understand how the interest rate, loan amount required, down payment, and monthly payments correlate with each other. Therefore, these impact the total loan amount and the estimated payment per month.

The general loan specifications include an initial or down payment ranging between 10% and 20% of the truck's total cost. However, some trucks do come with a 0 down payment incentive. Moreover, a loan period normally lasts five years with an annual interest rate of 8%. 

However, some financial institutions may offer relatively lower rates; although, this calls for an investigation of associated clauses and terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to pay back the lending institution every month?

Suppose you're acquiring commercial financing by Bergey's Truck Centers and do not have the cash to pay back the manufacturer for a particular user or new truck. In that case, it is integral to divide the overall payment into monthly payments after establishing a set payment plan so that you can obtain the vehicle despite not having the cash on hand. 

Therefore, two financing options are available for customers to acquire used or new trucks, including acquiring a loan or taking on a particular lease. Prior to applying for financing with Bergey’s Truck Center, we recommend using an online business loan calculator to ensure the commercial truck or commercial trailer you’re considering fits your financial budget.

What is the core difference between a lease and a loan?

Taking out a loan pertains to the fact that all money used to return the money for it applies to the final ownership of the vehicle. Therefore, the end goal for this type of financing is to own the particular truck first-hand. The principal payment on this loan and the initial payment are put down to cover the complete purchase cost of the particular vehicle.

On the other hand, lease payments only apply to the use of the vehicle itself. Therefore, giving a monthly payment for a lease is essential and pertains to the usage of the truck as opposed to its eventual ownership. The total addition of payments is aimed at the vehicle's overtime depreciation as you drive it and is usually lower than its price.

When and how does the customer gain ownership of the particular vehicle?

The overall process is that a particular loan is terminated once it is paid in its full amount, which leads to complete ownership for the customer. 

On the other hand, once the period for a lease is over, the vehicle is given to the lessor as it is his property throughout. However, an exception may arise if the lessor extends the offer of selling the vehicle after the loan period ends. 

Moreover, throughout the lease period, the lessor is the rightful owner of the truck and only permits the lessee to use it. The customer or lessee only gains ownership if they choose to purchase the vehicle after the termination of the lease.

How do Bergey's Truck Centers determine the loan rates?

The total amount for each monthly payment depends on the loan amount borrowed, the loan term or length, the interest rate, and other factors such as the borrower's credit history. A higher down payment or initial payment leads to a decreased loan principal, therefore decreasing the individual payments. Moreover, the borrower can choose to pay off the loan completely during the loan term.

If you’re planning to purchase a new commercial truck or commercial trailer from Bergey’s, most manufacturers provide subsidized financing for customers, making the captive financing seemingly impossible to beat when compared to traditional bank or independent lessor financing. Even in today’s rising interest rate environment, clients can expect close to 5% APR financing for a five year loan term and a similar rate for those who opt to lease their power unit or trailer.

Is it required to have GAP insurance?

It is integral to have GAP waiver insurance because it offers the borrower added protection for their assets. Therefore, if there is a complete loss due to collision, damage, or theft, GAP insurance is likely to cover the loan amount, i.e., the variation between the amount covered by the GAP insurance and the asset value.

Is it better to opt for a loan or a lease?

The borrower's truck needs to play a big role in answering this question, specifically their plan on how to use the particular truck. If you wish to drive a new and relatively expensive truck for a cheaper monthly payment, leasing is one of the best options. 

However, if you wish to eventually gain ownership of the truck, acquiring financing through a loan is the best option for you.

Is it possible to finance extra charges?

Yes, the company can incorporate many charges into the final financing plan, such as registration fees, extended service plans, supplemental charges, and taxes.


Therefore, if you're looking to purchase a new or used truck from the best inventory set through a credible commercial financing dealership, Bergey's Truck Centers is the way to go. It offers endless truck options to cater to your particular truck needs and long-term requirements while simultaneously offering an array of financing options to help you acquire the trucks in the best way possible.

Its lease and loan financing options cater to those who wish to use a truck for a set period in return for a cheaper monthly payment, along with those who wish to eventually gain ownership of the truck. 

Therefore, regardless of your approach and plan for your truck, this company offers it all. Its team of highly skilled professionals and ongoing experience in the industry of more than 90 years calls for the perfect financing plan for your desired vehicle.

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