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All You Need to Know About Trucking Business Loans

On the hunt for a new commercial vehicle like a truck or trailer? We've compiled a guide to help you uncover great rates and terms to compliment your purchase.

Liara Cohen
Liara Cohen
September 24, 2020

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Are you a small business owner wanting to expand through better transport systems? Looking into truck finance for new business can be beneficial if you’re just starting out and unsure of your options. In fact, it can be advantageous even for an established trucking company hoping to boost its venture with newer trucks.

Trucking business loans are a great way to fund varying kinds of business plans. Trucks can contribute to a robust delivery system and can be crucial to your food truck business financial plan. However, irrespective of your intentions, buying and maintaining a truck can require a significant amount of money. 

Given the expenditure involved, exploring truck finance for new business is more complex than funding a personal vehicle. You will have to keep in mind how many trucks you need, and the cost of each truck as well. 

To make the process of commercial truck financing easier for you, we have researched the topic thoroughly. 

How Do Trucking Business Loans Work? 

Trucking business loans provide business owners with funds for a new vehicle while using the vehicle as collateral for loans. Lenders can restrict their potential losses by keeping the vehicle under their name. This is like car loans in which the lender owns the title of the car you purchase. However, once the debt is entirely paid, you will become the owner of the vehicle. 

Truck finance new business plans can benefit from a suitable loan if you don’t have the funds right away. This can help you grow over time instead of spending your savings all at once. 

Where Can You Find Trucking Business Loans?

Trucking business loans can be availed of at traditional banks. Banks at the community and regional levels are sources that provide these loans. 

Businesses working in transport, or looking to rapidly set up their operations can be short on time. This means that truck finance for new business necessitates a trade-off between time and money. 

Traditional banks usually take longer to approve and provide loans. The benefit they provide is that their interest rates are lower. On the other hand, you can go to alternate lending companies. These give out loans of varying amounts and the application and approvals are expedited. 

Additionally, private lenders do not require as much documentation and thus are easier to borrow from. Nonetheless, the trade-off, in this case, requires you to pay higher interest rates and high down payments, for quicker processing. 

What to Expect from Trucking Business Loans?

Trucking business loans have a term that can go up to 5 years. Interest rates will vary as per the lender’s preference and the borrower’s financial history. 

Having a favorable credit score will make it easier to borrow loans. Small businesses with a minimum score of 600 and no delinquencies might have to pay around 5% or 6% interest. 

Lenders might require some extra information if your credit score is lacking. This can include a personal financial statement or even a guarantee from the business owner. Your finances as a business will determine the lender's confidence in giving you a loan. 

How to Borrow Trucking Business Loans? 

The first step to borrowing is deciding whether you want to loan from traditional banks or alternate lenders. In case you go with the latter choice, you need to be careful about the lending company you pick. This is important given that not all lending companies are reliable. 

Keep in mind that online lenders will always charge you more. As a result, you shouldn’t borrow from a lender that isn’t reputed. Additionally, they should be established in the field of trucking business loans. 

For ensuring your financial security, check out reviews of the lender beforehand. Not to mention, even after the loan agreement is drawn up, don’t forget to scrutinize every clause. In case something seems awry, you can always bring up the matter and avoid losses in the future. 

If you are unsure about the security of your loan contract, you should ask for legal advice. It is recommended that you do not sign a contract that you have not studied or understood. 

What to Beware of When Borrowing Trucking Loans?

Since online lenders can be manipulative at times, always look out for certain red flags.

First off, there should be no extra payments demanded before approval of the loan. This means no cash should be asked for upfront. 

Any loan agreement you sign should allow you to pay off the loan early without incurring prepayment penalties. This is important in cases of insurance loss and other urgent situations. 

In case you are buying the truck on a lease, make sure the sales tax is not doubly charged. The monthly installments and the final price should accordingly balance out the sales tax. 

What Do Lenders Look for When Giving Out Loans? 

If you want truck finance for new business,then lenders might ask for certain business and personal financial details. This can include the following information.  

Industry Experience 

Lenders prefer giving out loans to those with experience in the industry. Sole proprietorships are thus less likely to qualify for loans. On the other hand, limited liability companies and corporations will tend to do better.

Industry experience of the borrower is also preferred for commercial truck loans. 

Condition of The Truck

Since the truck will be used as collateral for the loan, its condition will be important to the lender. Trucks that have fewer miles on them, newer trucks, or well-maintained second-hand trucks are thus preferred.

Credit Scores

Most lenders require you to have a good credit score for taking out any business loans. However, in case your score is lower than 600, a cosignatory might be required to finalize the loan. 

Lenders might look upon your application less favorably if you have tax liens, pending child support payments, or other outstanding financial dues. Not being able to pay the down payment will also give a poor impression of your finances. 

Application Process

To apply for commercial truck loans, you will have to go through the usual business financing procedures. The lender might ask for the following documentation: 


Now that you know what to be aware of for trucking loans, your new business can flourish with time. The main thing to keep in mind is that the loan agreement is favorable and does not deceive you in any way. With the right financing, all your business plans can surely come to fruition.  

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