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10-4 Financing Commercial Truck Financing

Dedicated to developing the perfect financing programs for its customers to cater to all their needs, 10-4 Financing includes transportation equipment, construction equipment, and trailer-only financing.

Launched in 2011, 10-4 Financing was formed with a team meant to deliver high-quality services with truckers having all kinds of backgrounds. These included those with limited CDL experience and with checkered credit.

Miriam Elbaz Launched in 2011, 10-4 Financing was formed with a team meant to deliver high-quality services with truckers having all kinds of backgrounds. These included those with limited CDL experience and with checkered credit.
Miriam Elbaz
June 10, 2022

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10-4 Financing was launched in 2011 to become the market leader in terms of financing sources particularly available for dealers and truckers within America. This company recognizes that the transportation industry comes with its challenges and requires the people involved to be aware of numerous regulations, laws, and safety checks.

Additionally, the company recognized that these challenges comprise more than timely shipment deliveries. The main challenge in the transportation industry is to get on the road in the first place. 

Therefore, 10-4 Financing was launched after numerous years of noting how owner-operators, drivers, and small businesses tirelessly sought financing to cater to their needs yet failed, which slowed down their growth and hindered business.

The company was formed with a team meant to deliver high-quality services with truckers having all kinds of backgrounds. These included those with limited CDL experience and with checkered credit. 

10-4 Financing is dedicated to developing the perfect financing programs for its customers to cater to all their needs, including transportation equipment, construction equipment, and trailer-only financing.

This company conducts ample research in the trucking industry and is fully aware of its nitty-gritty. Since it recognizes that each customer has a different story and requires a different approach, it has worked with thousands of truckers since its launch seven years ago. 

In addition to that, 10-4 Financing's semi-truck financing has arranged the perfect process for truckers who wish to purchase their first truck. Moreover, this company also offers its customers the incentive to upgrade their units and even grow or expand their fleet.

“10-4 Financing offers holistic and targeted programs  to meet every customer's needs”

10-4 Financing Programs

This company has numerous programs tailor-made for its customers to meet their needs, particularly for different types of truck financing and fleet needs. These are listed below:

Commercial Truck Insurance

If the customer is an independent commercial truck driver opting to lease a motor carrier, the motor carrier is likely to offer most liability insurance coverage. However, this does not cater to every situation. 

As a lessee owner-operator, the customer will need leased owner op insurance, including their bobtail liability or non-trucking liability, occupational accident insurance, and physical damage coverage.

Commercial truck insurance is one of the most integral steps for a truck owner or lessee. This type of insurance provided by the customer's motor carrier has certain restrictions regarding the situations it covers, unlike basic car insurance, which covers the owner each time they're behind the wheel of a particular vehicle. 

Therefore, each time the customer drives their truck beyond the insurance restrictions, they are putting themselves at risk.

Since the motor carrier offers limitations of truck insurance, additional commercial truck insurance is required to cover up for the lack of liability coverage. In such circumstances, four types of commercial truck insurance are thoroughly recommended for lease-on owner-operators who protect the truck owners from potential damages in certain situations that may not be covered by motor carrier liability. 

10-4 Financing offers customers the opportunity to get quotes for non-trucking liability insurance, physical damage insurance, bobtail liability insurance, and occupational accident insurance.

Factors that impact the cost of commercial truck financing include the driver's experience and age, previously canceled policies, history of accidents, and truck and cargo weight. Customers can get a direct quote for a lease-on owner-operator by filling in a simple form on the company's official website.

Construction Equipment Financing

Heavy construction equipment is used for an array of purposes in various large projects. Therefore, 10-4 Financing offers numerous effective solutions to cater to common construction equipment financing needs to ensure business growth.

The 10-4 equipment finance team offers a holistic approach to finding the ideal outcome for its customer's business regardless of its size to adapt and grow according to its full capability. This comes in advantageous rates, flexible terms, and exceptional customer support.

The company promises heavy equipment financing while maintaining effective, simple, and affordable results and offers numerous benefits to construction professionals. These include flexible equipment financing, application-only programs, new and used equipment, fast credit decisions, versatile services, streamlined results, picking a vendor of your choice, 100% financing, deferred payment and pre-approval options.

First Time Semi Truck Buyer Program

Every driver's life has a particular point when drivers wish to purchase their first semi-truck. Although the reason may vary, it becomes an integral requirement at some point to keep a business growing or moving forward. In such a scenario, there are two options. The driver can either purchase one in cash, or they can buy it using semi-truck financing.

With a very small ratio of people able to afford to purchase trucks from cash, 10-4 Financing offers adequate semi-truck financing. Therefore, this company's semi-truck finance programs include a range of benefits and have approved hundreds of drivers in the last two years.

These include low down payments of as low as 0%, $5,000 down payment for semi-trucks, $1,000 down payment for semi-trucks, no prior commercial credit, market-competitive rates, and no minimal experience of driving low FICOs and bad credit, and recent and past bankruptcies.

Owner Operator Financing

This form of financing is particularly for those who wish to purchase an additional unit, finance a trailer, or upgrade their truck. 10-4 Financing offers solutions to all of these needs at competitive industry rates to ensure customer satisfaction. This company's other financing services include transportation equipment, construction equipment, and more.

To qualify for this type of truck financing, the 10-4 Financing team considers various factors before approving semi-truck financing. These include the length as an owner-operator, the customer's credit score, and financial position. Additionally, the company promises low rates for customers with high credit scores of 9% and no down payments.

10-4 Financing's benefits to its customers or truck specialists include low down payments, application-only programs, same-day approvals, and low down payments. The customer has to fill out a form or give the company a call and wait for pre-approval and truck identification. 

Moving forward, the company will then issue discussion terms and approval. Finally, the truck specialist or customer can sign the documents and access the funds.

Commercial Fleet Financing

10-4 Financing's commercial truck financing extends into various other services, and commercial fleet financing is one of them. This form of financing is particularly for customers who seek to purchase an additional unit or upgrade their fleet but lack the cash or financing to purchase it directly. Therefore, 10-4 Financing offers a range of benefits in its commercial fleet financing program.

Some of the main subdivisions of commercial fleet financing include truck leasing or financing, working capital financing, expansion financing, and trailer financing. Through this program, customers can gain from $5,000 to $150,000 worth of approval amounts. 

The qualification requirements consist of soft credit pulls, and the customer has the freedom to use the funds for any operation.

Bad Credit Truck Loans

If you're a victim of unfortunate credit history and constantly have to face the disadvantages of exceedingly high rates and loan approval rejections. 10-4 Financing offers the ideal solution for customers like this.

This program offers customers or truck specialists to pick a truck from any dealership within the United States. Additionally, this is an application-only program and has prices ranging from $150,000. Customers also have the opportunity to pre-qualify for a loan easily and quickly. Moreover, down payments begin at the rate of 10%.

This form of financing is readily available for customers with credit scores of as low as 500. Moreover, it is common to be stuck with costly financing options, which take more from the borrower's income than the truck brings. Therefore, 10-4 Financing's proven process helps customers find the ideal truck at the best price.

Transportation Equipment

When trucks are involved, their purpose is enormous in big projects. Therefore, this company offers effective financing solutions for trucks and transportation equipment to encourage business growth. It promises to aid business owners, and drivers reach their goals through commercial truck financing services.

Therefore, this company's application process is fairly convenient for its repayment program and offers a range of benefits for its customers. Additionally, it offers cost-effective lending services for individuals and customers with all types of credit histories and payment backgrounds.

This program features a range of transportation equipment for truck specialists, including day cabs, tow trucks, box trucks, garbage trucks, buses, dump trucks, bucket trucks, limousines, and sprinter vans. 

Customers can easily qualify due to 10-4 Financing's no FICO minimum levels and null experience requirements. Additionally, this form of financing is available at competitive market rates and offers customers the incentive of low down payments.

Tractor Trailer Financing

Another subsection of commercial truck financing includes tractor-trailer financing. This program provides customers with financing to gain access to trailers and trucks, including dry vans, flatbed trailers, oil tankers, refrigerated trailers, car haulers, and step deck trailers.

Truck Factoring

One of the financing options offered by 10-4 Financing includes factoring, which has numerous benefits. These include the fact that it is convenient to use, is not a loan, does not require the borrower to be tied in a long-term contract, there are no set up fees, the fee structure is on a case-by-case basis, and there are no minimum monthly requirements.

The ultimate service requires the borrower to sell 10-4 Financing their invoices, and the company offers 85% to 97% of the financing within a day. The financing company then works directly with the borrowing business's customers to collect the invoice payments. Once the company acquires these payments, it sends the balance back to the borrowing business after subtracting its fee.

Trucking Jobs

Among its endless truck financing facilities, 10-4 Financing also offers trucking job services through one of its programs. This consists of a single website that features various jobs for truck specialists and drivers and can aid those who seek employment opportunities and a steady source of income. 

Therefore, 10-4 Financing offers the perfect programs for financing for truck specialists to cater to their truck needs and offers them access to various employment opportunities.

Commercial Truck Financing

Last but not the least, 10-4 Financing also offers commercial truck financing, which is the most traditional form of semi-truck financing. Various experienced haulers and new drivers in the industry struggle at the hands of confusion regarding terms and conditions involved in gaining financing for equipment.

This company aids in financing commercial trucks by depending on some of the most well-known lenders in the industry across the nation. 

Therefore, it has developed a top-quality application process that mainly depends on consistent relationships with various truck dealerships and finance companies to specifically cater to the needs of businesses and various truck specialists.

“10-4 Financing’s team aims to aid customers by providing reasonable finance terms”

Who Should Apply for Commercial Truck Financing with 10-4 Financing?

10-4 Financing offers semi-truck financing for a range of customers. This company began its commercial truck financing service after gauging the difficulty of some drivers to step up within the industry. 

Therefore, they came up with a solution that negates the possibility of stalling a particular customer's professional growth. This service is particularly aimed to aid the following type of customers and caters to the following needs:

Truck Drivers

Suppose a particular customer has just begun their journey. In that case, it is integral to opt for the best form of commercial truck financing to find the most convenient yet beneficial way of acquiring their vehicle. 

10-4 Financing recognizes how difficult it can be to take up the payments of a particular customer's semi-truck. Therefore, the company's team aims to aid customers by providing reasonable finance terms.


Becoming an owner-operator requires a particular individual to take the next step by beginning their lineup of commercial trucks. However, taking this step can help the owner gain more of an avenue for growth. 

Therefore, 10-4 Financing offers the opportunity to offer the required resources for owner-operator teams for optimal success ranging from experts seeking to add vehicle units to those looking for a truck upgrade.

Truck Fleets

Successful and well-established businesses can depend on their financial stability and experience in the industry to acquire the ideal financing rates. 10-4 Financing extends numerous services to aid experts in their truck financing needs, whether semi-truck financing for one unit or the desire to upgrade their truck fleet.


Suppose a particular customer or borrower is responsible for running a dealership. In that case, it can be difficult to find the right semi-truck financing, especially for checkered past drivers, regardless of their credibility as being worthy of the venture. 

Therefore, 10-4 Financing's team works thoroughly with numerous lenders to offer semi-truck loans for customers with bad credit to acquire the best vehicle while maximizing their customer satisfaction and sales.

How Do You Qualify for 10-4 Financing's Commercial Truck Financing?

A few essentials are needed to get the optimal results, including submitting a particular loan application. This application process involves certain main requirements used to assess the borrower's credibility and act as deciding factors to approve them for financing. These include the following:

The Customer's Credit Score

Credibility as a borrower is integral to acquiring financing of any form, and therefore, building a good relationship with the three main national credit bureaus is a requirement. These bureaus are responsible for compiling a detailed report of credit lines, debts, income ratios, and debts to gauge the investment quality of various financial institutions.

If borrowers have paid their bills promptly and have a reasonable debt-to-income ratio, their credit score is likely to rise. Drivers or borrowers with credit scores in the top 600s, ideally 650+, are likely to be at an advantage over those who have credit scores in the low 600s. 

These credit scores are commonly known as FICO scores and are assigned to every customer. The common norm suggests that scores exceeding 580 are fair while those exceeding 670 are ideal.

Thus, 10-4 Financing caters to customers with credit scores in their 500s due to their ongoing experience with professional lenders who are commonly willing to offer finance to those with an unstable credit history.

If you don’t know your FICO score, you can easily access both your score and receive a free annual consumer credit report through Experian. Bear in mind that most dealerships “hard pull” credit reports, so try and narrow down what commercial truck or trailer you’re looking for prior to shopping for financing as multiple credit pulls in a short period of time may cause your score to suffer.

Experience in Driving

It is likely for inexperienced or relatively new individuals in the industry to struggle in acquiring adequate financing for their vehicle purchases. Therefore, if a customer received their Commercial Driver's License recently (as recent as a week ago), the company may require additional assets to prove credibility.

Numerous lenders within the network have pre-set cut-off points for minimum experience requirements, the common norm being at least two years prior experience within the industry. Therefore, new entrants in the industry are often quoted expensive terms because financial institutions deem them high-risk investments.

10-4 Financing aims to offer the ideal results for all types of drivers, including newcomers. Therefore, the company's services extend to those with no commercial driving license experience to give them a hand in moving up the ladder within the industry.

Down Payment

It is common for lenders to seek borrowers willing to put down a certain down payment amount to prove their worth. Like the real estate sector, commercial truck financing is also likely to offer its customers beneficial terms if the borrower has more money. This will also translate into cheaper interest payments and a higher chance of approval.

It is common for commercial truck financing companies to quote down payments ranging from 15% to 25%, which leads to high fluctuations in the resulting payments due to the increasingly high prices of the trucks. 

Therefore, 10-4 Financing caters to this problem by offering financing with 0 down payment for expert drivers and promises to help the customer get even more favorable terms by putting 10% down as an initial payment.

Haul Source

To prove a borrower's eligibility, it is often required to provide adequate documentation regarding their haul source. Therefore, if they are currently seeking work, it is integral to get the recruiter's number and name. Taking a letter of intent from the work source can also positively contribute to the terms set for new drivers.

Truck Vendor Quality

Before financing a borrower's semi-truck, the particular finance company is likely to take note of their vehicle source. Semi-truck loans are more beneficial when provided by a well-known dealership than a personal transaction.

10-4 Financing offers its customers the opportunity to find the best vehicle at the ideal price by a well-reputed vendor. The company promises to aid the customer in choosing from a dealership of their choice within the United States, depending on over 20 lenders.

10-4 Financing Loan Application Process

The process of applying for commercial truck financing is fairly simple. Upon applying through the online form available on the website, 10-4 Financing conducts a soft check that helps them access the borrower's credit history without causing any harm to their credit score. Therefore, the company can then show precision in the financing terms.

Upon receiving this score, 10-4 Financing is likely to pre-qualify the borrower and identify their truck. Once the right vehicle is located, the company will approve the borrower and share all terms of their semi-truck loan. The borrower can then easily perform a test run on their truck, sign the required documents, and gain access to their funds.

The online application form is precise and readily available on the official 10-4 Financing website. The form requires the applicant's details, information regarding their credit history, their prior trucking experience, their equipment information, and their credit authorization. 

Customers can also contact 10-4 Financing online or call them at 888-908-7701 to get started on their journey of commercial truck financing.

10-4 Commercial Truck Financing Interest Rates

The quoted interest rates or down payments vary according to the financing program that the borrower opts for. If they are the startup owner, it is an application-only process and can help them gain financing up to $75,000. 

This type of financing needs a FICO score of more than 600, a down payment of 10% or more, and they should be in business since 2009 or newer.

The process is application-only for owner-operators and can help them raise financing to $150,000. The requirements are a FICO score of more than 550, a down payment of 10% or more, and the business should be operational from 2009 or later.

There is a 0 down payment requirement for challenged credit and can help the borrower raise $45,000 in financing. The requirement is a FICO score of more than 540, around 1-3 payments at signing, and it does not have any age restrictions but rather reviews all financials.

For subprime financing, the process is application-only and can help the borrower raise $45,000. There is no minimum FICO score requirement for this type of financing. However, the borrower must put down 25% or more as a down payment, and the business should be operational from 2009 or later.

Overall, quoted interest rates vary according to credit profiles and are mainly at market-competitive rates.


Therefore, if you wish to gain commercial truck financing to cater to your truck needs and keep your business up and running, 10-4 Financing offers a range of services. 

These include commercial truck financing, commercial truck insurance, commercial fleet financing, construction equipment, first-time semi-truck buying, owner-operator financing, bad credit truck loans, trailer-only financing, transportation equipment, and truck factoring. 

All programs and services offered by this company are holistic and targeted to meet every customer's needs.

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