John Deere Capital Corporation Small Business Loans

John Deere Capital Corporation ( Deere Company brand name) is a corporation based in the United States that manufacturers drivetrains, forest machinery, agricultural equipment, and diesel engines. The company also provides financial services, mainly related to the agriculture and forest sector. John Deere Capital Corporation is also listed in the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: DE)

While John Deere Capital Corporation does not offer the typical business loans, real estate financing, and SBA-backed loans, it does provide a lot of financial support to small businesses within the forest and agriculture sector. Below we have discussed some small loans offered by the Deere company.

13.Farm Equipment Loan and Leases

John Deere Capital Corporation's Farm equipment loan and leasing can help businesses buy agriculture equipment such as pickers, tractors, and sprayers.

Farm Equipment Loans

Farm Equipment Leases

14.Compact Tractor Loans

The compact tractor loan provided by John Deere Capital Corporation comes with competitive interest rates, flexible payment terms and is customized according to the requirements of your business.

15.Compact Tractor Leases

John Deere Capital Corporation offers compact tractor leases that provide low-cost benefits for businesses, and low-cost equipment leases are also available.

Types of Loans offered by John Deere Corporation

6. Farm Equipment Loans

Businesses can own the John Deere Capital Corporation farm loans at competitive rates; they offer a flexible financing option and are customizable to suit your business requirements.

7. Farm Equipment Leases

John Deere farm equipment leases are designed to preserve your capital and make your business adaptable to seasonal workloads. These leases will also help you buy technological equipment that will enable your business to work efficiently.

8. Compact Tractor Leases

John Deere Capital Corporation offers compact tractor leases that provide low-cost benefits for businesses, and low-cost equipment leases are also available.

9. Utility Vehicles Loans and Leases

16. Utility Vehicle Loans

These utility vehicle loans will allow you to own a John Deere gator with flexible terms and competitive rates.

17. Utility Vehicle Leases

The utility vehicle leases provided by the John Deere Capital Corporation have a flexible UTV.

10.Construction and Forestry Equipment Financing

The construction and forestry financing provided by the John Deere Capital Corporation allows businesses to buy equipment such as trucks, wheel loaders, skidders, backhoes, construction equipment, and feller bunchers. In addition, the Deere company offers flexible financing options and expert help.

John Deere Capital Corporation Interests, Fees, and Loan Options

49.Farming Equipment Loans

50.Farming Equipment Leases

51.Compact Tractor loans

52.Commercial Tractor Leases

53.Utility Vehicle loans

54.Utility Vehicle Leases

What Lending Criteria does John Deere Capital Corporation Have?

The John Deere Capital Corporation has specified no particular Lending criteria. However, below is the basic lending criteria that all the banks follow:

Credit Score

Credit is the most important component of all types of businesses, whether they are small or large. Lenders will always analyze the business's credit score and then decide whether it can pay the loan or not. Therefore, the best way to maintain a healthy credit score is to pay your dues on time.

Credit scores can also be easily obtained from several agencies such as Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet, and Experian. Another way of maintaining a positive credit score is to have a low debt-to-income ratio. Lenders will not invest in businesses that don't have a good credit score.

Annual Revenue

Another important factor that the lenders will review is the annual revenue of the business. Most lenders will only lend to those businesses that have been profitable for the last two years or more. Businesses need to make sure that all the financial statements are accurate and up to date.

Lenders will also look at specific details such as the current account (current assets divided by liabilities) and ask for copies of bank statements and transactions. However, businesses will only be eligible for a loan if their cash flow is growing.

Business Plan

A minority of lenders might not ask for a business plan, but most of them do, and businesses need to come with a clear and concise proposal. Usually, lenders require the business plan to know the purpose of the loan and discuss the business's stability.

One of the main components of business plans is the resumes of managers and staff. However, despite having a clear business proposal, the lenders will still ask for proof of the staff's ability and relevant credentials and experience.


Collateral is an essential requirement, and most lenders will not provide a business loan if it cannot give collateral. Collateral can be anything like equipment or property. The collateral will also decrease the risk for the lender as it will have an asset in hand, so if the company fails to pay the loan, the collateral can be paid to fund the damages.

The owner of the company needs to provide a personal guarantee and will also need to submit some essential documents:

Time in Business

Most banks are hesitant to lend loans to new companies that have been active for just a few months. Lenders cannot trust small businesses or startups that have just entered the market because they don't have a proper credit score and the cash flow is usually unstable. Banks will most likely lend to businesses that have been active for more than two years.

John Deere Capital Corporation Application

Following is the application procedure of all the banks that borrowers have to follow:

Before you apply for a loan, ensure that all your documentation is up to date. Also, organize all the documents properly, and if some essential documents are missing, contact the relevant authorities. Collect all the financial information about your business and pay all the dues as soon as possible.

For more information, check out the website of John Deere Capital Corporation.

Requirements for John Deere Capital Corporation


Construction and Forestry

Groundcare and Landscape

Golf and Sports Turfs Customers

John Deere Capital Corporation works with other distributors to provide leasing options. To apply for golf and sports turfs, please get in touch with your local John Deere dealer.

Summary of John Deere Capital Corporation Loan Options

John Deere Capital Corporation is not a bank, and it is a corporation that offers different products and services to the forest and agriculture sector. However, the Deere company does offer financial support to several businesses in the agriculture and forest sector, such as:

Farming Equipment Loans

Farming Equipment Leases

Compact Tractor loans

Commercial Tractor Leases

Utility Vehicle loans

Utility Vehicle Leases

Each loan and lease has its particular function, and they are all available at competitive rates and flexible payments. Small businesses also exist in the agriculture sector, so the John Deere Capital Corporation offers support to them as well.

While the John Deere Capital Corporation has specified no specific lending criteria and application process, businesses should follow the general procedure. Businesses should have all the necessary documents, they should all be up to date, and the credit history should also be up to the mark.

John Deere Capital Corporation also offers services such as loan calculations, and the loan application forms are also available on the website so that you can apply online.