EB Acquisition Company LLC Small Business Loans

EB Acquisition Company LLC is a banking company that was established in 2014. It provides loans for expansion, commercial and economic purposes. The bank is located in Dallas, USA. EB Acquisition Company LLC provides instant funding without any lengthy application processes. Its eligibility criteria and other expectations are minimal, making it a suitable banking option for small firms. A business can easily acquire funds from this funding service to refinance, purchase lands and fulfill its instant financial needs.

Many companies are looking for instant and hassle-free funds to expand the rising firm. EB Acquisition Company LLC Bank recognizes this need and thereby offers various funding options to their clients. This bank provides loans from $15,000 and further to eligible applicants. Boosting small firms is essential for the betterment of the country. So, to raise their capital, EB Acquisition Company LLC offers various types of loans and funding services. The funding services are also applicable for medium-scale firms.

An Overview of EB Acquisition Company LLC's Loans

EB Acquisition Company LLC provides funding to small as well as medium-scale firms. Their funding is quick and has a flexible qualification that is easy to pass. The instant and vast funding services that EB Acquisition Company LLC offers are their chief benefit.

The EB Acquisition Company LLC group offers loans for building, planning, marketing, industrial and commercial purposes. One can easily plan, manage, grow and launch their small firms using the exceptional loan services that this bank provides. A few small business loans that EB Acquisition Company LLC's offers are listed here:

1. SBA CDC/504 Loans

If a business wants funds to purchase lands, property, or buildings, the SBA CDC/504 funding service is ideal. This funding is suitable for firms that are looking for extended loan terms. In addition, they do not have heavy interest rates, which makes them suitable for longer terms.

Interest Rate: 2.231% to 2.399%

Loan Term: 10 to 25 years


Purpose: Suitable for land, property purchases, and firm expansions.

2. SBA 7(a)

SBA is a recognized loaning scheme offered by several banks. It is easily available and has several perks that small firms prefer. This loan is fit for only small firms. The scheme has various interest rates and terms for its clients. Term period and amount can affect the interest rates in this program.

Interest Rate: 5.5% to 8.0%

Loan Term: 7 years

Funding limit:


Purpose: Refinancing a business, purchasing basic equipment, and minor inventory programs.

3. EB Acquisition Company LLC's Quick Loan

EB Acquisition Company LLC offers quick one-day financing for urgent needs. The bank is ideal for firms looking for 24-hour funding provisions. It has a simple application process that initiates your funding promptly. Also, the term and interest rates are not very steep for quick loans.

Interest Rate: 4.5% to 6.5%

Loan Term: Up to 7 years

Funding Limit: Up to $350,000


Purpose: Quick financing, equipment, and land purchases.

Types of Loans Offered by EB Acquisition Company LLC

1. SBA CDC/504 Loans

2. SBA 7(a)

3. EB Acquisition Company LLC's Quick Loan

4. Working Capital Loans

5. Franchise Financing

6. Commercial Lending

7. Asset-based Lending

8. Business Line of Credit

What Lending Criteria does EB Acquisition Company LLC have?

EB Acquisition Company LLC has a simple criteria guideline for their funding programs. A business should be eligible and pass this criterion to borrow funds. If a firm does not meet the guidelines, the lender will discard its application. Thus, check all the points better to understand EB Acquisition Company LLC's funding criteria.

The funding criteria that EB Acquisition Company LLC has is:

Credit Score

Credit scores are vital for your firm and its worth. A lender does not fail to check the credit score before lending a loan to them for any purpose. So, a firm must sustain its credit score to be eligible to borrow a decent loan amount.

A firm can also gain credit scores from different agencies like Equifax, Experian, and Dun & Bradstreet. Moreover, they can maintain this score by keeping the debt-to-income ratio moderate. It is vital to note that no bank will fund a firm will low credit scores.

Annual Revenue

Lenders also analyze the annual income of a firm to check eligibility. A bank only prefers fundings a business that notices a good profit margin for at least two years. The firm must ensure its financial statement and other documents are up-to-date to verify this part.

A lender might also ask for bank statements, current account details, and other transaction documents. Note that a firm that has a growing cash flow is highly eligible for funding services.

Business Plan

A few lenders may ask a firm for their business plan before considering the loan. Thus, a firm must have a specific purpose and aim to assure the lender their ideal purpose. Firms with on-point and accurate plans are considered better than the others. A funding company may also ask for a business plan to understand your strategy and loan purpose keenly.

Business plans also include staff resume and details. Again, it helps in showing that the firm has an able staff. So, along with a business plan, offer these details to leave a striking impression and provide maximum assurance.


Lenders will not provide a loan to a firm that fails to meet collateral requirements. They are critical guidelines that every lender will consider. Collateral comprises of providing a guarantee for the borrowed amount. This guarantee can be any valuable thing or property that the applicant wishes to seize. Collateral is the finest way to reduce risk and keep an asset in hand. Further, it prevents chances of a loss if the firm fails to pay.

A business proprietor must provide the following documents to acquire a loan:

Time in Business

Lenders only fund amounts to reputable and recognized firms. So, if a business has just begun, not all banks will fund it. Banks do not lend funds to such firms because of their low credit value and inconsistent cash flow. Lenders check profit margin and recognition, so it is vital to sustaining these two factors to get a decent loan.

EB Acquisition Company LLC's Interest Rates, Fees, and Loan Options

1. SBA CDC/504 Loan

    Interest Rates: Fixed and Long-term Fees: 0.25 to 0.50%

2. SBA 7(a)

3. EB Acquisition Company LLC Loan

4. Working Capital Loans

5. Franchise Funding

6. Commercial Lending

7. Asset-based Lending

8. Business Line of Credit

EB Acquisition Company LLC's Application

The following method is the process that each borrower must follow to obtain funds:

Before applying for any loan, ensure you have all the necessary documents and reports. Further, organize and arrange them properly to check if every paper is up-to-date and not missing. Suppose any of the documents are not ready to contact authorized personals and acquire them immediately. Failing to provide any document can result in rejection. Also, ensure you have paid all your dues and have a clear credit statement.

The document you will require are:

SBA loans have special requirements to clear their verification process. In case a firm applies for an SBA program, they must ensure they meet these guidelines:

An owner of more than 20% of the firm's profit must submit a guarantee or assurance.

A start-up requires an additional 5% equity. Also, some special needs demand 5% equity. Thus, a total of 10% equity is required.

Requirements for SBA 7(a)

Requirements for SBA CDC/504

Summary of EB Acquisition Company LLC's Loan Options

EB Acquisition Company LLC offers instant funding for the precise needs of various firms. Their funding process is quick and reliable for immediate loans. This bank also offers customizable loans to overcome a firm's challenges. In addition, the experts at EB Acquisition Company LLC are always available to assist the borrowers.

The loans offered by EB Acquisition Company LLC are:

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